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Have Mercy -- Madonna Adoption Approved

6/12/2009 9:21 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MadonnaMadonna lost her husband, but just gained a kid -- as a Malawian court just ruled she can adopt a second child from the African country.

The court originally said Madge could not adopt 3-year-old Chifundo "Mercy" James because she hadn't spent enough time in Malawi -- but have since decided that decision was based on outdated laws.

Madonna already has a son from the country, David, who she adopted in 2006.

The Material Girl's rep released this statement on her behalf: "I am ecstatic ... My family and I look forward to sharing our lives with her."


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Why is it better for this little girl to grow up with a pig like Madonna than to stay with her own people and have Madonna PAY for her living expenses and medical care? Madonna is the ultimate hypocrite keeping TV away from her kids, having them eat healthy and go to kabbala centers. Is she for real? She breaks every living commandment, blasphemes the Catholic church, and is 51 years old! Who is going to take care of this little 3 (?) year old child when she croaks? Does she think she can pay God so that she can live forever? And perhaps her money can recall and buy up all her SEX books that she made prior to having kids. The woman is disgraceful trying to copy Angelina Jolie (she never cared about these kids before Angelina started the trend)...she has no husband - at least Angie has Brad and the kids will have 2 is utterly ridiculous.

1905 days ago


Yay! That little girl is the luckiest girl in the world (so is Madonna). That precious little child will be everything she never dreamed of. I can't believe people are hating her for this. It's totally absurd to fault a woman for taking a child out of one of the poorest countries in the world. Some of you people need a hug and let go of all your resentment and realize that celebrities are humans with emotion too. Madonna was holding Mercy in a photo dated 2006 when she picked up david banda. So she didn't just pick the child randomly. You people are so mean spirited and I hope all of you find love one day. i understand that Americans think that this country is the only country on earth as all ignorant americans do, but there are countries worse off than America and Malawi is one of them. Madonna is doing this to set an example and change the rules (which she definitely did). Now more people can take a child out of poverty much easier. Go Madonna, always challenging the system. Forever hated, but equally loved. God Bless You my beautiful goddess and Queen. May you forever set an example for all of us women to follow. We can be anything we want and do anything we want.

1905 days ago



This is the only way she could adopt-not in USA!!

the plastic surgeries just don't help her!

1904 days ago

John Gallen    

This is wrong, wrong, wrong !! She would have been better sponsoring the child and leaving the baby with it's biological father. To think that some rich person can wander around a third world country and pick up babies randomly from orphanages is disgusting. Sure, hey, why not just put the kids on e-bay. She has the money to do well by the child and if she wishes to do so she should do so by supporting the child and father. I'll be placing any music I own by this arrogant woman in the recycle bin and deleting any mp3's I have. I'm sick to my stomach.

1903 days ago


Aren't there any children that need to be adopted here in the United States? If she wants all her children from another country maybe she should move her A** over there... Talk about "BUY AMERICAN"

1901 days ago

Mistress DuPree    

I admire & have lots, of respect for Madonna.
What she has done, will bless her, in life.

1896 days ago
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