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Levi Johnston Practices Unsafe SPF

6/11/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Making a random appearance in L.A. last night, Bristol Palin's babydaddy Levi Johnston admitted he never uses protection -- though we're not talking about his sexual preferences, this time.

Levi Johnston: Click to watch


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1871 days ago


How the hell does the liberal media even find this douchebag? Funny they're more concerned about a former candidate for VP's daughter's ex than they are the current PRESIDENT'S past of smoking weed, doing coke, having gay orgies and having quite possibly the finest list of terrorist supporting friends in the country.

1871 days ago


how is this trailer trash redneck have the mony to be chillin in hollywood? half his family is poor as f*ck, some are in jail
and whats left are gas station attendants. he had a cash cow being with bristol, not to mention she's sexy as hell. this guy was definitly stupid by dumping her.

1871 days ago


Hollywood is pretty desperate if they have poor redneck trash attending celebrity events.... But wait, 46% of America wanted that same hillbilly trash as a VP...

Posted at 9:54AM on Jun 11th 2009 by boombox
Posted at 10:01AM on Jun 11th 2009 by Jake

I would love for one of you backwood buffons to please explain to me, if you hate the "liberal" entertainment media so much, why do you take time out of your day, log in on the site, click on the story, post a reply, go to your email account, and then approve the comment? Please tell me why do you this. You're just putting money into their pockets with advertising dollars... But I guess you giys are to dumb to put two and two together... Dummies of Amercica:The Far Right..

1871 days ago


Oh Boombox and Jake, do you realize how ignorant and uneducated you sound? Typical right wing know nothings.

1871 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

looks like a flashback to kevin federlines past. where on earth do the pedophiles find all these young and willing hotties??!

1871 days ago


Weird how I already have two responses to my post before I ever even clicked on the link to ACTUALLY post it. I figured the staffers at TMZ post most of the vile, leftwing propaganda bs on here, but I didn't think they'd be dumb enough to expose themselves like this.

Next time Communists, why don't you let my post make it to the page before you respond. LOL, you people are complete dumbasses and just exposed yourself!!!!! Thanks for the laugh TMZ staffers!!!!!

1871 days ago


Uptown and rimman,

Your employer, TMZ, needs all the help it can get. Your ratings suck and your online traffic lags behind most myspace pages. I for one want anti-American quacks like you front and center every opportunity you get. I don't want you to be silenced, because your stupity and hate only educate voters and helps them realize exactly what they accidently just put in office. So unlike you who want people like me silenced for my intelligence, honesty and accurate account on what is currently taking place in this country, I want you to have ALL the press you want. Because the more people are exposed to your intolerant, bigoted, uninformed, pro-Socialist hate the better educated they will be.


You're absolutely, 150% correct. TMZ receives the comments and know a head of time what is about to be posted, and depending on lhow ong it takes you to activate your comments, they do every once in a while slip up and go ahead and respond to it before it ever makes it to the page. I caught on to this months ago since the same thing happened to me several times. The staffers are the main portion of the liberal nuts that post on here and you're right, they're too stupid to realize they've exposed themselves.

I wouldn't be surprised if your and my comments are deleted here shortly.

1871 days ago


It was a Political move.. Skeet, skeet, skeet

1871 days ago


Yo boombox, that's pretty damn freaky that you got responses before your post even showed up. Unless you typed something earlier that they took down, but your first post doesn't seem to be a response to anything. I wouldn't put anything past the Facists at TMZ. They control the show, and like any liberal, they'll abuse whatever power they get

1871 days ago


"taking care of my baby" LOL. The baby is in ALASKA idiot, and you are in LA. The baby will see his little nude body exposed on the web and in GQ so Daddy could make money and travel to the lower 48. Levi is a LOSER!!! Levi should be studying to finish high school, not playing in LA

1871 days ago

Trying to be civil..!!!!    

this guy needs a lobotomy. feel sad for Palins having to put up with this loser.

1869 days ago

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