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Cops Seek 2nd Person in Jackson Investigation

6/27/2009 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson caseCops want to talk to a second person in their investigation into Michael Jackson's death.

Sources tell TMZ police want to talk to Dr. Tohme Tohme about an "alleged indirect connection" between prescription drugs and MJ's passing.

Dr. Tohme says he's Jackson's longtime friend and manager. He tells us, "I don't have anything to do with his (Michael's) medication or health. This is B.S. -- why should I talk to police?"

Police also plan to interview Jackson's personal physician, Dr. Conrad Murray.


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1943 days ago


who was the person who made the 911 phone call? What does he have to say?

1943 days ago

andy tandy uk    

i think everyone involved should be questioned as to get to the truth why the most famous person in the world has been taken away from it.

1943 days ago


finally all hell is breaking lose ...



1943 days ago


WHY DONT THEY INCESTIGATE THE ACTUAL GUY WHO MADE THE 911 CALL ? like he was in the room with the doctor and michael?? who is the guy on the 911 call???? who??

1943 days ago


@ #2, Exactly! Who was this calm guy who actually made the 911 call when they said that the only person with MJ when he died was the Dr. ? And they didn't talk to that Dr. Murray yet?! Odd indeed...
Rest in peace Mike!

1943 days ago

Michael Madsen    

Cops may question others... but Jackson was the addict... and addicts find enablers... he pushed friends and family to the side becuase that's what addicts do. They isolate and use... friends and family try to get them away from using... addicts don't respond to that.. Michael's gone becauee he used an extreme mixture of Opioids... you can't live a long life with those being juiced into your system...
HeathLedger was only 27 0r 28 ... drugs kill... period

1943 days ago


Wow-he's a little defensive. Wonder why?

1943 days ago


We need Johnnie Cochran for this case..........I wish he wass Alive......... The Jackson's need a Good Lawyer ASAP
Why it took 45 minutes to call 911........who was that person that called, who is mystery Doctor Tom Tom.....I say, Dam, dam, dam, this is weird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1943 days ago


This is another Elvis Presley death. almost word for word, all over again. lisa Presley said Micheal told her 14 yeara ago that he would die like Elvis. It almost seems like Jackson willed this upon himself, by saying what he did to Lisa. he could hace atopped the massive amounts of what is said to be prescription medication he was taking. If Micheal's doctor is accused of contibuting to the death of Micheal by prescribing too many meds, watch some black people start crying 'racism.' If this doctor is guilty of anything concerning Micheal's death. watch him be found innoent because he is black. Just as Jackson and OJ Simpson were found not guilty of crimes they bothe committed. i am sorry for Jacksons death. He will be rememberd as a great entertainer. However, he will never be remembered with the kind of fervor of which Elvis has been remembered. I saw a reporter say Micheal jacksons death is the biggest story since John Kennedys death. Bull. Elvis and John lennosn death have been among the biggest legendary stories over the years.

1943 days ago


MJ we LOVE YOUXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX MAY YOU R I P, so sadly missed THE KING A HERO xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1943 days ago


C'mon TMZ...Can't you find any other news besides Michael Jackson?? This is turning into 24/7 Anna Nicole Story again.
Very boring...Is anybody keeping an eye on Kim Soon Ill to see if the rocket it pointing this way? How about our economy, anybody doing anything to find people jobs?

TMZ, ENough already with this story. And.....isn't there some way to limit the lengths of these comments. Don't you think
"Script Development" has made his point more than once and endlessly. Who cares what any of us think. Start finding
some other do have reporters, don't you????

1943 days ago


now who is this doctor? Tell me he didn't live there as well?

1943 days ago

Mary P    

77. Fox News did a story on him in March about some threats... someone in a suit named Tohme as a partner in an ad agency... here's from the story:

"I wrote about this Tohme R. Tohme in this column last week. Although he refers to himself as "doctor" and lets others do so as well, he conceded to me that he is not now a licensed physician. He refused to say if he ever was one, what kind, or where he received a degree.

On the website for TRW Advertising, Tohme — who is Lebanese — asserts that he’s Ambassador at Large to the country of Senegal. Yesterday I spoke with a representative for that country at their Washington embassy who said he’d never heard of Tohme R. Tohme. "There are two ambassadors at large," said Mr. Mansour Gueye. "He isn’t one of them.

"At that time, Dr. Tohme" — Julien didn’t know Tohme was not actually a doctor —""

It would seem all the media calling this man a doctor are wrong as well.

Another outlet is saying that Tohme Tohme (who was his proclaimed spokesperson last month denying skin cancer reports) is that he's saying he was NOT there at the time. He's now claiming to be his manager (manager? A doctor?) and that he never saw Jackson take pills. However, Jackson's officially listed publicist is someone named Baine. There is a picture of a press conference he gave yesterday apparently? Then he vanished. This guy sounds as shady and Howard K. Stern... What the hell does he ACTUALLY do for a living?

1943 days ago


Where is Janet Jackson? Germaine spoke to the press... Mom & Latoya were rushing to the hospital... Dad was in Las Vegas...

Michael was indeed the King of Pop... He will be missed by people all around the world. Michael was a brilliant music genius & his music a legacy beyond compare... Michael will live on thru the music he's left us... Bless you Michael -

1943 days ago
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