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Model Has DIRTY Mouth, Hates Terrell Owens

6/23/2009 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joanna Krupa has a mouth like a sailor -- and for some reason, it only makes her hotter.

Warning: This clip has REALLY, REALLY bad language.

Somehow, someway, a clip from the new show "The Superstars" got leaked to the 'net and picked up by our friends over at WithLeather. The clip shows Krupa cussing like crazy as she loses some physical challenges and then bashing NFL star Terrell Owens -- her teammate -- for screwing up.

She's absolutely perfect.

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who is Joanna Krupa?

1915 days ago

Alex Rode    

How does this make her hotter?! There are two things that make a girl lose my attention real quick. the first...swearing like a f**ckin truck driver.

1915 days ago


My first reaction was that Mr. Owens showed remarkable restraint in not responding verbally to her mouthing off. I am not so bothered by the language. If you watch television in America you can hear this anywhere, but the fact that she blamed her team mate for the same lackluster performance SHE turned in demonstrates a lack of grace and competance. People exerting themselves in significant efforts sometimes do say some raunchy things, but blaming a partner for your own failings is a low blow. All I heard from TO was positive, appropriate and the type of things a TEAM player would be expected to say in support. Climbing rope nets is NOT an easy skill. As any Marine will tell you it's a tough but learnable. Doing it in sea state two wave action separates the men (and women) from the boys!

1915 days ago


I watched the program. I had no idea T.O. was on it. I couldn't believe they picked him for this show but then I thought maybe he will trash talk and mess up like he always does and THEN people will understand why those of us here in Dallas rejoiced when the Cowboys got rid of him. We the FANS never wanted him here! Anyway sure enough true to character he trash talks and then crashes and burns not once but several times. Krupa was just sayin' what Dallas fans already knew so well. He talks the talk but cant walk the walk. He deserved to be chewed out. He talks an A game and then fails to bring it. If he will just learn to zip his mouth and keep it shut, avoiding the trash talk he might actually accomplish something. But no....his ego is too big for his shorts as usual. Glad to see him eliminated, Dallas doesn't need any reminders of the pain he caused here.

1915 days ago


Interesting bias many posters have here...... they think it's okay for T.O. to mouth off and be a primadonna but if anyone else dares do the same thing suddenly it's wrong and they call the person all sorts of things. Typical flipflopping double standard of people who'd rather make excuses for their idols just so they can keep them rather than make them accountable to the same standard. What a joke.

1915 days ago


Now TO handled his self very well,I would have done alot more then just stand there take her verbal abuse.Who is she anyway?She should be happy that shes even on the show.She has no class and he should have snap on her and put her in her place.He handled his self very well I must say.

1915 days ago


Hahahahahahahaha! You go girl!!!

1915 days ago


Good for Joanna! She is not only gorgeous but she speaks her mind and is for animal right s

1914 days ago
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