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Kitson Kids About to Become Orphans

6/17/2009 7:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kitson KidsFor only one payment of $74,080.38, you too could make a difference in the lives of rich, pampered children in Los Angeles.

Kitson Kids -- which has been putting clothes on the backs of L.A.'s elite for years -- is being sued for falling way behind on rent (re: first paragraph).

K.K. has three days to pay their rent before big scary men with eviction documents toss them out onto the diamond encrusted asphalt of Robertson Blvd.

UPDATE 6/18: Deckers Outdoor Corp. has dismissed their lawsuit against Kitson and released a statement saying, "The lawsuit against Kitson was inadvertent ... The Kitson account remains in good standing."

UPDATE: A second lawsuit was just filed against Kitson by a company called Deckers Outdoor Corp., claiming they haven't been paid $35,177.86 for services rendered.

A rep for Kitson just released statements addressing both lawsuits:

"Regarding Kitson Kids we are in a dispute with the building because they refuse to build a stroller accessible ramp for parents and their children....

They are putting children in danger on a daily basis since parents have to take the children up stairs instead of using a child-safe stroller ramp. This is why we feel the need to battle against the building as we fight for a child-safe ramp to be built.

Regarding the lawsuit against Kitson from Deckers Outdoor Corporation (a public company) who is the Manufacturer of Ugg Boots is untrue. Kitson has received no lawsuit from Deckers at this time. Kitson has recently received its confirmations for winter orders from Deckers, which is in an excess of $200,000. Brands do not confirm orders with companies that have outstanding invoices due, let alone lawsuits pending.

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I work in the area and I cannot even tell you how many times I have watched the gut wrenching scene of a parent attempting to pull a stroller up the staircase because there is no stroller or handicap access to the building. It is despicable to think that a building that would gladly have a kids store as a tenant would not build a ramp for their safety and well being. I think that in this day an age it is inconceivable that Pacific Theatres would not have a Handicap and Stroller access to their building. Michael Foreman Sr. who has millions of dollars and owns Pacific Theatres and this building would have no problem making access at one of his theatres to generate his revenue but will not build a stroller and handicap safe ramp at his own building. Truly sad and disgusting.

1935 days ago


Kitson Settles Suit With Americana
July 06, 2009
Less than one year after high-profile Los Angeles retailer Kitson opened an emporium at Glendale, Calif. -based luxury shopping center The Americana at Brand, the two influential players of Los Angeles specialty retailing settled a lawsuit on July 6.

The Americana sued Kitson for unlawful detainer, or not paying rent. According to the lawsuit, which was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on March 20, Kitson had not paid rent in amount of $399,599.86 as of Feb. 23. Kitson opened a two-level, 15,000-square-foot emporium in November 2008 at the Americana, which was developed by Caruso Affiliated. Caruso also developed influential Los Angeles luxury center The Grove. Kitson owner Fraser Ross said he is not closing any stores. “Caruso wants us to be there,” he said. “We want to be there. We’re trying to get fair-market value on our locations.” Kitson attorney Glenn J. Feldman of Feldman Rolland said his client and Americana are negotiating over what format a Kitson store at Americana will take. “It will be retained in Glendale, but in a different format,” Feldman said. “It will not be an anchor.”

1932 days ago


The landlord simply posted a sign saying there's an elevator that is stroller and wheelchair accessible/friendly right at the building, problem solved, now pay your RENT you deadbeat and stop making up excuses on why you don't have any business in your recession-era bomb of dying brand!!

1932 days ago


Amy=Fraser Ross comment, who else would know the name of the landlord, who owns what, too much detail! Nice try...

The Americana lawsuit was settled just as another unlawful-detainer case against Kitson is gaining steam. On June 17, RP120 LLC, the landlord of the Kitson Kids boutique at 116 N. Robertson Blvd., sued the retailer for unlawful detainer or $74,080.38. The suit said the fair rental value of the space is $690.77 daily. Ross owns four other Kitson boutiques on Robertson Boulevard, and is one of the largest tenants of high-profile street, with 15,000 square feet of retail and office space. The case is scheduled for a hearing in Los Angeles Superior Court on Oct. 15. But Feldman said the case is days away from being resolved.

According to attorney Gregory Weisman, unlawful-detainer lawsuits are becoming increasingly common in a tough economy. “‘Unlawful Detainer’ is a fancy word for ‘eviction proceedings,’” Weisman said. “It can be based on a host of different reasons but it usually means the tenant isn't paying rent and the landlord wants them out. Options for the tenant are no different than anyone else with a cashflow problem, either they renegotiate debt, look for an investor or start talking to bankruptcy counsel.” Weisman is a partner and chair of the apparel practices group of law firm Silver & Freedman.

1932 days ago


Didn't Britney use to spend vast sums of money at Kitson's? Too bad she's in the midst of her lackluster Circus Tour in Great Britain or she could come to their rescue. Instead of attempting to be a decent mother, she tries to buy the kids' affection. But to Kitson's, it wouldn't matter.

1953 days ago

I am    

Ooh, just let me bust open my piggy bank and run on down with my contribution.

1953 days ago

scott is yummy.    

boo hoo hoo

now where will all the rich people go to waste money and buy there kids over priced crap?

oh wait...theres still plenty of places...

1953 days ago

Hates Conan like crap    

I could care less about Kitson. I shop at Wal-Mart and Target and my kids look fabulous.

1953 days ago


dumb mfo caspers

1953 days ago


They Will go to Lisa Kline and Fred Segal instead! Bye bye kitson, you suck anyway!

1953 days ago

Dee Dee Dee    

This is just the beginning. The rent is not being paid at the Americana store in Glendale either. Fraser Ross has over-extended himself and the brand is dying on the vine.

1953 days ago


Why would Kitson Kids have TWO kids' stores within 25 yards of each other? Maybe they're trying to blame the landlord for their bad business decision -- and the down economy.

1953 days ago

who gives a shit    

Guess the rich are not spending either.

1953 days ago


Um, why would a children's store even open up at a location that isn't stroller friendly in the first place?

1953 days ago


Any Mormons posting here????

The church owned Beneficial Life Insurance company is going under!!!
This according to today's Wall Street Journal.

Beneficial's ratings are at junk value now, according to S&P.

1953 days ago
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