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Debbie Rowe --

She Gets Custody if She Wants

6/26/2009 12:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie RoweDebbie Rowe is poised to take full custody of the two children she bore for Michael Jackson.

It has been widely reported Debbie Rowe gave up her parental rights to Paris and Michael Jr. That is not true.

During the custody fight that Rowe had with Jackson in 2005, she attempted to give up her parental rights, saying Michael was the greatest father ever. Retired Judge Stephen Lachs, who presided over the hearing, initially ruled her rights were terminated ... but then Lachs reversed his decision.

Here's what happened. We spoke with Lance Spiegel, the lawyer who repped Jackson at the time. Spiegel says under the law, the Department of Children and Family Services must conduct a parental fitness investigation before parental rights are terminated and that didn't happen with Rowe.

So Rowe has never given up any of her parental rights. As a result, under California law, Rowe is now presumed to be the person who will get custody. The only way Rowe can be denied custody is if a court determines it would be "detrimental to the children."

As for whether Rowe will ask for custody .... our sources say you can bet on it. We're told if Rowe gets custody she will get "a huge amount of child support from Jackson's estate."

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Linda Mott    

Michael's mother is in poor health and that means that the father Joe would be the one to get the kids if she can't take care of them. You all know the stories about the molestation he is reportedly have done to Michael and at least one of the other children. This would be a horrible fate for the children and even if you love them as a family this is about the children's well being.

1945 days ago


Think and say what you want about Michael Jackson and his choice of lifestyle, but just think about his children...

If she gets custody of the two kids she had for him, what happens to the yougest son? Surely it's better that all three siblings stay together, rather than be separated?

RIP Michael Jackson... x

1945 days ago


Hey TMZ, this is very concerning. She may just have been acting as a surrogate, which is not really selling children. But what about the scenario in which they go live with Jackson's parents? Didn't Joe beat Michael as a child? He also gave a disturbing interview to the BBC about how he hated gay people and used to whip, not beat, Michael.

1945 days ago


I heard yesterday that Michaels mother would not take them because she has not been well for a year! One of his sisters should be there to raise all 3 of them together. I dont think the mother wanted them before and shouldnt have them now and besides to have the youngest one lose the only parent he ever knew and his 2 siblings as well just does not seem right!! Wow...isnt this a mess....and like always who will suffer from this...the kids!!

1945 days ago


Katherine is too old to raise pre-teens. Think about that. Katherine is just too old. In most cases the biological parent will receive full cutody. It doesn't matter if she is a money grubbing bitch. I wonder who would get Blanket because we don't know anything about his mother? Whether you like Debbie Rowe or not! She is their mother and she will not molest her children!

1945 days ago


what a loss, I cant see blaming the doctor, sure he has some liability but if it wasnt him it would have been another MD. Michaels tollerance fer opiates was probably that of an elephant, everytime he dosed he was risking this outcome. for him, the doctor was just an expensive needle to be used and discarded. I just wonder at what point does the "family" step in and intervene? or how about some of the denizens of celebrities and others praising him and calling him "friend" now that hes cold in the morgue? Who among us didnt know he had a serious drug problem? and who among us did anything about it BEFORE it was too late? Michael was to blame, WE are all to blame.

1945 days ago


Since Michael is really black, wouldn't his kids have a little black in them too? They just look like white kids.

1945 days ago


Poor children. Debbie should not get custody of them. They dont even know her and they would be separated from their younger brother. They only reason she wants custody of them is for the money. Didn't Katherine say she would take them? I think she should that way the children will be around people they know and not be split up. I pray for those children

1945 days ago


She should get the kids and most of the child molesters money...

1945 days ago


That woman doesn't give a damn about those kids. All she cares about is the money. Of course she will take custody if it means a definite flow of money for the rest of her life. Those kids on the other hand will never see a dime if she has anything to say about it, and they won't have a home either. She will ship them off to boarding school the minute she gets them.

1945 days ago


Due to MJ being 90% plastic he will be melted down
and made into Plastic Lego's so the kids can play with him for a change.......

1945 days ago

Mz Brat MAytee    

michael was an innocent man. it is so obvious that those children made fauls allegations against him. it is disgusting that the parents would make their children lie. that doesn't say much about the parents does it.
michael was NOT a paedophile like evryone is calling him.
he was a legand who inspired so many lives.
he will go down in history and his legacy will live on forever just like his music.
some of you people need to look the word 'RESPECT' up.
the things you are saying are utterly disgusting.
the truth will come out and michaels name will be cleared. but then again it will be too late to give him an apology.
them children who made those allegations have put michael through hell.
he was truly an inspiration all around the world and we here in Britain were looking forward to his concerts.
it is such a shame he has gone without a goodbye or one last moon walk.
his music will be played for many years to come.
another 'Black' icon gone.
my heart has sank.
he may have had a heart attack but it was these children and their families who put him through hell that killed him.

michael i was brought up around your music and i will do the same with my children.
my earliest memory is dancing to 'Billie Jean' in my living room with my mom.

i know there are many many people who idolised you, but i truly truly did.
i am so guttered to learn that you are not with us.

there was one michael jackson and people may imitate him but they can never be him.
Frank Sinatra was a legend but michael is a bigger legend.

your family were very lucky to have you and your children too.
you were a very special person michael, just like peter pan.
you were misunderstood by so many people.

but you are somewhere better now.
your soul in peace.
god only takes the best and you were the best of the best.

despite all the bad press you got, i always believed you were an innocent man, and i still do today, like so many other people do.
the truth will come out and the families that caused you all this hurt and pain might get a taste of their own medicine.
they are evil people who are money grabbing liars, who have destroyed such a wonderful person.

you were the greatest michael.

my thought, deepest wishes and prayers are sent out.

goodnight and god bless michael xx

1945 days ago


Mommy has NO connection of ANY kind to those kids. None. And Grandpa Jackson would just continue molesting them. Regardless, those kids are screwed.

1945 days ago


I really don't think the kids belong with Michael's mother. At her age, they could end up losing another parent figure. Besides, it's not like Joe and Katherine's children turned out well adjusted! Debbie Rowe may have been in it for the money, but on the other hand, Michael was so rich and powerful that she couldn't fight him. She tried to get the kids a couple of times and failed. I do hate to see the three children split up though. Was Blanket's mother an anonymous donor or another woman who was paid off and will now come forward?

1945 days ago


I think we're going to see a BIG 3-way (minimum) custody battle, between the Jacksons, Debbie Rowe, and the Nanny. I really hope they don't separate those children!! I wonder if Blanket's mother is going to come out of the woodwork now???

1945 days ago
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