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Heidi: 'Women, Beware of Roker!'

6/15/2009 1:18 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heidi Pratt wants to warn any woman who comes on the "Today" show that Al Roker may have it in for them!

Heidi, Spencer, Al Roker

Heidi, who claims Roker viciously attacked her and hubby Spencer Pratt on the air this morning, tells us Al "was incredibly rude and was verbally assaulting me... I would warn any people, especially women, who are going on the show to watch out for him."

Heidi also said she had no idea Roker was going to interview them: "I just thought he did weather. I thought he was coming to tell me it's sunny in New York."

Spencer was even funnier. He told us: "I never in my wildest dreams thought a weatherman would treat us like we just rigged the Iranian election."


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A Real Housewife from Compton    

Think about it. Al Roker, a Black man who probably really had to pay some dues (like getting an education beyond high school) to get where he is and he comes these two - talentless, not that good looking and without any real substance.

At least Miss New York has some comedic timing. She will never be Lucille Ball but she somewhat earns her VH-1 pay.

1965 days ago


I can't stand Speidi, but Al was a total jerk. I can tell they're afraid of the lawsuit, so they set Al The Weatherman on them like a pit bull.

1965 days ago


Heidi, I love you and Spencer! You are the two most entertaining people out there today! Where would TMZ, MTV, and NBC be without you! I love to watch your antics!
Keep reporting on them TMZ!
Heidi and Spencer forever!

1965 days ago


Heidi & Spencer for the love of God... go get real jobs & live your lives. NOBODY cares what is going on with either of you. Can't you see you are a joke to everyone? Have some respect for yourselves & fade away from the limelight & give us all a much needed break.

1965 days ago


I would have liked to have seen Al Roker attack both of them with a baseball bat.

1965 days ago


ROTFLMAO!!!! That's all I can say..or rather do.

1965 days ago


Way to go for the hard hitting news there AL. It must disgust you that no one considers you anything more than a reporter. Let me guess why you were so mad at the dork? Could it be that he raised his voice to a black woman perchance?

1965 days ago


Scratch that. Not reporter but weatherman.

1965 days ago


There wasn't anything wrong with Al Roker. They are just cry babies.

1965 days ago


Is this why we have digital television? What a waste...

1965 days ago


They should be lucky that they got an appearance on a top rated morning show such as The Today Show. I still do not see why the entertainment media find this couple appealing and report on them on a daily basis. They think they are so famous and better than others when they really are not. They accuse others of torturing them, defaming them.....and now this crap.

1965 days ago


These two need to lay off the peroxide... Obviously their brains are fried..
babbling idiots!!

1965 days ago


i just watched the interview and it wasnt THAT bad.
heidi is a whiny baby if she cant handle an interview with al roker. like omg she "cried"? give me a break.
they are just pissed that al saw them for the wannabe fame whores that they truly are.
can they just crawl back into the hole where they came from? im so sick of these two.

1965 days ago


Apparently, Spencer doesn't have very wild dreams, eh?

1965 days ago

Bethany Sweet    

I love Al Roker! Screw Speidi. They are IDIOTS.

1965 days ago
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