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Second Autopsy for Michael Jackson

6/27/2009 3:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

michael jackson A source close to the family of Michael Jackson tells TMZ the family has requested a second autopsy -- and it is currently underway somewhere in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles County Coroner conducted an autopsy on Friday and while he said there was "no indication of foul play," the official cause of death could not be determined.

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Interracial facial    

Gotta hand it to TMZ. Even thought it seems their ranks are filled with anti-straights and bigots, they always get the scoop. Jacko's family needs a 2nd inquest to make sure that the first autopsy wasn't rigged by the folks who drugged him to death so the late legend could pay off his debts.

1953 days ago


I believe that michael Jackson was given too much narcotics and it put him in cardic arrest. Seems weird this Dr. went and got a lawyer .
I believe there was foul play, and i am glad the family is getting a second autosopy.

God Bless you Michael, may you now be in peace.

1953 days ago

just sayen    

I am glad they are asking for another to be done.

Really, how many more amazing people must die before we remove the legal drugs, or even illegal drugs far from them, or anyone & hold those accountable for not looking out for the very well being they are "paid" to take care of for their patients. They agree to a oath a oath which some most sadly do not keep. I am beyond stunned to find he was given CPR on the bed among so many things as everyone, & from a doctor? I wish the EMTs had been there early on for they seem to know more then the one doctor given charge in the room. Yes Michael wished or may have asked for the shot but anyone who is addicted to drugs does not make clear decisions for them self. A doctor should.
RIP Michael, as well sweet Farrah. My heart totally goes out to your children, family, as all those who love you for the inner beautiful person you truly were & not the evil person some wish to paint you. So sad so many thought more of your money or the money your gifts brought to them then for the true person you have always been & meant to the world. We will remember your lessons you left us as your beloved ones in legacy. We will remember you, the children of this world, we will remember the world, & we will walk in love to continue your mission to save it. We Are The World, We Are The children & we will make this a better place god willing to live in.
Yes someone do buy Never Land & make it a place as Graceland. Never Land came from Michael's heart as all his wonderful gifts, that would be a wonderful thing to see happen, as well as the truth to be found as well acted on & something so sadly wrong righted with good coming from the deep pain we all feel coming from it.
The King of Pop
With us in love

1953 days ago


I'd be interested in MJ's "accusers", Janet Arvizo and her son, response to his death? Please get on it.

1953 days ago


People ought to put themselves into this family's place. I'd be doing all the same things they are doing.

1953 days ago


You know they likely want a second autopsy so they can 'spin' the results to favor his legacy. I think all celebrities do this... It is not a bad idea. All celebrities with a drug addiction say they are/were in pain. It use to be if a doctor wrote a prescription we would not question drug abuse. Well, Anna Nicole was in pain from hauling her boobs around, Elvis I don't remember, Heath was in pain and couldn't sleep..... taking meds that alter the way the body feels and the mind thinks would be addictive to anyone. The lay person has a hard time finding a doctor to constantly write these precriptions. I can't pain pills and I have sciattica for two years. My doctors through my HMO gives me motrin.

1953 days ago


A second autopsy is not unusual in high profile deaths. First is always conducted by some county hack and the second is done by whoever the family a Henry Lee.

I'm curious why out of all of this no one has heard anything from Diana Ross. Wasn't she MJ's idol at one point? Wasn't he trying to look like her thru plastic surgery? She is still I alive I think.

Also, enough with the BS about the drugs and molestation charges making him some sort of monster. I think MJ slept with boys and that is ALL. Take a look at any icon in human history and you will find skeletons in their closets....from Van Gogh right on down the line before and after. Though MJ is not nowhere near a "Van Gogh" in the long run...he is in our time.

1953 days ago


How can two things in two pages make me say outloud what are you shi***ng me???

Post 12. After the sudden death of Michael Jackson Evan Chandler tells the truth. "I never meant to lie and destroy Michael Jackson but my father made me to tell only lies. Now i can’t tell Michael how much i’m sorry and if he will forgive me ”

If *this* is a true quote well, MJ will forgive you, we, however, will not.

Post 10. I was shocked at the comments Liza Minelli made " all hell is gonna brake lose , after the autopsy"

wow, I must have missed this, I turned it off after all the "darlings" and "sweethearts" being tossed back and forth with her and Quincy Jones...did she seem impaired in any way? Maybe just astute observation on her part having been around more than her share of celeb deaths that the autopsy always brings chaos and questions and blame.

1953 days ago


KS-for god sake.if you wanna make cruel heartless comments go make them on some other website.Im sure theres others out there who have the same sad views as you-let the man rest in peace-shame on you.

1953 days ago


My deepest sympathies are with the family because they need to do what they have to do to find peace and answers. MJ was deemed fit enough to begin physical training with Lou Ferrigno for rehearsals and performances for 50 concerts and then this happens??? I have questions too!

1953 days ago


Breaking News:
Second Autopsy reveals M.J. was black and made of plastic

1953 days ago


HA at the work "hack" and Henry Lee mentioned in the same sentence **cough**sPecTor trial ..cough

1953 days ago

Sailor Bug    

Andrea THANKS for posting the information Re: the boy who accused MJ of abuse HAS ADMITTED LYING!!!


All the stressors MJ went through. All the lies and jokes--------------------->were ALL based on a LIE!!!

It's so sad...perhaps now we can focus on Michaels music and STOP with all the GARBAGE LIES!!!

1953 days ago


Gone Too Soon, sung by Michael for Ryan White at Clinton's inauguration. I played it at the end of my Podcast about the deaths of Ed, the sidekick, Farrah, the Angel, and Michael, the King. To his children I say, be proud. Your father changed people's lives all over the world. We are not judged by how much we loved, but by how loved were, and Michael was surely loved by more than anyone I have ever heard of or known. Legends are made from the pain and anguish in their lives. Michael Jackson was and always will be one of the world's greatest legends. May he rest, finally, in peace.

1953 days ago


Michael Jackson rest in peace.

Jehovah GOD brought you down to this earth at this place and time and gave you gifts to show the world how talented you were and how beautiful you were. I am thank ful that I had an opportunity to witnessed your gifts, I am thankful that I saw you up close when I was 19 years old at CBS Records, you were so handsome and you had such stardom about you then. The world loved you and the world will miss you. There will never be another Michael Jackson. You were bigger than life. My family and I never believed all the uglieness that some people in world tried to place in your life. Money is the root to all evil and evilness tried to take your fortune. Bless your family at this sad time in their life. May Jehovah God have you rest in HIS HUGE ARMS along with all the angels in heaven.

We Love You and will miss you here on earth.

The Loran Family

1953 days ago
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