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Jackson Fam -- Debbie Rowe Can See Her Kids

6/27/2009 8:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A source close to the family of Michael Jackson tells TMZ if Debbie Rowe reaches out to them, and wants to see her kids, they won't stand in the way.

Debbie Rowe, Michael Jackson

However, we're told the family is holding strong in its position that the kids should stay with their grandmother Katherine.

We're told the family believes it would be "unfair" for the kids to grow up not knowing their biological mother.

Michael jackson Launch photos


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Stupid Jon    

Let Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie adopt Michael's children.

1941 days ago


last night i was listing to the talk on one of the big cablenews channels not sure if it was cnn or msnbc but they were talking about the kids debbie rowe is the mother of the two oldest but jackson is not the father .there was a male donor .
I did not know this . the donor is known to the family and some of the news media but no one will talk about who it is .
i wonder if this person could have legal rights to the kids . I just hope these kids don't get pulled into the middle of a nasty custody issues .it's going to be tough enough on them .lets hope all the adults do right by them .

1941 days ago


Maybe the biological father will step into the picture...Has to be an upgrade over MJ and Rowe.

1941 days ago


How do we know they are her kids? She could just be the carrier like Angela Bassett and Sarah Jessica Parker. Perhaps that's why she's not emotionally attached. Those kids could be from donated eggs and sperms, in that case NO ONE has any claim to those children. It's commendable that they are willing to let her see the children, but maybe she doesn't want to see those children.

1941 days ago

MJ is ♥    

doesn't seem like the Jackson's were versed on a alot of things in their lives growing up, gaining riches and dealing with exposures of various magnitudes.

i hope they've assembled a credible team of support (legally, financially, emotionally, spiritually etc) to get them through this maddness and horror.

so sad how this capitalist model of dog eat dog, all stakes for money approach, in a parasitic society and industry got the best of MJ's innocence. unbelievable to see the deals to make money off MJ's misfortunes.

i really hope for a birth of peace in this world that detracts from these core systems of hate and unjust, in way MJ spoke about in his lyrics.

MJ is King. To the Jackson family, stay united, defeat the odds, please for MJ's sake.

1941 days ago


# 61 to the contrary. DNA testing is what Debbie Rowe DOES NOT want.. (Nor the children) She says Michael was NOT the father and if he isn't how is she entltled to any money from his estate? That would be devastating for those kids! Reading an article on Debbie a few weeks ago, she lives in a rundown farm house with a bunch of horses, dogs and cows that she calls "her children". Who wants to go from being with Michael to that????

1941 days ago


Yes, I think the kids should be raised with people (Kathrine) that they know and love. Debbie was just a surrogate, actually. ~ It would be too painful for the kids, one, to be torn apart from Blanket and two, to be with someone they don't know at all. However, as strongly as I feel Michael would want his kids with Katherine, I can not, in any way, fathom the he would want them to be raised by Joe, period. This is just my opinion.

1941 days ago


What the hell is wrong wiith u people?
1st of all, Rowe SHOULD NOT get those kids. All of a sudden she wants 2 be in their lives when she hasn't been there 4 10 years..that's bs.. she just wants the $$$$$$ that's all.
They want 2 stay with their grandma anyways (Michael's mom).. The kids grew up around Michael and his family so that's where the kids should stay. They don't even know Rowe. If Rowe wants 2 visit, fine. But NO CUSTODY 4 HER.
And as far as Michael not being their biological dad, that's always been a question but after all this time he's been there, who cares.. the kids know him as their dad n now (just like in the past) people are after his $$$. He is their dAd, go read their birth certificates. And I'm sure Rowe would have mentioned something (whether before or now) about Michael being the dad or not.. if she went about other ways 2 get pregnant or whatever the case, she would have said something especially now that she's going to be fighting for custody.
AND 4 YOU IGNORANT PPL THAT 4GOT, MICHAEL IS INNOCENT 4 MOLESTING KIDS. THat was just another way 4 people 2 get $$ from him n try 2 destroy his life.
U people are evil as hell smh

1941 days ago


Seems some of the same people who trashed Britney Spear's family are on here tonight. I'm so sorry some of you hate your families but then think you're wise enough to make decisions for this family. Remember the parents raised all this big family who worked their butts off to become successful and not living off welfare. They have given millions to charity and now they're trashed by ungrateful idiots. Michael was a kind loving man who was the greatest entertainer in the world and I think his parents & siblings will do just fine with these children without your two cents worth.

1941 days ago

MJ is ♥    

61. The Jackson Family is going to play nice with Debbie Rowe because all she has to do is say 2 words, DNA testing, and that is something the family does not want

Posted at 8:33PM on Jun 27th 2009 by singermagic1

Singer magic,
Not quite the free reign for this person.
When matters of extortion and contempt are factored in matters of criminal financial and otherwise intent, then Ms. Rowe may cast her self as a conniving monster. So it's not a matter of free ride and reign. It's a complex and fair situation, indeed!

1941 days ago


Pages 3 and 4 of the declaration are pretty damning.

The original claims against the singer surfaced in 1993, when a 12-year-old California boy charged that Jackson molested him on numerous occasions at the performer's Neverland Ranch and assorted hotels. The child's claims were detailed in a sworn declaration, a copy of which you'll find below, that was drafted in connection with a Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit filed by the boy and his family. That case was quickly settled out of court, reportedly for more than $15 million.

1941 days ago


While at first my views were all about what a pervert he was, I've calmed down. The most important thing is for these kids to have some semblance of normalcy. I'm not sure who would be better, the grandparents or the mother. I just don't know enough. But they are little human beings. They don't have a good chance because of the terribly strange upbringing but the courts will rule in favour of the better party. While Joe Jackson was reporrtedly abusive to his children, my personal experience is that these men change when they age - it's possible that he's mellowed. Clearly, grandma is a good person. Sadly, no matter who fights for the kids, we have to assume that money is a factor. But people who are greedy are also possibly kind. Those kids have a long, hard road ahead.

1941 days ago


Sorry I start to believe that the person who died is not Michael Jackson. We hear now rumours that any photo has been taken from the dead body, where are the paparazzis photos who usually wait in front of Michaels House who is arriving and living ? Where are the tape recordings of the security cams of that house which are placed all around ? Why was not the name mentioned in the 911 call ... hey this is Hollywood, this is LA ... every celebrity star is surrounded 24/7 by paparazzis and there is not a single INSIDE shot been taken ? Sorry ... but my guess is, this is the biggest media hoax ever !

1941 days ago


I can't believe the comments that are being posted. Worse than I've seen of any other person. People are grieving the loss of a talent seen rarely before, not an individual who had character flaws. He was acquitted so end of story on that end of the comments....good or bad, a jury made a decision. Let it go. As to who gets the kids, no one will ever agree with the decision, and frankly, it is none of our business. Unless we have been in their lives up to this point, why do we think we get to comment on what happens to them now? Don't any of you have a life?

1941 days ago


Poor Michael still not enfria his body and his things are guarded in a warehouse, his children in dispute for a progenitora that the vendio and a few grandparents too many elders ... that God blesses and they of the force to support these difficult moments.

1941 days ago
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