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Michael Jackson's Autopsy Has Begun

6/26/2009 11:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson AutopsyThe Los Angeles County Coroner has started the autopsy on Michael Jackson.

Dr. Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran is performing the autopsy. The Dr. was a star witness in the O.J. Simpson case.

UPDATE: We're told some members of the Jackson family are headed to the coroner's office.


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Sue Wong    

Michael did so much for sick, dying and underprivileged children. He was a man child and NOT CONVICTED of molestation. People say and do anything for money. To the haters on this site, when somebody starts a rumor about you and it spreads and become truth you'll find out. Karma's a bitch.

1947 days ago

Harry Kunt    

I would like to have sex with MJ’s rotting corpse,
then when I’m done leave a Cleveland steamer on what’s left of his
post-autopsy sewn up chest.

1947 days ago

Kiara Paris    

You can stop now Chief Slapaho, there is not any more money to extort...

1947 days ago


Michael will be missed. Here are some tributes and memories:

1947 days ago



That commet was inappropriate and ignorant. You're digusting!

1947 days ago


I'm relieved to learn that members of the Jackson family are on their way to the coroner's office. My understanding is that Tito is especially well-respected among pharmacologists, and that Jermaine's pioneering work in forensic pathology and morbidity should clear up some of the mysteries in this episode. Of course, as everybody knows, Joe Jackson started out as a crane operator but ended up as one of the most respected pediatric oncologists in Gary, Indiana, and so he should be on hand as well.

1947 days ago


Respect and omagias for Michel!

From team of

1947 days ago


Michel was an angel! Thank foe your life! From:

1947 days ago


TO MJ WAS A DRUG ADDICT.... First read what the f I said you idiot... Yeah you have your freedom of speech but obviously what I said hurt you because you had to react your a pathetic loser who wants to bring a dead man who everyone knows had problems down to what? Make you feel better on OH man! You are the one telling ME to get off! I just said no one WANTS to hear it you idiot! Go get off your couch and do something with yourself... I am waiting for the I do have a life I am a successful such and such and what not," yeah yeah and you have time to read all this crap? Its not like I was the 1st comment, wow, you see I get paid to do this you, you are an ignorant piece of crap that deserves to have your reproductive system removed so that you can not procreate any further, and if you already have, your children should just drop out of school now or give on their lives because they were raised by an idiot. Good day! Have fun talking crap about a dead man, I hope it boosts your self esteem. LSIUPMP

1947 days ago


It is so sad about Michael Jackson but what I am concerned about are his children. Who will have custody of them now that he's passed? Will the two mothers come forward and provide a life for them? God bless both Michael and Farrah - my heart goes out to their families. What a sad day June 25th was.

1947 days ago


Love U 4ever!!!
Pray 4 your soul,,,

1947 days ago


So sad about the news will forever be missed by all his fans. God bless you Michael R.I.P x x x

1947 days ago


My prayers are to the family/friends of MJ may they be at peace knowing he is in GOD'S GREAT HANDS and LOVING ARMS, no more sadness now he is HOME with the heavenly Father and all is well. His music and legacy will live on forever and ever.


1947 days ago

michael's girl    

The only thing that I can think of right now, is that regardless of whether or not he did anything wrong with those little boys, he is presently facing the supreme judge, the judge of all mankind, the only one that CAN judge, and all the drama, all the accusations, all the alleged child molestations, is now between Michael Jackson and his God....

1946 days ago

John Canada    

Why do people have to like this guy? You'd think there were Jacko checks coming in the mail or something for posting something nice. I didn't like John Lennon who cares? Many people saw him as a child-molesting freak. They have as much right to voice that as the patronizing Jacko Pack followers have a right to druel over him. If you think children having a sleep over with a 40 year old man is cool, you're a freak too.

1946 days ago
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