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Liz Taylor -- 'Too Devastated' to Comment

6/25/2009 9:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Liz Taylor Michael Jackson
TMZ has just heard from Elizabeth Taylor's people who tell us:

"Dame Elizabeth Taylor is too devastated by the passing of her dear friend Michael Jackson to issue a statement at this time."

Taylor, who was a close and dear friend to Jackson for several years, was the one who dubbed him the "King of Pop."


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This is the used up old hag that hid the pervert out in a secret location when the cops wanted to talk to him after the molestation charges first came to light...When is she going to do us a favor and croak...

1954 days ago


her plastic face is melting, too. The freak is dead - now many, many little boys will be safe.

1954 days ago

harry from Sydney    

Looking at the photo of Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor, one can only assume that the plastic surgeons of the world are also devastated.
Jackson had his song "beat it" but a lot of what I am reading is just a "beat up". Jacksons greatest success was his abilitiy to remain in the headlines even after serious allegations ( unproven but still very suspicious) and failing sales as well as ridiculous behaviour.
It is always sad to hear about someone dying prematurely but lets keep thinsg in context please

1954 days ago


Thought she was dead and forgotten long ago

1954 days ago

who gives a shit    

Always thought that she would go before him. They had a strange relationship like most of his were!

1954 days ago

Cynthia Patterson    

I noticed that tonight on Fox News they referred to Michael as dubbing hiself with the name of "King Of Pop' but correct me if Im wrong Didnt Elizabth Taylor give him that name?

I too, thought of you first Ms. Taylor and how the loss of Michael cannot be explained to anyone.Only the ones who know your life,your love and devotion to your family and friends will realise what this means to you.I only hope that your inner stegnth and Michaels spirit will help you and all of his friends and family adjust to this loss in time.BTW I named my own daughter after you and Lauren Becall two of Holloywoods true beauty and graceful ladies with , Sugar Spice and everything wonderful!

1954 days ago


English born Elizabeth Taylor got the DBE from Queen Elizabeth, so she is a Dame. It is the female equivalent to Sir.

1954 days ago


Ms. Taylor, lol. Ever the lady! Late for a bride game are we?

1954 days ago


I would just like to say to all the rude people of this world that even though Michael was charged with child abuse, not convicted I might add(funny how people go away with$$$$)......still doesn't give these mean souls the right to bash the man......let him R.I.P., I grew up with this legend and so did so many others.....he was the "King of Pop"" and he could bust a move....Madonna, Cindy Lauper & Boy George & George Michael were all part of a Ms. Taylor, you were a friend until the end to this lost soul, Thank you for that!!!.....all his goodness was overlooked when he dangled his son from a balcony in berlin.......he was a proud daddy, not to smart but hey.....i am sure he had a death grip on the little guy......I hate seeing all this bashing because the guy had major burns on his face from a Pepsi commercial........he was a idol and he only wanted people to see perfection......just sad he had a crappy plastic surgeon.........with that all being said.......R.I.P well as Farrah Fawcett........the world lost two awesome people today, who entertained us in one way or another!!!! God Bless Amen

1954 days ago


its really sad to know that the 1st ever male pop icon of all male pop stars has now come 2 peace within everyones soul in the world, micheal jacksons death known round the world with saddened hearts as they fall within is the equivilant of princess diana's death....these are 2 very big icons of our centuries in the world that we know. also saddened 2 know that if the coronors find that it was prescription meds that has 4 fallen this icon, there really needs 2 be something done on how (the meds) there prescribed on given to certain patients. micheal jackson will 4 ever live in the hearts of many....even though hes been to court for a few things in his life- hes the one an only maker of male pop stars!
R.I.P micheal jackson

1954 days ago

Boy Wonder    

I hope this does not tip her over the edge......all the way over the edge I mean.

1954 days ago

The Dittiman    

"Michael Jackson is dead—the soup is hot; the soup is cold—Jackson is living; Jackson is dead." "SHAKE WITH TERROR if those words be TRUE! The dying of such a man must be SHOUTED! SCREAMED! MICHAEL JACKSON IS DEAD!!!" (R.I.P. 1958-2009)

1954 days ago

Illinois person    

To #10, yes for your information Taylor is a Dame and she was given this title A) because she was born in London and B) by the Queen of England who is the only person who can give this title therefore: Miss Dame Elizabeth Taylor. Taylor was Jackson's only "true" friend who stood by Jackson threw thick and thin. These other people, Madonna, Timberlake and the like never ever gave Jackson the time of day. They were all much too busy hogging the spotlight to do so. Therefore, Taylor is really the only one who can hold her head high. No matter what goes wrong in your life if Elizabeth Taylor is your friend then that's that. She has her own money and accolades in life and her own ego is never too big to make time for her friends. It really says something has to the kind of person she is. MJ has many highs in life and some very lows too. With his upcoming concerts, he was trying to make one final comeback. We will now never know if would have pulled off any of the those. But every time he turned around someone was suing him. Even John Landis was suing him but I find it hard to believe that after 25 years, he (Jackson) still owed Landis money for directing the Thriller video. Yes, all of these people want to be there today but where were they yesterday? ALSO, SOMEONE SUDDENLY SO VERY QUIET IS DIANA ROSS. WHERE IS SHE?

1954 days ago

Linda Mott    

When I first learned of Michael Jacksons death, reported by TMZ, I thought of his very dear, loyal and faithful friend, Elizabeth Taylor. She was a real friend. We are not blessed with many true friends in life, but she rates #1. God bless her.

1954 days ago


how is she? I have not heard of her from a long time..

1954 days ago
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