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R-Patz: 'Twilight' Fans Are a Pain in the Neck

6/15/2009 6:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Today in NYC, two rabid Edward Cullen devotees did what oh-so-many crazies only dream of: Wrapped their two arms around the magical man meat that is Robert Pattinson.

Robert Pattinson: Click to watch
It wasn't long until security pried 'em off -- but the two gals still touched him for .5 seconds more than you have.


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Rob's other role is as the Geico caveman. TMZ put up a side by side for everyone to see how much they look alike.

1956 days ago


Leave Rob alone....*sob*. Just leave him alone! He's a human being, just like US!! *sniffle* *sniff* I don't know why you're doing this to him! *snivel* *sob* I LOVE you Rob! *sniff* *SOB* I can't talk any more......... Gotta go smoke a joint....I'm soooooo hungry too.

1956 days ago


If he wasn't an actor, chicks wouldn't even acknowledge the poor guy if the walked down the street, BUT since he's an actor portraying some goofy fantasy vampire, they actually THINK it's him. These lame fans should draw a line between fiction and reality. When do you see men acting this way over celebrity women.... NEVER!!!

1956 days ago


Couldn't understand the girl's behavior back in the Beatle days, and still can't. What happened to girls being more mature at a younger age? Sure can't tell it by this.

1956 days ago


All I was thinking watching this was "that poor kid". Yeah, he's hot but he's a human. This is out of control.

1956 days ago

Mary b    

You're right they are stocking him and making him crazy! Which is why he should come to my place and hide!

1956 days ago


As for Pattison, I keep reading about how shy and private he is and that he has trouble dealing with fans. If that's the case, he chose the wrong profession. It's not like he didn't know what he was getting into. Bet he doesn't have any problems with the money he gets because of the fans he complains about.

1956 days ago


Come on, people, teenage girls have been in a crying frenzy over celebs since the days of Frank Sinatra when he was a teenager, on up the charts with Presley, Troy Donahue, the Cassidy boys, etc. etc, ad nauseum. I don't see the fuss over any of them either but perhaps Sinatra and Presley. Guess what? They will move on from Pattinson after this move series ends and on to the next sorry sucker faster than you can say Zac Efron or R-Patz for that matter!

1956 days ago


Security should have been walking on the side of the majority of all the crazy people. Half the walk he (Rob) was bordered by inanimate objects and the guards were on that side mostly. They should have flanked the other side. Sort of how a man will traditionally walk alongside a woman (or a mother with her child) on the side closest to the street? Well they should have been where most the danger was, on his left side! Jeez, Bodyguarding 101!

1956 days ago


I hate how "fans" like to portray themselves as somehow better than paparazzi or autograph dealers. These fans are the same types of people who trash talk photographers for going to far or not giving celebs any space... and yet they're the first one to buy anything with his picture on it. And in a situation like this, I think a paparazzi photographer is LESS INTRUSIVE than these fans who are actually assaulting him for a photo with him. Imagine if some guy went to do that to a girl? There'd be charges laid, I'm sure.

1956 days ago


I wonder how many crazed female stalkers Pattinson has.

1956 days ago


What a douche. we made him famous and he cant sign a couple of autographs? Be more like zac efron. give back to the community! Zac Efron > Rob Ugly Face =)

1956 days ago


Robert probably doesn't mind sacrificing his privacy and freedom for fame and a lot of money. If he doesn't think being famous and rich is worth it, he would quit show business and go back home to live a normal and boring life. It's obvious from watching this video clip that he was scared out of his mind by those pain-in-the-ass fans so his body guards should have done a better job in protecting him. The real question is... would the Twilight fans go crazy for him if a different actor was picked for the Edward Cullen part? When Rob gets married someday and he'll get older, his fans will forget about him and move on to the next most eligible bachelor.

1956 days ago



Seriously, His hair is greasy from not washing it..and he looks like hes tweeked out on crack most of the time..When where tweens get a good sense of fashion/music/actors and stop over-hyping things/people..My lord.

1956 days ago


i just dont understand you ppl.whats wrong with you all? And Summit what a hell is doing? they make good money on him,they making millions on his skin, and they cannot give enought security for him?SHAME SUMMIT!!!
What a hell,it is so disrespectful and disgusting some ppl.Im embaressed becouse im women and i have to see something like this.I will not been surprised if Rob will saying soon " im gay" or he will getting married just for some peace before he will killed by some stupid cows.

1956 days ago
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