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Miley's People Pull the Plug on DJ -- On Live Radio

6/12/2009 1:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MIley Cyrus: Click to listenMiley Cyrus' PR peeps are hardcore -- and they'll shut anyone down who doesn't play by their rules.

When the MJ Morning Show decided to go rogue on the 16-year-old Disney supastar -- asking questions that weren't pre-approved by her publicity team -- the only response he got was the click of a phone hanging up.


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First whores!    

She is a hot American!

1936 days ago

Bethany Sweet    

I don't blame Miley's team for shutting them down! After all, she really is only 16. Have some respect, people.

1936 days ago


WOW, imagine that, TMZ seeing no wrong in ADULTS going after UNDERAGE, 16 year old WHITE girls!!! Yeah dumbasses, when you deal with children, you should stick to the script. Only perverts and crazy ass liberals that hate successful, young white Christians (like Miley) would say otherwise.

TMZ gets more sick and digusting by the day! Harvey, you need help brotha. Your hate is eatting what few braincells you have left!

1936 days ago


What a talentless ho bag, you don't just hang up during an live interview

1936 days ago


I live in area that the MJ morning show is broadcast. That guy is a complete tool, his show is unbearable to listen to. I bet that Miley's handlers figured that out, that's why they hung up on him.

MJ you are a no talent midget.

1936 days ago


The MJ Morning Show is the worst steaming pile of S%#T on the radio!

1936 days ago


The way I see it if you don't want to ask particular questions than don't do interviews.

1936 days ago


Way to go Miley!! Don't let them become famous for having GOTCHA!

1936 days ago


i listen to him through the st. louis channel, and let me say, he's kind of an ass.

1936 days ago


simple solution folks...refuse to book anyone who sets ground rules. Without publicity, see how quickly they open up.

1936 days ago



1936 days ago


#5 - how exactly did they support the morning show? Did he attack Miley? NO! They are simply stating the facts as to what happened. No attack here, but then again, you seem very tightly-wound, so maybe you read into it differently than I did. Relax!! No underage pop stars were hurt in the making of this audio.

Oh, and one other thing - this is a Gossip website, why must you interject your politics into it? Not everything is about right and left.

1936 days ago

eyes glued opened    

Take that B*iiitchs... LOL.. BAM.. Served!

1936 days ago


Well done !!! - If you want to be respected, learn to respect.
Why do the "media" think they are allowed to do/say anything and are then surprised (really?) by the reaction of their victims?

1936 days ago


i live in the same area that this douche bag is broadcasted in and the fact that she actually got two words in surprises me since this jerkbag likes to hear himself speak. All interviews have only certain questions to ask and what to avoid. i'm glad they got her out of there before that jerk could ask worse. miley only wants to talk about her tour and music, not something that happened with jamie fox or whoever because that's not an issue her PR people want to be made public. I see no wrong in what they did, even though people down here in Tampa who actually listen to MJ will probably start some protest against her and forbid their kids from seeing the show. Great way of making your kid mad at you.

1936 days ago
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