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OctoGrandma's House -- Take it to the Bank

6/25/2009 10:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Turns out the Sulemans aren't the only ones who don't want anything to do with their old Pomona crib.

OctoGrandma's house -- the one where OctoMom Nadya Suleman lived in for years -- had no buyers at today's auction, so it goes back into the hands of the bank.

The starting price was over $355,000 -- just in case you were looking for a really expensive house that has been ravaged by a ton of fatherless children.


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Ainsley Jo Phillips    

The house probably looks just fine on the inside. The last time I saw the inside, it looked cluttered but not filthy. The house probably isn't selling for one of three reasons:

(1) Hasn't crossed paths with the right buyer yet.
(2) Not too many people buying homes at this time due to the economy
(3) Because this is one of those homes that people don't want to touch with a ten-foot pole for the simple reason that it has been associated with an event that has been seen as unpopular. The last reason is a silly reason not to buy a perfectly-good home. There are homeless people who would be glad to be able to live in a place like this. Why is a so-called sophisticated society like ours so superstitious at times?

1952 days ago


shes definetly a piece of work she used that poor stupid guy and some how talked him into wacking off into a cup,she used her mom and dad to keep a roof over god only knows whos kids, she used the goverment to feed a small octo village,and she uses anyone that comes near her, I think the gov should take the kids add them to angies litter, chances are angie will never know they are there, then octo mom can walk in her mom and dads shoes and know what its like for your kids to have a home and the parent to be discarded like 8 pair of old shoes, I like many people wish she would give her or should I say OUR kids up (because we all are paying for them) and let sane people raise them its just a matter of time before she has a break down anyway

1952 days ago


That house must be crazy!!! THats a lot of kids and a lot of baby crap lol / referral

1952 days ago


thats right pig, leave your mother who gave birth to you homeless and in debt... what a loser!

1951 days ago

R.J. Johnson    

Minute 16

1954 days ago


looks just like angie. hah!

1954 days ago


Can you imagine what that house really looks like on the inside? EWWWWW! This definitely proves the Octomom brand isn't a best seller!

1954 days ago


Octograndma lost her house to foreclosure because her ungrateful daughter left her kids with her mom, but didn't leave her any money to care for them. grandma had to feed and clothe the kids with the money sho should have been able to pay her mortgage with! Nadya was too busy using her money for fertility treatments. Don't suppose Nadya gave any money to her parents to make up for their loss after she came into money? No? Didn't think so.

1954 days ago


TMZ, can you please, please, please, please, please STOP giving this psychopathic nutjob press? It just eggs her on. Just like those two idiotic morons that go by Speide.

On behalf of the entire universe, THANK YOU!

1954 days ago

Jesus juice    

I'm sure octograndma got a few bucks thrown her way for the couple interviews she has done in the past. (She probably could have gotten it out of foreclosure if she wanted.) The whole family is a bunch of vagabonds. If my memory serves me correctly...haven't they lost 1 or 2 more homes in the past as well?? I'd like to know how that family manages to secure the loans in the first place. What a bunch of filthy, manipulating roaches!!

1954 days ago

Sean P.    

Good to see you back at TMZ Nondonationsender! Someone said they lived there a year making no payments. I wonder if they even had any equity in the place. . .does anyone know?

1954 days ago


I thought Octo-Grandma's house was in Whittier, not Pomona. Do they have ANOTHER house that has been foreclosed on?

1954 days ago


It wasn't the first house they owned that was foreclosed on, and I bet it won't be the last. This whole family reminds me of a bunch of roving gypsies, picking the public's pocket, working just-this-side-of-the-law deals, in addition to outright fraud. They live like pigs, who would want to buy a house after that crew is done with it?

1954 days ago

Scipio in DFW, Texas    

Guys, stop dissing Nadya. The only people keeping this drama going are you guys. STOP IT ALREADY and maybe the story will fade....

1954 days ago


Not too surprising that no one wanted the octodump! Hopefully, she will get an octomaid for the new place. The American public shouldn't be subjected to anymore octononsense!

1954 days ago
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