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Jon & Kate Plus

the Worst Kept Secret

6/22/2009 10:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So it happened. Jon & Kate Gosselin announced their separation on tonight's show. Nothing will EVER be the same.

Jon is moving out and so on and so forth.

So we gotta ask...


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ho hum    

"It's for the kids, the kids, the kids, the kids. Endless proclamations about everything is for the kids. Unfortunately neither Jon or Kate or willing to grow up, get de-focused off themselves and raise THE KIDS in a stable loving home. That is how you do the best for your kids. And the grass is not gonna be greener on the other side of the fence.

1914 days ago


This is TLC, The Learning Channel, exactly what are we supposed to be learning from this crap??? How to sell your family???

1914 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Since Kate is going to be single soon perhaps she can get together
with Dictator Kim Jong Il of North Korea. Kate and him seem to have similar personalities.

1914 days ago

kelly vail    


1914 days ago


I'm team Kate all the way... I think Jon is very immature & wants to go party like a twenty year old. If he loves his kids so much he wouldn't be moving to N.Y. Kate had to be controlling because he was like another child. It's all very sad, I won't watch anymore, but I wish Kate & the kids all the best. Maybe she will find a real man now.

1914 days ago


I'm a rare child of divorce apparently, My parents are the best of friends. You mess w/my mom my dad will hunt you down and vice versa. My parents have always lived within 5 miles of one another and I was fortunate enough to have both of them attend my childhood activities. Dad got remarried mom got remarried 2 weeks later. I guess I'm fortunate to have had 2 people that were adult enough to know that they just didn't belong together. I'm not sorry they had 2 kids and divored. I'm fortunate for the life I've had and the people who raised me together but not in the same house. All I see in this divorce is arguing, fighthing and the kids getting hurt and picked on in school cause every tablod in the world is going to eat this up. TLC it's time to cancel the show. I will not watch Kate plus 8.

1914 days ago


If they truly cared about their kids more than themselves, they'd find a way to make it work out. They are disillusioned to think that a divorce will solve their problems. It will just create more for everyone - especially the children - in the long run. Plus, no one wants to watch an unhappy show about divorcing parents trying to put on a happy face "for the kids". I'm sure this will be the last season of the show as well. Sad....

1914 days ago

Been There    

John was a wimp who never wanted to do anything but snowboard, and party, and he showed it in all the seasons of this show. Put your thinking hats on people,,,,he was never vigilant in watching the kids, and she may be a terror at times, and snappy, but, you try to watch 8 kids going in 20 directions, by yourself, and see if you aren't snippy also. He has shown this in all the seasons, you just had to know to see it. He cannot even commit to being there, saying he "might" get a job offer, come on, he is committed to his silver earrings, parties, and snowboarding...... She seems really hurt, he seems like he is just waiting to get on with other things.....honestly, watch with different eyes....He is in a midlife 32, like he reminded us....

1914 days ago


They should try to work it out. It is so much easier to get a divorce then to sit down and work through your issues. It is bad enough if you have one kid and you are divorcing but in this case their are 8 children who are going to be affected. You said you don't want to be a statistic so at least try counseling or at least make your viewers think you are trying. The I don't want to deal with this attitude is leading you down to the road of divorce.

1914 days ago


I have watched the show with my husband and daughter and at the beginning we all loved the show but we always were some what put off of Kate's attitude. Then all the free trips, liposuction, hair plugs and so on, it just became a totally different show. The final straw was the million dollar house!! When all of the crap starting hitting the fan, I was very much against Kate but while I still think she is the biggest reason why all of this happened, she is not alone. Jon was not innocent in this at all but somehow I dont blame him as much as Kate. She emasculated him from the beginning, she drove her family and friends away and just got to high on herself. And she better watch her daughter Mady because she is going to turn out just like her. I dont like picking on children but in every episode we see Mady either crying about something, whinning about something or complaining about something. Like mother, like daughter!!

1914 days ago


Jon said he's doing this separation cuz its best for the kids... i think counseling is best... why do people always think divorce is the answer

1914 days ago


I guess they will call the show "Kate Plus Eight" and the spin off show "Jon Gone"

1914 days ago


NotAmused.. you could not have said it any better !! Something I have always wondered about .. HER family "chose" a long time ago not to be involved with the family. I wonder why? I was really hoping they were going to get counseling. Can you imagine the impact THAT would have had on other couples struggling? I thought they were stronger than just giving up, but looks like I am wrong. SO going forward, I will not watch ....Kate Kate berate your 8 ..
Good God get some help before it's too late .

1914 days ago

cosmo in texas    

3 6. enough of these horrible people already. i don't get it.
if tlc had morals and ethics and cared about the safety of those kids this show would be off the air already...


1914 days ago


Very sad. If they had never done the show I don't think this would have happened. Look at the price they have paid for fame and fortune.

1914 days ago
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