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Ryan O'Neal Shuts Down Farrah Fawcett's Website

6/25/2009 10:51 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Farah FawcettWe just got our hands on a letter Ryan O'Neal's lawyer fired off to the guy who ran a Farrah Fawcett website, demanding that he stop pretending it's her official site and then asking for money.

Greg Lott -- who claims to have been Farrah's high school sweetheart -- has been writing brutal posts about Ryan, claiming he's been running around with other women while Farrah was sick and making all sorts of drug allegations.

Ryan's high-powered law firm just sent Lott a cease and desist letter, demanding that he shut down the site, stop soliciting money, stop making defamatory comments about Ryan, stop splashing images of Farrah around town and stop selling Farrah-related merchandise.

Lott took his site down after receiving the letter, which was dated June 23.


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Farrah was smart, she didn't marry Ryan because she didn't trust him, I can see why, he's been playing on her death bed while having affairs with other females, you know the one that been bu her side.............she's not even pretty..............

Ryan is a druggie, got his son hooked on drugs and pretends to be the best live in lover of Farrah................ON HER DEATRH BED..............SHE WAS DRUGGED THE LAST FEW WEEKS ...........SHE WOULD HAVE SAID YES TO ANYTHING, " who r you kidding RYAN???????? WE CAN SEE THROUGH THAT..TOO BAD YOU DIDN'T GET YOUR BIG DAY DUE TO THE BIG EVENT OF A REAL SUPERSTAR.......................


DIDN'T SHE MENTION.................PRE-NUPT???????????????

1943 days ago


leave ryan alone he is in greif and you dont know for a fact that he got his kids addicted to drugs you wasnt there were you so you need to shut up. and that was his long love over 20 years. if you was beside your girlfriend/wifes bedside and she died you would be upset too i dont blame him being upset he loved her/ so every body needs to leave him the h*** alone and you dont know what they have been through together and you dont know what he is going through right now. he wanted to marry her a long time ago but she wanted to wait he loved her and she loved him so all you are doing is talking s*** thats all people do is start drama. so you know all i have to say who ever is talking just can just go to h***

1943 days ago


Man, screw Ryan, and that funky website of dude's! This is about Farrah, and how much she'll be missed! I don't care bout all that other bs! All that not gonna bring her back! RIP Farrah, you were so beautiful & strong till the end..

1943 days ago

Don Rosen, Jr.    

MY thoughts and prayers go out to Farrah and her family. I know she is in a better place now, she has suffered greatly and had so many trials and tribulations in her life, I know her son Redmond and Ryan will keep her memory alive in a very positive way. I hope Redmond will become the man Farrah always knew he was and stay sober to honor her memory forever. The world has lost a wonderful Lady.

1942 days ago


TO MICHELLE, #64 and ERI.K, # 66 . I believe you meant well but, I do not understand the comments of your native tongue. I, myself, am bi-lingual but not in your language. As far as I know, we are still an English speaking country, therefore, I fully expect to READ in the language of my country. Unless my government tells me differently, and tells the rest of my country, differently, English is what we SPEAK, and English is what we READ . So, please translate your comments so I may appreciate your message. Thank you.

1942 days ago


Wow, do your research TMZ, because Greg Lott IS Farrah's college sweetheart, he and Farrah WERE business partners in, and he only started running criticisms of Ryan O'Neal on the website when O'Neal blocked him from seeing Farrah.

1941 days ago


Amazing how the website has been up for a couple of years and has been selling Farrah merchandise w/o any question or concern from Ryan O'Neal. Then as soon as photos are released of Ryan and Farrah is not able to stop him - the website is shut down.

Lots of people will be making money off of Farrah in the coming months.

The last thing she would have wanted!

"May flights of Angels carry you to your rest" (John Dunne)

1939 days ago


There's always some sleazebag trying to profit off a celebrity's death. Ryan did the right thing. If this guy keeps going, I hope Ryan sues the pants off him, taking whatever money this jerk made. RIP Farrah. Ryan may not be a good man, but he was still HER man, and not this wannabe high school sweetheart.

1938 days ago

D. Schiver    

We're talking about Farrah, then you click the "next 15 comments" tab & guess what? It rolls over to the big MJ story!! Give it a rest people!! I'd rather hear about Farrah then M anyday!! Farrah was a beautiful & brave person...what was M??? R I P Farrah.

1938 days ago


Farrah was very brave and beautiful in many ways. Don't you think she probably made so many happy (& horny & or jealous) with her acting and kind ways of living, then helped many struggling with cancer. So, seems she did a lot for many over the years. She may have got started for superficial reasons but was so much more than a pretty face in the long run right?

1938 days ago


I am wondering if they ever had time to get married???? MMMMM-This would have alot to do with who gets what-Right??? I hope her son can get his life together and be as good of a human being as his mother was,may God bless and keep her-no more suffering for this beautiful angel,go in peace. Robin

1937 days ago


I'm not the biggest Ryan O'Neal fan but I did want to add this. It is widely known that O'Neal invested his money intelligently back in the day and has been extremely successful in real estate. He may go after Farrah's money, but it won't be because he needs it.

1935 days ago

Will Johnson    

A little more research might be helpful.

Greg Lott was not Farrah's "high school sweetheart". They went together in college at the University of Texas.
Farrah even though offered modeling jobs stayed in Texas because she was dating Greg. When he told her he wanted to see other women she split and moved to California where she was soon living with Lee Majors.

So Greg made perhaps the major blunder of his life. Tough cookies buddy.

1927 days ago

Jennifer Bouldack    

So sad.

1944 days ago

Michael Madsen    

She's gone...

1944 days ago
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