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Jackson Fam -- Debbie Rowe Can See Her Kids

6/27/2009 8:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A source close to the family of Michael Jackson tells TMZ if Debbie Rowe reaches out to them, and wants to see her kids, they won't stand in the way.

Debbie Rowe, Michael Jackson

However, we're told the family is holding strong in its position that the kids should stay with their grandmother Katherine.

We're told the family believes it would be "unfair" for the kids to grow up not knowing their biological mother.

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Ha! So generous of them. They really don't have a say- legally she has more rights then they do! The Jacksons don't act like a normal grieving family- It seems like they're are more concerned about the money and the 'BRAND of Michael Jackson' then really missing their son and brother.

1944 days ago


Jackson Public Relations Team working overtime...have you noticed that custody is ALWAYS mentioned this way...
The kids want to be with their Grandmother Katherine....have you noticed that Grandfather Joe is never mentioned?
Grandmother Katherine lives with Grandfather Joe, people....if you buy this public relations move you are brain dead.

1944 days ago


The thing about this that I find really messed up is now when the man is dead, everyone wants to say what a great person he is. Sorry but he can't hear it now!! Why do everyone waits until a person is dead to come up with great comments. As messed up as he was, maybe if people would have appreciated him when he was here, he might not have ended up so bad. About the kids, I so desperately believe that they should be given to the mother. The only biological parent left. The ony reason why the Jackson family wants the children around is $$$!! Nobody has money, so if you could keep the cash cows, I mean kids, around is to keep the money in their pockets. Remember, Joe Jackson pushed his children into the spotlight for the Almighty Dollar, turning Michael into the child that he wanted to be, to recapture his childhood that his father didn't want him to have because the money was rolling in. It won't surprise me if he doesn't try to pimp out the grandchildren, do the same thing to them for some more. They need to keep the kids away from Joe and give them to their mother.

1944 days ago


ALOT of people have children and adopt them to others without seeing the chlidren ever and since Michael Jackson is not "joe somebody" people think that is "awful" ...but if it was just someone on the street most people would think - look at that great guy adopting all those children and giving them a great life - but because he's famous and a little eccentric people hate him..

we have to remember he was never charged with anything, so why linch someone who is not guilty???

yes the kids should know their mother,, there is nothing wrong with that and it happens all the time. But they should stay with who they know right now and later in their life if they want to live with their mother so let it be..

yes he was strange but he was still a person,,, and in my opinion a sad person, who had a lonely life.. who wouldn't be a little crazy with a life the way he had it...........

1944 days ago


The kids should go to:

Larry Birkhead
Lisa Marie
Larry King
Howard Stern
Howard K Stern
Gilbert Gottfried
Mike Tyson
Will Ferrell
Eddie Murphy
Hugh Grant
John and Kate
Paula Poundstone
Alec Baldwin
Mr and Mrs Obama Barack
Michael Richards
Kim Jong-il
O.J. Simpson
Rosie O Donnel
Lou Diamond Phillips
Ryan Seacrest
Courtney Love

1944 days ago


Give the kids to Elizabeth Taylor and be done with it...... I agree that they all need to stay away from Debra Opri. She comes across sooooooo bad on TV. Gloria Allred is so much better.

1944 days ago

oh my    

"Man Awarded Michael Jackson Settlement Accuses Father of Abuse"
Wednesday, September 06, 2006
Associated Press

TRENTON, N.J. — A man who as a boy accused Michael Jackson of molesting him and got a $20 million settlement from the pop singer now has won a ruling that could bring a trial on a claim he was attacked by his own father.

The man is seeking a restraining order against his father, who he said "struck him on the head from behind with a 12 1/2 pound weight and sprayed his eyes with mace or pepper spray and tried to choke him," according to an appellate court ruling.,2933,212531,00.html

NY Daily News also has an article on it..HMM...

1944 days ago

MJ is ♥    

What fame and shame!

The Jackson's should close all doors to California, Sony, mainstream and build their own music empire, else where in the USA. Start a new label part of the made in the USA Green label. Create jobs for people in the USA. Stop the ties to Sony and all their socially irresponsible factories and exploited labor units all over the world!

MJ made the music industry what it is today, he revived them and this is their pay back to him?
Shady promoters, stranger advisers all over the place?

MJ was screaming for help and people only saw $$$.

If any of the Jackson family is reading this, please with what the Jackson's have left, return MJ to the soil in Gary Indiana and build your own label with decent music and entertainment without the ties of these socially irresponsible mainstream producers, labels and vultures.

This is so sick. My thoughts are with the Jackson's!

MJ is better of now free of all this chaos.


1944 days ago




If this is true, what a shame...Michael spent all of these years in exile. TMZ get on this story and find out if it is true. We need to know if Michael suffered needlessly.

1944 days ago


Gee, how generous of the Jackson's to allow a mother to see her own kids! Debbie tried many times to get joint custod of the kids, but did not have the power and money Michael had. He stole the kids right out of the hospital even though Debbie was his wife. Debbie is a much better choice for thoses kids even if Katherine and Joe weren't crazy and evil. They are 79/80 years old. I doubt they could handle three soon to be teenagers. and there is a chance they could die before these kids are adults. I'd hate to see them lose another parent and have to go through this again. Debbie has been abused. She agreed to have children for Michael, but didn't agree to give them to him with full custody.

1944 days ago


Joe and Katherine have been separated for YEARS! He lives in Vegas, she lives in California. They never divorced. She had a close relationship w/ Michael, his not so close. Those children will probably only be around Joe at a family function or whatever. Their main caregiver would be Katherine and their aunts and cousins. GEESH

1944 days ago

oh my    

"Settlement Not Enough Money for Evan Chandler"

[USA Today]

June 24, 1996

Los Angeles- Remember Evan Chandler? He’s the Beverly Hills dentist who several years ago accused pop music superstar Michael Jackson of sexually molesting his then 13-year-old son. Instead of trying to put Jackson in jail, Chandler sought to pick his pocket. The civil suit he filed in 1993 was settled out of court, reportedly for more than $10 million.

Now Chandler is hoping for another visit from the tooth fairy.

The former dentist to the stars is back in court. And this time he’s not just suing Jackson. Chandler also has named the pop music star’s ex-wife, Lisa Marie Presley, the Sony Music Corp., the Walt Disney Co. and some 300 unnamed persons as co-conspirators.

1944 days ago


There is no way the Jackson parents should have sole custody of these children. They stole Michael's childhood for monetary gain. They can not be trusted.

1944 days ago

to little    

TMZ come on now you can get one more MJ exclusive. Go visit Phil Spector and get a exclusive on MJ from him too. There has got to be something other going on in hollywood other then the trashy Jackson family. Over kill on the MJ story, you are putting anything up rumors or not.

Your lame.

1944 days ago


Very nice and the way it should be. But yes, the kids should stay with the Jackson family for the momentum that they will provide per Michael's wishes. This is a nice sentiment, but the kids should stay with Katherine.

1944 days ago
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