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Farrah Fawcett -- Grim Reports

6/24/2009 9:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Farrah FawcettFarrah Fawcett is reportedly close to death.

Numerous reports have surfaced that family members are gathering for their final goodbyes.

Farrah's health has been deteriorating ever since she was diagnosed with anal cancer three years ago.

We just spoke to Farrah's rep, who would only tell us, "She continues to be treated for her condition."


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1913 days ago

paige h    

GOD BLESS YOU. Thanks for all the smiles that you have graced upon us in your lifetime.

1913 days ago


Well the CDC seems to disagree with you there notsurprised. Reported side effects are no worse and actually less sever than many other types of vaccines, as the mom of a teen girl who just went through the shots I can also tell you that doctors, pediatricians are indeed recommending the vaccine. It targets the strains of HVP that most often cause cervical cancer and genital warts so you may see that as a wasted 5% I'm guessing most women, most mothers do not.

1913 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

I'd like to clarify something important. The person who is using the name "The Truth" here is making a statement about how Ms. Fawcett contracted anal cancer that may not be true. Using "The Truth's" own link for a source of information, sexual contact does account for MOST anal cancers by spreading the HPV. However, it is important to note that sexual contact DOES NOT ACCOUNT FOR ALL anal cancers. We are not privileged to Ms. Fawcett's medical records/history, nor should we be.

While "The Truth's" goal (I hope) of raising awareness is commendable, it does not need to be done at the expense of someone who is dying from cancer when we have no evidence whatsoever that what he/she is saying is true. Since you protest to be the lover of truth, you of all people should know better than to spread a rumor and call it a fact when you have less than all the pertinent information.

The truth is, we, as the reading public, have no idea how Ms. Fawcett's cancer came to be, so we should not speculate. To do so flies in the face of truth.

1913 days ago

oh yaaaaaaaaaaa    

Cancer is a horrible venom, that poor beautiful woman , like all others b4 her and ahead of is a nasty demon...I actually pray for her passing now..god lets u live too long with this when it can't go into remission...and to all u poor sould outs there, who r posting such vile thoughts, well,, I'm not going to bother giving u my thoughts, ur not worth it

1913 days ago


God Bless you and keep you close to His heart Farrah. I will pray for your release from your earthly pain and your heavenly release into peace and happiness.

1913 days ago


What the Hell is wrong with you #109. I hope God has as much mercy on you as you have for this woman. None of us is without sin or stupid acts. Karma is a bitch and I hope she bites you in the ass!

1913 days ago


Amen # 107! Way out of line for "The Truth" to present what is probably his/her mere opinion as a factual statement.

1913 days ago


#109 .... Touche and thank you for saying it!

1913 days ago

La Mom    

God bless you Farrah, dear heart. We will ALWAYS love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

1913 days ago


I am sorry if I posted toward #109, I totally meant 108. I am sorry # 109, my fat finger hit the wrong key. I am totally in agreement with you.

1913 days ago


My mother died of lung cancer. She was also a smoker. The type of lung cancer she had was not typically the kind that is caused by smoking but it could have been. We will never know for sure if smoking caused her cancer or not. However, I quit smoking immediately.

Regardless of how Farrah got her cancer, there are things the public can do to prevent at least some of the cases of anal cancer. I hope that Farrah's struggle will bring that fact to light.

1913 days ago


#10 & #12, Why does Redmond disgust you? Do you even know him! I have never heard him say a word publicly. Yes, he has a problem, and apparently you do too. At least he is working on his even in this difficult time for him. You, on the other hand, need help with your hatred of things you do not even know about. GET HELP.

1913 days ago


# 114 - I couldn't agree with you more. We will never REALLY know what causes certain people to get cancer. There are so many possible contributing factors. I lost my 35 yr old cousin to cervical cancer a year ago and she was a smoker AND had been exposed to HPV. Only God knows what caused the cancer....could've been the smoking, could've been the HPV, could've been both, could've been neither.

1913 days ago


Everyone, please contact TMZ and ask them to remove the crude and insensitive posts on here that are so disrespectful to Farrah and her family.

1913 days ago
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