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Spencer -- Jesus Saved Al Roker's Life!

6/15/2009 3:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Al Roker owes his life to religion -- because Spencer Pratt claims he would have ripped the dude's head off this morning ... if he hadn't recently been "saved by Jesus." Hallelujah!

Heidi & Spencer: Click to watch
The Pratts were leaving Planet Hollywood in NYC this afternoon where they unloaded on the weatherman again -- calling him "disrespectful" and "inappropriate."


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What gets me is that the media follow these half-wits around getting sound bites from them like they are important. They should not have even been on the Today show in the first place. I don't blame Al. I saw a little bit of their conduct on the jungle show and they were so fake it was enough to keep me from watching anymore. Al saw what ever one else saw, two spoiled, fake, shallow airheads throwing tantrums and demanding attention. I do blame whoever it was on the Today show who wanted to give these two air time in the first place. It just goes to show how hard up the Today must be.

1920 days ago

who gives a shit    


1920 days ago


What??? Al's disrespectful??? Does Spencer not know what an ass he is? These two are the most dilusional people ever or are they just that stupid. More people need to treat them the way he treated them, cause that is how they treat people. And Heidi is just to ignorant to realize when she married spencer she might as well have sold her soul to the devil. He's disrespectful to everyone and pretending to be "Godly" is the worse sin you can commit. Mother Theresa hahahaha please these two are sick and are in need of serious help. Not that fake ass therapy on the hills. They need to be committed, and she needs to be rewired cause he has brainwashed the hell out of her. So sad for her family.

1920 days ago

Dave In Tulsa    

Who are these clowns? I saw the interview...what a D-bag.

1920 days ago

I Heart NKOTB!!!    

8. I wish that these two would stop using Jesus's name in vein. Get a grip already. They are nothing but fame whores who have extremely no talent. Heidi, man up and grow a spine. Spencer, just shut the hell up because everything that comes out your mouth makes no sense and you sound ignorant.

Posted at 3:18PM on Jun 15th 2009 by NYer 2009

It's VAIN, stupid! And you're calling other people ignorant? Stupid American.

1920 days ago


It is true, I have no love for these two.

And believe me I tried.

1920 days ago



1920 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

This fool is another scripture spewing serial killer in the making! Dude needs his ass kicked hard YESTERDAY!!

He is a Blond Ted Bundy!

1920 days ago


I'm shocked they can walk and talk at the same time who knew!

1920 days ago


Plz send them to "Detroit"....I betcha they could not last 30 minutes. I promise we would not hear from them anytime soon!!!!

1920 days ago


way to go al, good job finally someone with some balls

1920 days ago


If Heidi really wants to be like Mother Theresa, why doesn't she take a vow of poverty and give away all her money. And I don't think Mother Theresa ever posed nude in playboy. Spencer, you are just a douche bag, ugly skin colored beard, piece of crap. GO AWAY

1920 days ago


Hmmmm, Spencer ripping Al Roker's head off. Yeah, that'd happen.

1920 days ago


As for the "only in america lol!! these two just dont translate accross the atlantic thank god.." comment, those two don't translate well here, either! I don't think anyone in the US can even stand them, nor can they understand why the media keeps covering them. No one cares, everyone wants them to go away.

1920 days ago


Who are these ppl i dont like them they would be nothing without LC

1920 days ago
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