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Janice Dickinson -- Lien Machine

6/13/2009 2:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Janice Dickinson may be the first supermodel, but that doesn't mean she's a model citizen -- 'cause the gub'ment says she's behind on her taxes.

We got our hands on a federal tax lien from California, which says Janice owes $33,514.03 in unpaid taxes and penalties.

But don't worry about Janice, she'll walk it off.


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Isn't that the woman from the Real Housewives of New Jersey!!!!
Must use the same plastic surgeon!!!!

1957 days ago


After seeing Janice on other reality shows, watching her on "Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here" opinion of her is that she has some serious mental problems. She has stated before that she was abused as a child (sexually). Well, she acts that out! She seems to hate men (good reason if that is the truth). She is delusional as far as thinking that she still looks good. I don't get why she is still in the jungle and other people are leaving. She doesn't deserve to win . She has contributed nothing to challenges and hasn't done much work around the camp (besides spitting on the dishes she's supposed to be washing!). By the way, PATTI (politician's wife) should have been gone! This show is not a platform to convince America of her husband's innocence. Let the courts do that. Go home and tell it to his constituents!!! I'm tired of hearing it on "Celebrity....".

1957 days ago


Janice should get her facts straight

before she came along there was Twiggy-who was world famous-and Jean Shrimpton too!!

only time I really hear about Janice is when she refers to herself-don't remember her name being known worldwide at all

and sadly I'm old enough to remember!

1957 days ago


the only person on the show who can say he's at least had a "hit" movie, is lou diamond phillips (young guns 1 & 2, la bamba?? but thats about it. if you were alive in the 80's, you'd know those movies) The rest, i can't honestly say they have anything to say they have done (well stephen was in biodome but that movie was cheesy lol)... The baldwins are only famous because of alec. Daniel & stephen especially.

janice just needs to go away...she is as annoying as one can get. She is so fake, needs to come back to reality and realize that once a model, not always a model. shes not aging gracefully......yuck. Shes just as bad as joan rivers.

1957 days ago

who gives a shit    

She was a super model 35 years ago! Let's see, we have Steve Baldwin with his house in foreclosure and Janice owing back taxes!!! No wonder these F list people are on this stupid reality show! They don't have any other talent other than being stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1957 days ago


#20, Janice is still on the show because she has not been voted off. Apparently, many people get pleasure from seeing the misery of others up close and personal. Janice, by her own doing, has alienated the others at the camp by stealing, lying and being totally lazy.

Actually, I've begun to feel sorry for Janice. I, too, felt disgust at her selfishness and lies, but have come to believe that she is not well emotionally. She knows her shine faded long ago and is now barely a glimmer, BUT she keeps on truckin' despite knowing she is the object of all the jokes around camp. She admitted that she is going through menopause, which is not easy for many women.

From what I've read, she has a tumuluous past including her childhood. So, I've tried putting myself in her shoes at this time and I don't find them the least bit comfortable.
I do have to admire her for continuing in this environment....

1957 days ago



1957 days ago


20. She has contributed nothing to challenges and hasn't done much work around the camp (besides spitting on the dishes she's supposed to be washing!).

Posted at 10:29AM on Jun 13th 2009 by MsWaldo

I saw that episode...She is truly disgusting...

1957 days ago


Write a book.

It might be worth that amount!?

1957 days ago


I caught a few minutes of her on the Celebrity show the other day. She was stuffing food into her mouth and chewing like a freaking cow with her mouth wide open - it was so disgusting and annoying.

1957 days ago


She is the ugliest, sickest, pig of a human being! Her actions on I'm a Celebrity are ridiculous! I feel so sorry for her kids! The close ups of her eating. GROSS!!!! Peeing right beside her bed. OMG!!!!! Stealing food. Stealing other peoples items. She contstantly lies about it and she has no one there fooled, which just makes her look like the biggest idiot on the planet.

1957 days ago


Get grip Jake

1957 days ago


In an interview Daniel Baldwin refers to her as a socio-path and I think he's 100% right. She steals and then lies to everyone that she didnt THEN goes into the confessional and says she doesnt know why ppl are accusing her. She really believes she didnt do anything? She IS a socio-path.

1957 days ago


Please tell me this walking mental case did not actually breed! If she truly has kids, God help them.

1957 days ago


She's one celebrity that I would love to see in an orange jumpsuit! She is such a bit ch! Someone should just arrest her for being ugly and destroying our beautiful landscape in the USA!

1957 days ago
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