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Customers: KFC Giveaway Clucked Up Our Lives

6/17/2009 7:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

KFCHell hath no fury like a chicken lover scorned -- as you'll see in this lawsuit filed by people who are pissed over KFC's free chicken giveaway.

James Asanuma just filed the suit on behalf of KFC fans everywhere, saying the chain's May giveaway was nothing short of a scam to deceive its customers into spending more dough.

The lawsuit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, says KFC promised everyone "2 pieces of grilled chicken, two individual sides and a biscuit" -- but the promotion, which was promoted on the "Oprah Winfrey Show," turned out to be so popular they couldn't meet the demand.

And that's when the biscuit hit the fan.

The suit says that because KFC couldn't dish out the food as promised, they were forced to give vouchers for free food in the future.

The suit says this "bait and switch" caused customers to incur "travel costs, paper and printing costs, postage, the money they spent on other food items at KFC on visits when they had intended to redeem the Coupon ... and the loss of the value of the promised Meal."

James is suing KFC, because he's hungry for a little payback.


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Corey Feldman is the king of douche!    

People that expect freebies to last are losers and need to get a life...

I want to sue this douche bag, while supplies last...

1849 days ago

Corey Feldman is the king of douche!    

Go back to your alley or overpass you homeless bum.

1849 days ago


damn..y'all sue over FOOD 2!

1849 days ago


Seriously, this whole thing is stupid and I blame Oprah for it.... I swear to God, people are so fricken stupid. The was a mad rush to KFC just because Oprah said go there. If Oprah told everyone to poop into tupperware and put it in the freezer, stores would have plastic containers on backorder in two days. This lawsuit is frivilous and should be thrown out immediately.

1849 days ago

who what huh    

is this what became of slavery? fried chicken lawsuits?

1849 days ago


This was a scam. I printed ONE coupon up for myself. I sent the coupon in as instructed, course I have NOT received a rain check coupon. This was a bad idea for a KFC, way too much of a give away. However, if they advertised it they should be required to stand behind the original offer.

1849 days ago


We had 2 coupons and 2 people. We went for our free GRILLED chicken (not fried - at least know what you're talking about). They had a sign on the door that said they were not able to honor the coupons but were giving rainchecks. We filled out the form and they sent it in for us (allegedly - we never received rain checks)... BUT they still had the grilled chicken to SELL on the same day. You could BUY the same meal, but they wouldn't honor the coupons.

We bought the food we were going to buy anyway, but we still have not tried the grilled chicken and we probably never will. This could have been a great way to get people to try their new product, but poor planning and worse marketing turned it into one the worst examples of bait-and-switch in modern advertising.

1849 days ago


Why wouldnt everyone get a free meal when advertised as just that! No lawsuit necessary here. They lost my business. I walk in and a woman hollers "we are not honoring free coupons". Agitated, I inquire further... She says "fill out this form for later. They will get back with you". To date, still nothing. I think it was a lie by that point and they generated way more business than they expected. Someday somebody was going to sue. Again, they just lost my business.

1849 days ago


Are you serious? Morons like this help make our nation a laughingstock to the rest of the world. Can't blame it all on Bush. These folks are doing it on their own.

1849 days ago


i went to taco johns once, got an order that tasted like crap and complained. Did i get my free meal? no, but i stopped eating at that particular restaurant for awhile. Did i sue? was just a freaking meal. Granted, it would've been nice to get a free meal but its not the end of the world!!! They have given me several before because of their errors, i wasn't gonna cry about it. And traveling expenses? MY GOSH how far did you have to go to find a KFC??? LOL...i have one within 5 minutes from my area. ALSO, free giveaways EXPIRE or they would go bankrupt.....If you notice other FREE GIVEAWAYS ONLINE.....IT WILL SAY "WHILE SUPPLIES LAST" Think they are gonna just give free chicken to you whenever you want? CAN'T YOU AFFORD THE 5 bucks for 2 pieces of chicken??? LOL. Geez....

1849 days ago


People shouldn't eat there anyway, they are horrible and inhumane to the chickens, I wouldn't feel right about eating there knowing how they conduct business.

1849 days ago


Only thing i will eat at kfc is their potatoes and biscuits. They are good....but maybe once a year LOL......Chicken, no thanks!!!!!!! I can't stand much meat as it is.

1849 days ago


Yeah, count me in. I went in to get the "rain check" that was supposed to be mailed to me...still haven't got that in the mail. I tasted that grilled chicken and the only way I would ever eat it again is if it is free! KFC sucks ass, and so does there clone chickens. Down with the corporate chicken shacks...I'd rather my own.

1849 days ago

who what huh    

heres the solution: oprah should dip into her 500 billion dollar bank account and send fried chicken to every poor desperate welfare GIC 20-kid mama on the planet. god knows her expanding size 32 waist needs it. she all up in therrrr with all these white doctors and psychiatrissts talking like a white woman. well show UR BLACKNESS ORCA., SEND US THE FRIED CHICKEN HOE!!!

1849 days ago


KFC chicken is raised & killed in particularly disgusting ways. They're one of the worst companies for contributing to mistreatment of animals. If you don't believe this, just Google KFC and cruelty. Aside from that, their food is mostly greasy & gross ... yuk!

1849 days ago
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