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Bu Hoo for Leo

6/13/2009 2:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Leo DeCaprio is saying bye to the Bu -- He just sold his Malibu pad -- and before we tell you how much, look at the picture of the 2,734 square foot house and guess ...

Fact is, we don't have an exact figure ... but according to the L.A. Times, it was listed at $8 mil -- actually a dollar less than that to make it look like a bargain.

The house has been on the market since November, so we're guessing he didn't get asking price. Even still, how ridiculous.


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I am so freak'n tier of these pretentious celebs (Bono< Leo, Sting) preaching to the rest of us about "Carbon Footprints"....
Does on person need 20 room in each country and private jets. All hypocrites...I am all for a good life...but shut the F up about the rest us until you walk the walk...
they have all lost a sense of reality long ago...just swelled egos ...thinking they know better than us...

When did Bono & Sting become uncool....and such bores...They became the exact people they preched against!

1865 days ago


I wounder how many trees it takes just to throw a "Save the Rain Forest" concert. They are so self important a'holes with no sense of reality.
It is all just publicity for themselves....and they don't even know it. They sit around for hours congratulating themselves at events they fly to on their private jets...poluting the earth more than any one of us...

1865 days ago


Not only did he live in a very NON eco-friendly house, but like the other poster said, he could really show the world he's not a complete, lying , hypocritical douchebag, like Al Gore, by donating all the proceeds from the sale of this obvious ENVIRONMENTAL KILLER of a home, to a Green organization. But somehow, in typical liberal fashion, I doubt that will ever happen.

1864 days ago


Obviously DiCaprio really doesn't believe what he preaches. If he did, then he'd be as batty as Alicia Sliverstone and Cate Blanchett, Those nuts live in houses made of leaves and recycled beer cans and drink their own urine or some crazy sh*t like that. Leo has just joined up with Big Gay Al in the Global Warming scheme; that with each passing day becomes more and more obvious it's just a cooked up money making scam to target the unintelligent and gullible. Aka, liberals.

1864 days ago
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