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OMG! Nick & Miley

Are Totally Together!

6/19/2009 5:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

And the only reason we know for sure is because Joe Jonas opened his mouth and blurted it out on national TV.

Jonas Brothers: Click to watch
The evangelical Christian dandy boy banders were on "Larry King Live" last night when Joe spilled the beans that it's game on for Nick and Miley Cyrus -- ironically blowing it moments before talking about the importance of keeping their relationships "private."

That noise you hear is the sound of tweenage girls sharpening their Hello Kitty pocket knives.


No Avatar


just the evangelicals to say one thing and do another.

1950 days ago


NO JERMAINE!!! I am sipping, your kickin azz for me! stop playin around and do what I said! I will kick your balls so hard they'll come out your ears! NOW START KICKIN SOME AZZ!!!! Im not jokin, I will smack your face with my foot!!!

1950 days ago


Joe, made an honest mistake by blurting that out. At the same time I'm not sure he meant it the way it sounded when it was asked. I watched the whole interview and they were talking about Nick and Miley's relationship. I think Joe just assumed that it was meant from when Nick and Miley were together.

1950 days ago


Saw that one coming a mile away.

1950 days ago


LOL @ gggggdfgdfgdfgdf

My sentiments exactly!!!!!! What the hell have I been saying - she is a whore, she is nothing but a dam hillbilly!
she's going to follow in footsteps of people like Paris Hilton.,........etc.....

1950 days ago


ASHLEE you fat F***tard clearly you have no life, get off the couch you can do it!!!

1950 days ago


Oh, I just HAD to show up today to snicker about the "tweenagers sharpening their Hello Kitty knives". LOL funny.

1950 days ago


Can you say PUBLICITY STUNT?? He has no use for Miley she is bad news BUT Disney needs to clean up her nasty image so how better than to make it look like she is with a good guy like Nick. Disney owns both. MY bet is his mother would not let her near him and I do not blame her.

1949 days ago


"Gee golly, Nick. You don't pound my vag half as good as my old statutory rapist boyfriend."

1949 days ago


The only thing that makes this more funny is the fact that there's whacks of gay dudes out there talking about how they'd do these lads. Har-Dee-Har.

1949 days ago


Really, who gives a rat's ass over who a bunch of 16 year olds are dating? We don't know what goes on behind closed doors. Those boys, who are said to be virgins, are probably some of the biggest sluts around. Who knows? Britney Spears claimed to be one too back in the day.

1949 days ago


So the ugly Jonas (yea, which one, lol.) is into beastiality. That horse-faced untalented redneck and him make a good couple. Five year olds everywhere are going to freak when they get up from their nap and hear this. My point is that I dont believe Miley Cyrus or the Jonas bros are anything special. There are way more talented people out there who dont need a massive PR team from hell (disney).

1949 days ago


2 untalented people hook up! wow. who cares. Miley cyrus, sarah jessica parker, kristen dunst, amy winehouse need to start the butterface club. Any more nominations?

1949 days ago

Lippy Loo    

Miley needs to have gum surgery ASAP, she is fugly like the Jonas dude. They both have zero talent. I have seen better singers on the street corner. I just don't understand the mentality of people who think these two have any talent at all. Miley please see a dentist ASAP.

1949 days ago


One day, the fans of these overrated teens will see how terrible they really are. I wish these ugly ugly children would go back to sucking one of disney's teats.

1949 days ago
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