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Perez Unloads on Will -- 'Disgusting Human Being'

6/22/2009 11:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Perez Hilton just posted a super-emotional video on his blog, blasting Will.I.Am as a "coward and a disgusting human being for lying."

WARNING: This video contains VERY explicit language.

During the 12 minute clip, Perez says the whole thing started after a confrontation with Fergie at an award show after-party. Perez claims Fergie came up to him and asked why he trashed her on his website.

Hilton claims they eventually went their separate ways, but later in the night, Will.I.Am -- Fergie's bandmate -- saw Hilton and came at him "like a heat seeking missile," demanding Hilton stop writing about Fergie and his band on his

Hilton claims Will and his manager, Polo, followed him outside the club -- and then Polo punched him in the head "2 or 3 times."

Hilton claims when he got hit, he thought to himself, "I think my eye might be falling out of my head."

Perez added this parting shot to Will, "God knows it was not a random fan that hit me ... you a re a f**king liar."

Minutes earlier Will I. Am released his own video message, claiming he didn't beat Perez.


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to 57, carrie and perez are fine they can say whatever. carrie got fired for not doing her job. how many times do you have to be told?
in this case, yeh, why didnt he get the cops instead of twittering. the mounties could have showed up on their horses with round bacon and whistles and loopy accents.
i will give crazy, i mean carrie, a heads up for not getting physical with perez. although im sure shes physical with all her photographers n stuff.

1949 days ago

What the Hell?    

This man Perez Hilton is a cyber bully-
What does he make a living off of?
Putting people down to make himself feel better!
Notice when his popularity slides, he goes off on people currently in the news.
Some Job!

1949 days ago


This video is 11:42 minutes? Guess he has somewhat three more minutes of fame left!

1949 days ago


I'm so very curious how Piss Hilton feels he's entitled to get respect from the general population. He is the biggest sh*t talker next to Eminem... His dumb*ss deserved every punch - whoever did it. I'm surprised his *ss didn't get kicked sooner. What a hasbeenloser...

1949 days ago



Too bad they didn't put Mario Lavandeira in a permanent DIRT NAP!

1949 days ago

Jonas Brothers are a great group of young men    

What a complete jerk!!! This guy, if this really happened, is only getting whta he deserves. He can not continue to go around ranting about others, running his filthy mouth and not expect it to catch up with him. He is lucky that this has not happened before. Too bad he did not learn his lesson and just shut up! No one wants to hear from you. I could only take about a minute if the post, even his voice sends chills all over and not in a good way.
Perez, go back where you came from, if you even know where that is.

1949 days ago


Perez it was only a matter of time before someone popped you. Such a girl, You're an ASS
Can't stand Perez or The Black Eyed Peas.

1949 days ago


Poor Perez...karma is an awful thing when it needs to be. This is what happens when you are a mean spirited human being.

1949 days ago


I am glad that he got beat!! This guy just rakes my nerves it was bound to happen sooner or later. Perez Hilton-this is a hint for you to stop degrading everyone!!

1949 days ago


I love how he is being all serious and crying...then he's talking about people named Will.I.Am, Fergie, and Lady GaGa. Pretty hard to sound tough when you're talking about losing respect for "The Blackeyed Peas." Too funny.

1949 days ago


PLZ Tell me someone will SPOOF THIS ASAP!
Call out the F*G name callers when you're one yourself? As violence is never the answer so is using hate terms whether you are gay or not. Betcha Isaiah Washington is laughing his ass off bout now.....not so much the real ppl in need who didn't get immediate 911 attention from being blocked by all the tweeter calls in. GG Mario.

1949 days ago


Hopefully this is just the beginning and he gets more, if anyone deserves it, it's him. I used to be his biggest fan and defend him until he overkilled the whole Miss California thing. He's the biggest hypocrite in the world. Hopefully this is a wake up call for him.

1949 days ago


It's all fun & games until it happens to you, Right PEREZ? I don't believe in violence but sometimes people can really push you over the edge, and If anyone deserves a smack down it is definitely Perez! How can he claim to stand up for gay rights and then use the one word HE KNOWS will push someone over the edge? WTH did he expect to happen? Perez is the cowardly, heartless, DISGUSTING HUMAN BEING! PLEASE TWITTER: #unfollowperezhilton movement

1949 days ago


@ steaming brown loaf,

Carrie did not get fired for NOT doing her job. Lewis can't keep track of his lies, I mean, "figures" whenever he tried to say Carrie missed events. He admitted on FOX News that Carrie didn't miss a single event. How many times do you have to be told?

In this case, Mario should fire himself for doing his "job," but instead somebody gave the bigoted jackass what he deserved.

1949 days ago


ARE YOU A MAN OR A MOUSE BE A MAN GEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1949 days ago
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