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Birth Certificates for Jackson's First 2 Kids

6/30/2009 8:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've just obtained the birth certificates for Michael Jackson's first two kids -- Michael Jr. and Paris.

Birth Certificates Click to view!

In both certificates, the father is listed as Michael Jackson. The mother listed is Deborah Rowe. The place of birth for Michael Jr. is Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. The place of birth for Paris is listed as Spaulding Pain Medical Center in Beverly Hills.


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My husband legally adopted my son, his name is on the birth certificate as being the Father even tho we were not married at the time. Birth certificates are done that way, Jackson is not the real Father and these kids are all white and should be in a white family especially a normal one.

1919 days ago



He said: "I won't live there ever again. It's a house now. It's not a home anymore. I'll only visit".

1919 days ago


Lol @ #14. That's because on Michael Jr's birth certificate it's signed by MICHAEL JACKSON... where as on Paris' birth certificate it's signed by Debbie Rowe (at the time Debbie Jackson). Try reading better. To point it out, look at the box next to the signature it asks for the person signing to state their 'relationship to child' and on Paris' it says MOTHER and on Michael Jr it says FATHER... LOL.

1919 days ago

Mr. Joseph Jackson    

I think TMZ stands for:

Michael Jackson

1919 days ago


These first two children that were born into this MESS... it's obvious they share the same donors... (both male and female) You can tell with the likeness of the kids ears... that they are from the same parents (whoever they are) BUT when you "really" take a look at them... they resemble a bit of Debbie Rowe... seen in the eyes of this precious little girl and the resemblence in the face of this precious... little boy!! Just because they were from in vitro - outside of the whom... does that mean they will not resemble the mother that carries them in her body or have any gene connection such as allergies, physical features or personality?? I'm curious!! This seems to get confusing because Debbie Rowe carried these 2 young children in her belly for 9 months and these two unborn children heard her voice (Debbie's) during this duration and you think that they'd have NO connection at ALL with her?? I say... "These doctors and scientist... need to STOP trying to do the will for HIS (God's) children and playing the part of match maker with genetics and chosen sex, features and make-up of HIS chosen design!" STOP playing... GOD and find some cures for our countries health problems... instead!! I hope I'll find some viewers... that will agree with me...

1919 days ago


i am shocked that you think its ok to publish the details of these innocent children on your site.
what rights do you have to leak their personal information like this.
you are earning your money on the backs of these poor kids, they have just lost thier father, their lives wil never be the same again.
just leave them alone, dont let them go through what their father had to go through, let them be, thay deserve that much.

1919 days ago


So doesnt that mean he didnt have to adopt them if he's on the birth certificate???

1919 days ago


Give the kids a break.. The children don't need to hear it..isn't it bad enough for them.. geeze, the press doesn't care who they hurt as long as they get a story

1919 days ago

True Fan    

I hope MJ Can Rest In Peace With All This Media Coverage

1919 days ago

Lillian Gorham    

This is so wrong. These kids are grieving. Do they deserve this? Please take this down. This is way too wrong in everyway.

1919 days ago


I have to say I am hooked on Tmz. I have been checking your site several times a day. I cant understand WHY anyone would be upset about the posting of the birth certificates. I would love to know the truth. Who are the biological parents of these kids? Why would Michael leave his children to his mom knowing the dad will be there??

1919 days ago

Two Women Beaters!!!    

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1919 days ago


How can Michael Jackson be the biological father? It seems genetically impossible unless he was bi-racial.Even then, only 1 0f 4 children is likely to have 2 caucasian alleles (genes).The children are caucasian. Who knows with all the mystery and disfunction in his life!

1919 days ago

Its Brian™ Bitch    

I wonder when Harvey dies..if TMZ will react the same :)

1919 days ago


hey #61

Prince was a nickname, a play on words like michael was the "king" of pop so his two boys were "princes." It was just a nickname. their both named after michaels father.

1919 days ago
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