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Hustler to Carrie: Wanna Be Miss Calipornia?

6/13/2009 6:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hustler really has a soft spot for ex Miss California Carrie Prejean -- they're offering her $500,000 for the chance to wear the crown again. Which, in Hustler code, means girl-on-girl action.

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Hustler fired off a letter to Carrie, offering her 500k to play the role of Miss California in an "interactive parody film" called "You're Nailin' Palin" -- which stars the XXX version of failed VP candidate Sarah Palin.

In the flick, "biblically correct" Carrie will have to go at it with Palin -- but the letter goes on: "Don't worry, you'll also have an opportunity to enjoy some opposite sex as well."


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Michael Madsen    

Do it... It's you Trump card

1957 days ago


she already is a Porn star

1957 days ago


She is already a stupid liar. I hope she gets b!tch slapped

1957 days ago


I saw her on Larry King Friday night & don't believe anything she said.., I think the fame has gone to her head & that she can have it both ways. She's only making an ass of herself with her delusional view of why she was let go.

1957 days ago


from all the crap that was coming out of her mouth, it's time that she finally put something in it XD

1957 days ago



1957 days ago


So TMZ what ur saying is that its ok for gays to do eachother in the butt, but opposite sex is wrong? u guys are so sick. Go F*** urselves in the mouth & butt u perverts

1957 days ago


I like this young lady. Unlike the rest of you "politically correct" people, she isn't going to let gays and lesbians convince her that God is wrong. She knows that the last person who went against God now has a permanent tan. She knows that unlike the rest of you, her job isn't to make other people like her and her views...only God. And remember day all of you are going to alit from your high horses and you might not like the way you hit the ground.

1957 days ago

Lenn K.    

Is there a movie coming out called, humping Michelle Obama? I think not. It's all about liberalism and their hate. By the way, another day and there still isn't gay marriage in California. Carrie, they need you to make them feel better about themselves, that's the only reasom why you keep writing stories about her.

1957 days ago

ERic Schenk    

As a Gay man.. I can be fired from my job in 26 states... Just for being GAY.... Now she knows how I Feel!

1957 days ago


I support Carrie Prejean for having more balls than any other American and for saying exactly how she feels, instead of some PR appropriate B.S. I also support gay rights. Lastly, I support Carrie Prejean doing a lesbo porn movie - she's f'ing hot! I think we should have a post just for the possible names of the movie. How about "The Rug Doctor?"

1957 days ago

Illinois person    

I agree with Tom's comment(s). This young lady needed to be put out of her misery. It seems she is and (was) all too pissed that she didn't win Miss USA. Well that's the way the ball bounces. It further seems that Trump himself added fuel to the monster growing from within when he opted not to let her go (the first time). Yes it seems her crown no longer fits her ever growing head and ego which is her own fault. Not one time has she ever said that any and all of this was her fault. Let's see, the question was unfair, the wind blew her blouse open (after it was proven that there was more than 1 picture) which was her original claim, says she was meeting all of her Miss CA commitments yet was fired anyway. Yes Carrie you've seemed to have pushed everyone aside so it can be all about you. Well you're now on your own. Yes, after the initial round of talk shows wears thin (and it always does) you'll have nothing left but the various freak shows from which you can select. Not one time have you former Miss CA ever opted to step aside so the real Miss USA can step into the spotlight. Shame on you for doing this. That is until now when finally the powers that be have chosen to put your car in park for you. Remember this Carrie, you have neither the voice no the acting credentials to carry on a la Vanessa Williams. Poor pitiful you, there you are - still trying to climb to the top of a tree that you've already been taken down from by force. One thing the Bible doesn't teach is selfishness, so where did you learn this trait? From your grandfather?

Finally as for #8 comments (if that's what you want to call them) we should listen to you? You didn't say or write one thing of any common sense. I think it's safe to assume you will be the future person who was the 88 year old man who shot the guard to death at the Holocaust Museum. Someone so consume with rage and hate it always catches up with you. And by the way, what is "more funnier"? Can we assume you meant (MORE FUN)? How sad and pathetic you are. Uneducated and ignorant to boot.

1957 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Carrie should be offended that Larry is low-ballin' her. Only five-hundred grand?

1957 days ago


only 26 states?, thats terrible

1957 days ago


Is that a joke or an offer?

1957 days ago
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