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Lennon Landmark Becomes Jackson Memorial

6/27/2009 9:42 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fans have turned the Imagine Circle at the Strawberry Fields section of Central Park into a memorial for Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett.



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ok i dont want to sound mean and i mourn the passing of both these people noone should die to soon but COME ON!!!! strawberry fields is for JOHN LENNON not a michael jackson or farah fawcett memorial and seriously lennon was the antithesis of everything mj did.

1910 days ago

Umuhire Rda Africa    

My 9 yrs old son wanted so badly to write a message for Michaels memorial. Unfortunately we can not get there in time, here is his message. If it can just get at the appollo memorial where everyone is leaving messages, our family would be eternally thankfull.

Dear Michael Jackson
When ever I hear one of your songs I feel so happy that your talent was still alive and you and the pope our my hero’s .But now that you are dead when I hear one of your songs I start crying and if you are a Guardian Angel who ever will get you must be the most blessed person on earth and God bless you Michael Jackson. I am glad my mom told me about the real you and what you have done for this world, before you died,

Your fan
Junior N Serwili (9years old)

1910 days ago


Wow look how someone spelled farrah fawcett.....yeah they were really a fan.

1910 days ago


watch out. yuko's gonna charge rent. she doesn't let anything go for free...

1910 days ago


Its good to classic artists!!!! Rip MJ!!

1910 days ago

R.J. Johnson    

Where's Ed McMahon? Come on!!!

1910 days ago


I agree with #2 by DELORES

I loved Farrah and I liked some of Michael's songs and thought it was an
extremely talented artist and dancer. I felt sorry for him and what' people
said about him just because he was different. Farrah and MJ were both very
kind people and I am so sad by this new world without them both. Bless
their family's, Farrah's poor father who's lost both his wife and only 2 children.
Farrah was all he had left.

1910 days ago

Waterloo Wanzola    

Michael Jackson is the one who made more than three generations entertained on the planet Earth. He used to be really the king of show music and every child loved him, his music and his character of Peter Pan as it was Elvis Presley centuries ago.
Therefore, Michael Jackson's legacy will dominates all 21st Century, unless.... The history succede but never resembles itself. It means that someone else will raise up, but he will be different to what we have been seen from Michael.
My family loved him so much and will never forget him on Planet Earth. One day I was telling people that as every age loved him, if Mike Jackson directs people to repent and become Christians he can bring billion of people to Jesus. Anyway, if I did not tell him, then he went beyond this in helping poor children and hospitals in rich and poor countries without media and publicity. Let's the Almighty God forgive his sins as human and bless his Soul to become God choir's leader in Heaven.

1909 days ago


Same goes for me, Jackson was obviously very talented and his death is tragic although self inflicted. For fans to start 'hijacking' a Lennon landmark is actually bad taste since Lennon very likely would have 'hated' a lot of what Jackson stood for. Never mind the fact that had Lennon been alive he would have had to deal with Jackson as the (part) boss of ATV Music... That said, with Lennon alive, Jackson would probably not have been able to buy the Lennon/McCartney songs and then not been able to take out further loans (Bank of America) on the basis of those songs and he could have been bankrupt earlier and maybe been alive today. I suppose suddenly it makes sense to honor Lennon too cause if he hadn't died Jackson would very likely still be here today. How's that for a fakin' story!?

1909 days ago


How dare they degrade "Imagine" with Jackson stuff! If Lennon was still alive he would have hated Michael Jackson after what he did to their music and Paul McCartney! Makes me sick! Not one of Jackson's songs can even compare to "Imagine"! How can people compare him to the Beatles? Crazy!

1909 days ago


Farrah Fawcett was as kind as she was strong, an American icon. But I also think, knowing the kind of woman that she was, that she would not want the memorial to John Lennon to be used as a memorial for anyone else.My bet is Michael Jackson would say the same. John Lennon was an incredible song writer and performer, and an amazing advocate that we "give peace a chance." He was cruelly murdered in the prime of his life, devastating his family and fans, and robbing the world of his amazing music
All we are saying is--don't co-opt the memorial of a great man. And hey--I don't think Farrah or Michael would disagree. You can bet they were both inspired by Lennon's music and his life.

1909 days ago


If any of you people knew anything about John Lennon or Michael Jackson, you'd realize that they were very similar, and had the same wishes for a peaceful existence for everyone on the planet. You'd also realize that by freaking out over people remembering MJ and Farrah on Lennon's memorial, you're contradicting the whole point of Imagine.

"Imagine all the people, sharing all the world"

John Lennon was NOT the type of person to Bogart his own memorial, he'd be more than happy to share it with anyone and everyone, especially someone as deserving as Jackson or as sweet as Farrah.

1909 days ago


Given that both John Lennon and Michael Jackson were drivers for peace, they would not wish to see their fans going "to war" with each other over this, I feel sure.

1909 days ago

Conspiracy Idiots    

Doesn't MJ own the publishing rights to this song and most of the other Beatles songs?
I really don't understand why people freak out when celebrities die. Unless you personally know them there is no need to go overboard with the grief. The crazies will come out soon saying they saw him in a bowling ally in Idaho just like when Elvis died.

1909 days ago


Lets get real everyone. You ca not even compare the deaths of Ed McMahon and Farrah Fawcett with Michael Jackson.
Mr Mcmahon and Ms. Fawcett fought valiantly to stay alive,while Mr Jackson threw away his life .He didn't care enough about his children to fight for his life and that is a shame.

1909 days ago
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