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Hulk Hogan Claims Linda Blows Alimony on Drugs

6/15/2009 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hulk Hogan and Linda HoganHulk Hogan's legal team had a slew of witnesses attack Linda Hogan's character today -- because Hulk claims she's been wasting a lot of her 40k a month in temporary alimony on drugs.

A hairdresser named Tracy Morgan testified in Florida court this morning that Linda came into her salon and asked to have some checks cashed -- all because Linda needed some greenbacks in order to buy drugs. The hairdresser claimed Linda's favorite drug combo was pot and a painkiller called roxycodon.

Also, a truck driver testified he saw Linda snort blow on a boat -- and a postal worker claimed Linda wanted to buy a car from him without Hulk's attorneys finding out.

Hulk's legal team wants these witnesses to show Linda doesn't deserve the 40k a month.


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I think she is doing drugs, because in the recent interviews with Brooke, she alluded to it. Linda does desreve alimony, she was married to the verbal abuser for years, and he was a control freak as well, just watch the old shows. The woman stayed home and raised kids, while he was out traveling and establishing his career. They were married a long time, and you cant put a price on giving up years of your life. I agree, Hulkster need to get over his wife. he is too concerned with what she is doing, although he is with his daughters friend. Linda will get alimony, because thats the law.

I just hope she doesnt get addicted to drugs and loses any/all relationships with her kids. Yeah, and Hulk did illegal steriods for decades, so he is the last one that should be pointing fingers. How much of thier money went to these drugs and probably know?

1934 days ago

Deez Boobz    

WOW. Listen, he's a bitter old guy. I kind of understand why he's angry. They were married 20 something years and had 2 kids and she decides that she's not into him anymore. That's a huge blow to the ego. Now she's dating a 19 year old. I'm ALL FOR older women and younger men but she's almost 50 and he's like 19 that's just TOO BIG of an age difference. I mean, he's barely legal for goodness sakes! If she's on drugs, she needs to conquer those demons herself. I really doubt some hairdresser and truck driver know anything her drug habits. Give me a break. Hulk and Linda are both trainwrecks. Hulk needs to let his anger at Linda for dumping him go end and he'll be the better person for having done so. They both just looks bitter and desperate at this point.

1934 days ago

2% MILK    

She deserves everything she gets after putting up with his drugs, insane lifestyle and other women. SO WHAT if the kids are grown? She is ENTITLED to continue the lifestyle she had.


1934 days ago

King Tito    

I said it before and i'll say it again, GUYS THAT GET MARRIED ARE FOOLS!!!

1934 days ago

jakey babe    

well i guess i'm an expert on this since i was a user of roxycodone... it's actually quite fabulous... it's oxycodone, similar to oxycontin... but whereas oxycontin releases the oxycodone slowly over a period of time, roxycodone is the "instant release" formula... that's why i loved them... a 30mg roxycodone will put an 80mg oxycontin to shame... i'm not advocating drug use, and i actually just got an NA sponsor, but linda's getting some bad azz sh*t...+

1934 days ago


jakebabe, by the sounds of your post you should pick up the phone and give your sponser a call.

1934 days ago


stoptalking, While I do not agree with formyson on this topic your post is rude, obnoxious, and cold which is exactly the type of person I'm sure you are. I am also sure you are proud of it which speaks volumes.

1934 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche!    

and she blows little boys!
This family is so gross!!!!

1934 days ago


a truck driver and a postal worker? Are you serious? Well, a little bird told me that Hulk shoots steriods and cant get it up...add that to your article, lol.

1933 days ago


LInda and Spencer sittin' in tree...

1933 days ago


OK Now that explains alot with Linda. Taking drugs and her bad jugement to date a man who is younger than her daughter and year older than her son. THAT IS SICK!!!!!!!!! AND she keeps taking Hulk back for more money. She has to have her fix. And now with witnesses......... WOW. BUSTED!!!!!!!

1933 days ago


Hulk has the nerve to complain. He obviously uses steroids. He's just mad because she has moved on. She's no hero, but she did spend most of her life licking his butt and raising his two ignorant good-for-nothing kids, .

Maybe the peroxide is finally eating away his brain and the steroids are giving him RAGE fits.

He's worth millions of dollars and he has to pay spousal support, oh cry me a river. Be a man and pay the tramp. You married her and you can't just dump on her in the nearest trailer park so you can spend all your dough on your new young slut. Get a clue.

$40k a month is not too much for him, he has millions. At least he doesn't have to pay child support. The two worthless kids are grown, one's a felon and the other is a peroxide tramp, just like Mom. The mother is dating a little boy and the father is dating a daughter-look-alike. Guess that's better than Dad feeling up on his own daughter, like he was doing before. Why don't the whole Hogan clan just go away and stay out of the news?

1933 days ago


Posted at 1:15AM on Jun 16th 2009 by ham-a-rama

You wrote "She is ENTITLED to continue the lifestyle she had."

Why? She didn't earn it. Should he have the right to have sex with her whenever he pleases because that was the lifestyle he had? If not sex can a judge compel her to do whatever it was she did during the marriage be it decorate or cook or clean or whatever? Seems a little unfair that she gets to keep the lifestyle of marriage after it's over, but he doesn't

1933 days ago


Linda is skank. This women is milking Hulk for everthing she can. I hope she overdoses on some illegal drug.

Hulk deserves better. He spent years getting pounded. now his skanky wife is waisting all his money away.
Maybe she'll drown in the bathtub.

1933 days ago


lowlife white trash, both of them.

1898 days ago
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