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No Plans for Neverland Ranch

6/28/2009 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Neverland ranchThe future of Neverland Ranch is still up in the air, according to an associate of the company that now owns it.

Tohme Tohme -- Jackson's longtime friend and a partner of Colony Capital, part owner of Neverland -- tells TMZ so far no decision has been made about what do with Michael Jackson's famous former home.

We're told one of the options being discussed is to make Neverland some sort of museum or shrine to Jackson.


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you must stupid    

@ stacy,

No, it's not a joke. What's a joke is that the TMZ mod took down my comments pointing out the same disgusting comment that you did, but yet allowed whatwouldudo's very insensative, insulting, insanity to remain up. TMZ is truly for the twisted of mind.

1880 days ago

Frosty the C.B. Celebrity    

I think Neverland ranch should be turned into a camp for disabled children, even if the Government foots the bill. Why not?

The government seems to want to foot the bill for causes a lot less worthy, why not put some of our tax dollars use where the people that need it the most...! Kyle Petty has "Victory Junction Gang Camp" which I donate to every year, there is no better cause than to put a smile on a sick Childs face.

Come on Harvey at TMZ, GET ON IT. You get the celeb's to donate to buy the ranch and turn it into a charity. You have the clout to get it going' so what R U waiting for? doit, doit, doit......!

Have a nice day,
~Frosty, the CB Celebrity. San Jose, Ca

1880 days ago


Make it a MJ graceland. it's perfect!

1880 days ago

Grim Reaper    

The reason the doctor disappeared when MJ was found dead on his bed, was because the doctor had to take home the 13 year old boy that was in bed with MJ

1880 days ago


hmmmmm....maybe because you are stupid and don't realize that I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT HE WAS A PEDOPHILE? oh wait I forget the single-minded perception that everyone must believe he was GUILTY because you do...even though he was found NOT GUILTY. Select few keep forgetting that part of the story. If he was convicted...HELL YA I would feel different about him.

Anyways...back to my point...(Once again since I BELIEVE he is INNOCENT)....with his extreme talent/gift for music, his obviously poor social skills (along with his other eccentries) would be interesting to have known if he was on the PDD spectrum.

So I am NOT comparing autism to pedophila...and I know about autism more than you think...idiots.

1880 days ago


Ok so why is it even a question what to do with Neverland? maek it another Graceland and everyone wins, local town makes huge money from tourists. The place can be made into a real amusement park, the creditors get paid. It then becomes a museum for Michale and they can bury him there too. Open a theater for his videos and movies, make Neverland a testament to why Michael was troubled and how he legacy should be his music and nothing more. Mek Neverland a new Graceland!!!!

1880 days ago


that would be amazing :))) planing to visit US and that would be one place to go.... definetly !!!! it would be mayb great to run neverland again as a charity for children in need... and carry on with messege Michael left us.... and with that i mean: heal a child u will heal the world :))))) lol

1880 days ago

Grim Reaper    

We all know MJ was a child molester, that is, he was doing little boys. Does that make him gay ?

1880 days ago


Everybody who thinks those allegations were true has never even tried to look past those tabloid reports.
Neverland is the only place I can imagine him be burried. It was Michaels home and life. The owners should return the proberty to Michaels family.

1880 days ago


Keep all the rides and stuff, and make it a, Graceland. The signs for the rides will probably have to be changed, though. I don't know if parents will like the, "You must be at least this tall to get ridden", warnings.

1880 days ago

Elaine 27    

After the last court case, Michael said that he will never go back to live at Neveraland Ranch and he did not like that place anymore. I have a feeling that this current handlers that he had surrounding him did an Anna Nichole on him, because he would worth more to them dead than alive. I believe that they gave him enough drug to give him cardiac arrest and made it appear as if is was not murder. The quack doctor, just like the one who was living with Anna Nichole will know just how togive the right dosage. I also believed that they waited until he was dead before they call 911. I hope that the family carry out their own investigation to the nth degree. Michael was murdered. I get to understand that this AEG promoter was involved in restructuring his assets. They almost pull the same thing on Britney Spears, and thank god her parents steped in just in time to rescue her from her handlers. It is full time that the authorities investigate these promoters who are using questionable doctors to kill off these famus vulnerable stars with prescription drugs. Something stinks, and is fishy about Michael's death.

1880 days ago

you must stupid    


Yet again, you are comparing autism to molesting children you sick POS. Will you please accept my challenge and go into any autism clinic nearest your house and walk up to the first dad you see and make your same comparison? PLEASE, I beg you to do that. Since you believe you're in the right and all. I'm POSITIVE they'll agree with your delusional, disgusting excuse making for Jackson while comparing their child's sickness to that of a pedophile.

You are one sick puppy and need some serious help ASAP!

1880 days ago


As I understand... NeverLand No Longer Belongs to Michael Jackson as of a year ago...

1880 days ago

Brett Sutherlin    

I think the will be better off tearing the place down and starting over. Call it the NEVERSELL Ranch. Brett Sutherlin

1880 days ago

you must stupid    

Will the same tool that continues to post on different nicks saying that Neverland is another Graceland please stop. Elvis was 100 times better and more popular than Jackson could ever be and he didn't molest children.


1880 days ago
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