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Chaz Bono

Hangs Out with His Bitch

6/21/2009 2:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chaz Bono leaned out his window yesterday to wave to neighbors while his little pup looked on.



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I remember watching the Sonny & Cher TV show and S & C would carry Chastity out to the stage and sing at the start of their show......Chastity was a very cute girl .......... each to their own, but it is so hard to believe the pic's I see of C now compared to what I saw on TV when she was a child. Best Wishes to her.

1882 days ago


go chaz!!!!

1888 days ago


Still calling it a HE! Come on TMZ you know the difference between a male and female.......Call it what it is please!

1888 days ago


Why is SHE being referred to as a HE...I recall that Chastity can't be called a "man" yet until her breasts are removed...which makes me question why anyone can be declared legally a man because of breast removal...there are millions of woman who loose their breasts because of cancer...are we to think of them as men now? NOT!!!

1888 days ago


I am talking about the dog, not chaz

1888 days ago


If she doesn't stop frosting and highlighting her hair she 's going to look like a fruity guy when she finally undergoes the sex change...just sayin'

1888 days ago

El Mexicutioner    

It's not a he - it's a she, or a shim, or a sh-he. If it doesn't have real male sex organs or a sperm count, low or high, it's a female.
So should women that have undergone double mastectomies because of breast cancer be considered male after their procedures?

1888 days ago


Yes, please be honest and put scare quotes around "he' or "his." I don't think he or his is appropriate at all before surgery either. I don't think it's appropriate after either, but before is worse.

1888 days ago


and what about the women in this world who have had only one breast removed, due to cancer or whatever....are they half-n-half?

1888 days ago


I'm sorry but if the Lord brought Chaz to this earth as a woman, she will always be a woman, despite what body parts MAN decides to take off of her to try and make her a man. Only person who can change a sex is God, not man.

1888 days ago

i feel bad about all that is gling on with chaz........there are some deeper inner feelings that need to be addressed....she is taking extreme measures to change everything, there has to be a long history , mentally of extreme feelings....she needs to really talk about that...she needs to lose wieght, take care of herself better and become the real woman she was meant to be..god created her as a woman, and she needs to find her way back to that......please chasity, become the woman you need to become, i know you are an extrodinary, loving , caring could you not be, with cher as your mom and sonny as your father!!!!!!

1888 days ago


Cavalier's are soooo cute!!!!!

1888 days ago


Hmmm.....for 30 years she's a GAY WOMAN who loves women, now she's a STRAIGHT MAN who loves women? "Splain, Lucy.

1888 days ago


There is NO such animal as a sex change operation and I'm not going to let some doctor or Oprah convince me otherwise. If you were put on this earth as a woman, you will DIE A WOMAN, I don't care who the doctor is. And Cher, Marie Osmond, the Cheney's, and everyone else who support and defend their children's homosexuality, and go to their weddings in support thereof had better understand one thing. Their children have to find their own way into heaven, and so do they. They had better stop letting their children convince them that God was wrong. One person said that God was wrong and he now has a permanent tan.

1888 days ago


Thing thing is a she and if she has surgery she will be an "IT".

1888 days ago
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