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Jackson Lawyer -- Katherine Wants Custody

6/29/2009 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A Jackson family lawyer strongly indicated Michael Jackson's mother wants custody of his three kids. Londell McMillan was on "Today" this morning -- where he said Michael's three children will most likely remain with his mother, Katherine, who currently has custody.

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McMillan said he hasn't heard that Debbie Rowe has an interest in undermining "the best interest of these children." But as we first reported, Rowe never gave up her parental rights and it's not about "best interest" -- under California law, Rowe could get custody for the asking unless there's proof it would be "detrimental" to the kids.

McMillan also addressed concerns over Dr. Conrad Murray -- saying the family is "troubled with the circumstances surrounding the death."


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When our mother died when we were very small 5 & 7, and our father was "unable" to care for us, our grandmother took care of us ... she was elderly 70s. She died 2 years later. I can't tell you how upsetting it was to have one's mother die and then another mother-figure died so soon thereafter.

MJ's children should live either with their mother, their biological father, Janet Jackson or, better yet, one of their god-parents or friends of the family who aren't all about the money.

What about Deepak Chopra?

1888 days ago


Rowe's gonna get them if she wants them (unless they'd be in danger). The right for a parent to have custody of their children is protected by the Constitution.

And, now that MJ isn't spending all the money on stupid things, there will be $$$ for child support.

1888 days ago


I don't think Katherine should get them b/c she's too old to be properly taking care of kids & b/c they would be subjected to Joe (I asume they still live in the same house). I don't think Debbie would be a good choice either b/c she never even wanted them (just the $) & they don't even know her & b/c the older 2 would be separated from the youngest. I don't think Janet would be a good choice either b/c she's so busy performing that she probably wouldn't have time to be there for them. What about one of the older brothers who is married, has kids their age & who's out of the spotlight? That would make more sense. They could still see grandma, just not live there. Someone said their Godparents should take them. I read that is McCaley Calkin. Probably not the best choice either.

As for MJ's parents being bad---I think it's all Joe. Katherine was a black mother & wife in the 40's--60's. She said she knew he was beating the kids, but she was probably being beaten too so what was she to do? Back then wives were to speak when spoken to & left to mostly raise the kids alone & take care of the house while her husband worked. She rarely even got out of the house b/c most families only had 1 car. It was probably a very lonley time & lifestyle for a wife.

As for Joe propping his business, he should be ashamed. I read where he said the the only thing left to do is watch Michael's record sales. How cold!!!

1888 days ago


Also, women back then had no income of their own & there were no battered women shelters like today. Not all men beat their wives & kids, but it was ok in that day & age if they did. It was just overlooked.

Maybe Rebbie should have them. She's more out of the spotlight than Latoya & especially Janet. Rebbie has been married for 40 yrs & has kids. Seems pretty stable. Or like I said one of the older brothers. Surely all 5 weren't estranged w/ Michael.

1888 days ago

jean taylor    

Joe Jackson should not be allowed to be near those children, and by what kind of dna testing makes them descendants of Micheal's? Look at them, fair and blond. and if rev. sharpton or Jesse Jackson is going to be in on their upbringing, god help them. The whole family are only interested in these kids because they think theres money that comes with them. If someone tells that old lady they get no money she will dump the kids. remember that woman was in the picture when Micheal was abused by his father and she never intervened, no way she doesnt need these kids.

1888 days ago

Justin is Calling    


1888 days ago


Are you kidding me. These child abusers want custody of his children - so they can abuse them as well..

Mrr. Jackson - don't you have another red carpet to walk to promote your knew adventure. You make me sick and you sir are the reason why your son was a mess and now dead. You should have been put in prison years ago.


1888 days ago

Proud American    

I am sorry but, Katherine is a parasite also, she is no better then Joseph. I house full of children poor they will sell their children. It has been proven

1888 days ago


Oh yes, I left one thing out - REV AL SHARPTEN - why are you always involved in everyone's business?. It seems to me you condone Joe Jackson's behavior/child abuse.. Please do everyone a favor and GO AWAY FOREVER..

1888 days ago


They all keep saying "MJ wanted his mom to have the kids" & "Katherine wants the kids". Unfortunately, aren't Joe & Katherine a pkg deal? They do live together as hudband & wife, right? Back when their kids were all young & Joe was beating them, Katherine probably didn't say anthing b/c he was beating her too. That was b4 battered women shelters & b4 women (especially black women) had rights.

Also, why are Rev's Sharpton & Jackson always around? Are they actually rev's? Do they have a church? They seem to condone every wrong thing any famous black person does & if a white person does the exact same thing they are either no where to be found or telling them how wrong they are.

1888 days ago


Ok.This is where I get pissed. Someone comes into my office and I give them a Demerol Shot and can't let them leave alone or drive...THEY DIE? U can burn my life life in HELL. Some "Dr." from where I live flies 2 LA and "is in the room alone with MJ and he just happens 2 die?.If this guy isn't charged w manslaughter or 2nd degree murder and NEVER practice medicine again...I will be 1st in line 2 the AMA 2 c who paid them off.As 4 Mama Jackson,the whole family knew MJ has been getting "HIS MEDS" for 20 years.Let's just keep the cycle going and have 3 more wigged out kids!

1888 days ago

Henrique Cruz (Law student - Brazil)    

My cousin been the first to tell me, but I don't believed! Now that I know, I am too sad and disappointed about this. He could be live if we had told him it was not alone at the time was accused of these horrible things and when he was overwhelmed by the press. Now, no more advances!
That he stays with God and Rest in peace!
I will forever love you Michael!

1888 days ago


I hope it's ok for a Brit to post, but my impression is that a man who so obviously loved his kids as MJ seems to have done in all the footage, that whatever the will says, it will have their interests as paramount. They have a nanny who will have spent most of her time with them, so that would surely not change - she is their mother figure, their grandmother will surely be simply the person who is in charge of their affairs. I agree that anyone who has abused children so dreadfully as Joe should not even be allowed to breathe the same air as them, but surely MJ will have taken all that into account?
Also, times have changed drastically, the kids go to school, their teachers will be constantly watching to make sure that they are safe - given how your legal system responds to the press - Bashir for instance, I would imagine that the kids will have an extra layer of protection - professionals who know exactly what to look for and what questions to ask; plus such easy access to your media which will react quickly. When MJ was little he spent most of his time touring so regular school attendance wouldn't have been an option, and it was a different era when nobody listened to children - I would put money on the fact that anyone around the children will be watching them like hawks for years to come.
RIP Michael and thank you for the soundtrack to my youth.

1888 days ago


Stop Joe Jackson : Come on... You really believe Latoya really said that. That gurl loves the media. If she is willing to say that to a writer, why didn't they get her on camera.. Sorry.. Show me a video... I searched the internet and couldn't find a video... Plus.. The only way you could get me to believe Mike is a pedophile is if you can get me to know how he suppressed his urges to molest more kids.. pedophiles have no control of their impulses. Show me some kiddie porn on his computer.. Find me atleast 4 kids who can proof this man abused him.. Im sorry but pedophiles dont' take 10 year vacations. If you told me that Mike was into men - I could believe that. If you told me that he was a-sexual - I could believe that. If you told me that he liked 18 year old white boys - I could believe that... But to tell me that this man is into little boys = sorry, I don't believe it.. Do the math... This guy had atleast a ten year break between his accusations... That is not the pattern of a pedophile... Go and read 5 books on pedophiles and get back to me... I was a victim of a pedophile as a child.. I take offense to you to throwing around that dirty word without knowing what it really means..

1888 days ago



1888 days ago
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