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Will.I.Am -- I Didn't Beat Perez!

6/22/2009 10:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Will.I.Am just responded on his blog to Perez Hilton's allegation that he beat the blogger outside the MuchMusic Awards last night in Toronto.

Will.I.Am: Click to watch
Mr. I.Am says it was all news to him when Perez began twittering, accusing the Black Eyed Pea of the beatdown.


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California Granny    

Perez Hilton is a lost soul. His negativety is goin g to be his downfall. Anybody with the poison tong will not succeed at their craft. His constat bashing of people that opposse his views on gay issue will elienate him and rightly so. Perez, who in the world died and left you a judge and jury . All you are is one f**d up nut case

1940 days ago


ReaLLy, iS it so beautifuL ?..

1940 days ago

Anonymoussssss is so sexy! Yum!

1936 days ago

Crispy Can Dance    

Micheal has been called a petofile, Madonna a whore, Mariah a psycho. Never have any of them bashed up a member of the media. It's a fact that the media will say true and untrue things about a celebrity, and that's the way things are. NO CELEBRITY HAS A RIGHT TO USE VIOLENCE. VIOLENCE IS NEVER THE ANSWER.
As a fan of Will.I.Am and the black eyed peas, I have to now state that I no longer have any respect for Will or the Peas.
Not long ago, a gay male - Bruno, shoved his naked bum in Eminem's face and placed his head in Eminem crutch. To me this is worse than only being called gay. Eminem never used violence.
No matter how annoying a person is, NO ONE DESERVES TO BE BEATEN UP.

1933 days ago

travie 35    

obviously, nobody cares!

1947 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Someone's lying out their ass! But which one is going to be interesting!

1947 days ago


Who is that homeless dude?

1947 days ago


Perez Hilton made it big using other people's pictures as if they were his own 'exclusives'...This guy had a good 15 minutes and I cannot wait until it's done. He's greedy and selfish and in my opinion, there is nothing whatsoever appealing about this guy. Perez needs some more free publicity and he sure knows how to get some.

1947 days ago


hahahaah is still advertising Black Eyed Peas.. hahaha he loves them...

1947 days ago


Perez used other people's pictures on his website but didn't pay for them. THEN he charged an arm and a leg to advertisers. Perez made a mint off of other people's info. Ugh. Why do people even care about him, anymore? This is obviously a publicity stunt...

1947 days ago


Will I Am is my new hero....

1947 days ago


I would guess that Hilton fabricated this for media attention. His 15 minutes are up.

1947 days ago

who gives a shit    

Go away Perez Hilton......................................

1947 days ago


Why would anyone give Perez a bit of sympathy over this. The man is a vile human being and deserves a good beat down! It can't be that serious if you Twitter AND call a lawyer all before the police are ever called. He has been so full of himself since the whole deal with Carrie Prejean, he cannot let go of the attention, and now he had to do this. He called people F***** outside of a club and blamed will i am for hitting him when that is NOT the case. Nothing Perez says can be remotely trusted. He is a horrible little man who gives bloggers, and gossip columnists a really bad name. Whatever happened, I hope he did get a beat down from someone and it won't be his last. That vile mouth of his is libel; to get him thumped again. B**** got what he deserved.

1947 days ago

London not England    

I know a certain Ex-Beauty Queen who is splitting her sides right now as you dab hydrogen peroxide on your busted lip!~!~!~

1947 days ago
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