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Michael Jackson Pressing CD Makers

6/27/2009 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They can't burn 'em fast enough.

Michael Jackson cd makers

A South Korean manufacturer is cranking out stacks of Michael Jackson CDs -- trying to keep up with worldwide demand.

Jackson's music has been the top-seller in online music stores since his death.


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Proper Order! The dude is a legend!

1942 days ago

rip baby.    

I love you Michael! I'll miss you sooo much. R.I.P

1942 days ago


Wow how people change all these tributes everyone keeps saying MTV didn't play black music until Michael Jackson. WTF do so research MTV launched or hit the airwaves August 1, 1981 and he was in full rotation with in months. A lot of artist didn't even have video for MTV to play so a lot of people weren't being played opening day. He did change the quality of videos, but stop with he broke the color barrier on MTV.

1942 days ago



1942 days ago


Why weren't all these CD buyers buying when it could have done Michael Jackson some good? You know he was in financial trouble. You people killed him!!!

1942 days ago


If the MJ estate plays their cards right, his estate could dwarf what is now and take in billions! MJ could be worth more dead than alive, just like Elvis!

1942 days ago


Logicman ... the irony of your tag is apparently lost on you. Get a grip.

1942 days ago


I think people are buying now because it's like they are hearing the songs again for the first time. Maybe we'd forgotten how many great songs were on Thriller and Bad and others. The last thing I heard was that the top 15 albums on Amazon are all MJ, and 8 albums in the top 10 of Itunes belong to him as well. Pretty amazing stats. Great music never dies.

1942 days ago


I heard that you can download the CDs for free on the interweb

1942 days ago

Arizona Person    

Where were all the fans when he was scrambling for money and was forced into doing a 50 tour deal just so he could pay the bills?

It's tragic, that his death will probably put the estate back into the black.

Nice fans he had, he had to die to get them to buy his stuff.

1942 days ago


I find it amusing that all of these so called MICHAEL JACKSON fans are buying up cd's NOW. Why don't you already own them, I am sure Michael would have appreciated you buying his music BEFORE HE DIED. Hypocrites.

Also, I bet all of these IMPORTED KOREAN CD's are not following proper distribution channels and his estate - his kids - will not see one penny of this money - GREED trumps LEGALITY in the music business.

1942 days ago


"They can't burn 'em fast enough."

Actually TMZ, professional CDs aren't burned, they are PRESSED.

1942 days ago

Trav in Vegas    

Nothing like showing how the bootleg market is doing. The kids nor the record company won't see one dime of any of those discs in the pictures.

1942 days ago


First, I would like to say to the family I am very soory for your loss. I wish them all the best and hope that they would look at his passing as a blessing no matter what the reason for his death may be.
Second- How is that everyone knew he had these problems and did not voice their concerns with his family? If he was a good friend to them why couldn't they be a better friend to him they should be held with some of the respondsibility. (If) they knew he was abusing prescription medication why didn't anyone try to get him help.? I know they heard of Intervention.
I know what it was keep him high, he will throw his money around without asking question. All, he may have needed was 1 person not to tell him what to do, but just to be a friend to him and maybe listen or even walk with him. With some of the people who called themselves friends to MJ, should really get a new job description on what a (Friend) really is. If friends don't let friends drink and drive why would friends, let friends do drugs of any kind? Now everyone put side of his family thinks they know MJ. I hope the family is aware to what everyone is trying to do now not only did you let the man over do it with drugs and not help him, you are now pinching what is left out of his children's mouth.Let it go! To the Jackson Family- I hope that you find out what truly happened I will keep you all in my prayers. PLEASE! BEWARE OF THOSE SO CALLED FRIENDS!!!!!
may GOD Bless you and keep you all.

1941 days ago


I've ordered all his albums / dvd's which one I haven't yet. Just for the love and our legen MJ! R.I.P.

1941 days ago
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