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Second Autopsy for Michael Jackson

6/27/2009 3:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

michael jackson A source close to the family of Michael Jackson tells TMZ the family has requested a second autopsy -- and it is currently underway somewhere in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles County Coroner conducted an autopsy on Friday and while he said there was "no indication of foul play," the official cause of death could not be determined.

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BINGO, and we are off to the races! Would that not be a kick in the ... if they actually did this

1942 days ago


Rest In Peace MJ

1942 days ago


this is great news

1942 days ago


They should ask for it, for their own peace of mind although it won't help them much. He simply became another victim of an overdose, a reaction to dangerous medicines given to him willingly by unethical physicians who continue to prescribe addictive medicines to a person they clearly knew was an addict. Laws should make doctors who prescribe medicine to an addict responsible.
Greed, greed, greed...the usual Hollywood formula.

1942 days ago


Ridiculous to perform a second autopsy on MJ. The family is looking for someone to blame and sue. The guy had a drug problem among other things. leave him alone.

1942 days ago


people seem to think that opiods kill very easily - the drugs cause respiratory depression, so nobody should be surprised if too high a dose quickly lead to cardiopulmonary arrest.

1942 days ago


GO JACKSON'S...they are to smart not to!

1942 days ago


I was shocked at the comments Liza Minelli made " all hell is gonna brake lose , after the autopsy" was this meant as a shocking discovery is coming about Michael, was he really a woman dressed as a man? or something worse?

1942 days ago


For those who say Michael is a pedophile... more news
After the sudden death of Michael Jackson Evan Chandler tells the truth.

In 1993, Chandler told a psychiatrist and police that he and Jackson had engaged in sexual acts that included oral sex, the boy gave detailed description of Jackson’s genitals. The case was settled out of court for a reported $22 million, but the strain led Jackson to begin taking painkillers. Eventually he became addicted.

Now maybe for the remorse of his death Chandler decides to tell us the truth. ” I never meant to lie and destroy Michael Jackson but my father made me to tell only lies. Now i can’t tell Michael how much i’m sorry and if he will forgive me ”.Evan Chandler was tape-recorded saying amongst other things, “If I go through with this, I win big-time. There’s no way I lose. I will get everything I want and they will be destroyed forever…

Under the influence of a controversial father (Jordan Chandler) told his son to tell that Jackson had touched his penis.Jordan Chandler then told a psychiatrist and later police that he and Jackson had engaged in acts of kissing, masturbation and oral sex, as well as giving a detailed description of what he alleged were the singer’s genitals.
” Now for the first time i can’t bare to lie anymore. Michael Jackson didn’t do anything to me, all was my father lies to escape from being poor.”

1942 days ago


michael was a victim..again!the family do it well,that they dont belive what the 'doctors' says...
why cant he just rest in peace?

1942 days ago

Sailor Bug    

What a bunch of BS------------------>a SECOND AUTOPSY------------------>Jacson family is look,ing for someone to blame.

It's sad to see tmz report that "the children want to be with grandma" for goodness saes, their Father just passed away.

The children shouldn't even have to consider where they will stay at such a time. Shame on the Jacson's for placing the children in a position at such a fragile time in their lives!!!

It was all about money when the Jacksons were young and abused.

NOT MUCH HAS CHANGED----------->still all about the almighty dollar

1942 days ago

Whaz Up!    

..."Doctor's pour drugs of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, into human beings of whom they know nothing!" - Voltaire

1942 days ago


Leave Micahel alone............ O M G.............. Just wait till his funeral.... O M G That will take over ALL the tv channels

1942 days ago


i think they ko something that we dont and if they do why dont they just say it........"we most live each day like its our last"....jam...he said it his self

1942 days ago


And why would anyone think the LA coroner might be in error? LMAO
take the LA police dept by the testicles and squeeeze it family!
Now please Jackson family please do not go loopy like most regular
folk do when a family member dies about who gets what, took what, owns what and just stay together, united.

1942 days ago
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