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Birth Certificates for Jackson's First 2 Kids

6/30/2009 8:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

We've just obtained the birth certificates for Michael Jackson's first two kids -- Michael Jr. and Paris.

Birth Certificates Click to view!

In both certificates, the father is listed as Michael Jackson. The mother listed is Deborah Rowe. The place of birth for Michael Jr. is Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. The place of birth for Paris is listed as Spaulding Pain Medical Center in Beverly Hills.


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need to change from TMZ to MJZ ... there is other stuff in the world, get on with it, absolutely nothing on Farrah's funeral **rolls eyes**

1908 days ago


Hopefully the kids are not reading, or listening all of this B.S! My heart and soul are with them....

1908 days ago


Put the kids up for sale! ! ! !

1908 days ago


Will you please stop already? You just reported a few hours ago that Deborah Rowe is not their biological mother, and her lawyer came out and point blank told you you were wrong, where did you cover that? Leave these children alone, lest someday someone treat your children unkindly when you die. You can call it karma, or you can call it probably the one belief that every religion in the world has reached consensus on: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Would any of you reporting on this or commenting on it truly want people treating your children like this after the death of their parents? We are better human beings than this. Either allow this man to RIP or take down your phony banner, because it is apparent PEACE is not your intention in any of this.

1908 days ago


Brilliant buy the kids so no greedy parents can sue you.Throw a little girl in the mix to throw people off.Let the party begin,Jesus juice any one?.Who you gone tell I am your ONLY parent.

1908 days ago


PLEASE STOP THIS!!!!! He has been dealing with all this garbage his whole life. HIS KIDS are OFF LIMITS!! You are putting this junk on every TV site as will as this site. They are innocent and have lost their Daddy. It is all a moot point anyway CA law says Michael and Rowe are the parents nothing else is relevant. Blanket is no different than any other child born this way. Nothing else is necessary in CA courts. PLEASE HARVEY get a hold of your reporters and stop this sickness!!

1908 days ago


I think those Birth Certificates are FALSE

the 1st one is called - Michael Joseph Jackson Jr (as we all know, his name is Prince MJJJ, HE WAS PRESENTED TO THE WORLD AS PRINCE...Michael wasnt thinking about other children then)
the girl is Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson (ok)
the youngest - Prince Michael Jackson II (WHY? Where is the name Prince MJJ Jr II)


1908 days ago


Hi all, I live in little old New Zealand and have been watching this whole drama with interest. I loved MJ I dont care what any1 said about him. I dont believe the molestation case one bit. Who was he? He was a god with loads of talent and loads of money. Unfortunately when you are that big there are always people trying to pull you down. It is disgusting. This man had talent that we will never see again in our lifetime. I grew up listening to his music, dancing and having loads of fun with my friends. Every song that he has produced has a really good memory for me attached to it. That is something no one in this world has every been able to give me. You hear about the Jackson family and what has gone on, what makes them different from any other family in this world. Maybe Joe Jackson is not the best role model or maybe even the nicest man. But I dont know him and I have never lived with him so I cannot comment any further. It is a terrible shame that the media are like hienas at feeding time, everyone wants a piece of MJ and everyone is willing to dish the dirt on him. Common guys please just let him be. Those poor babies of his, they were born into this they dont deserve to be ripped apart by no one. Who wants all your personal info aired to the world. Who cares if MJ wasnt the bio father of the children. He loved them, he brought them up and he was there for them. That is all it takes to be a father.
I love you MJ I am so very upset that you will not around to make such wonderful music. It is all good no one can rip you to shreads anymore I cant wait to meet you in heaven one day xxx.

1908 days ago


again prince was a nickname, lots of parents call their kids by nicknames.

1908 days ago


At least they look more real and authentic than Obama's!

1908 days ago


to Just Sayin...

These are for the Oldest Boy and the Girl. Debbie,, was NOT the Mother of
the third child, the Othere Prince.

1908 days ago

Breaking News    

Has anyone other than me heard the rumor that Michael is not dead and he faked his death to make BILLIONS of $ with the plan of having his face re-done so that he will be able to come out in public and live a less restricted life?

1908 days ago

Paulie Wants a Cracker    

I think Janet should get the kids. Janet always appeared the closes to Michael but I may be wrong. Janet doesn't have kids anf is young enough to be a mother to three kids. I doubt Janet would even consider it because she appears to be selfish.If Katherine gets the kids Joe will step in and try to reinvent another little Michael and Katherine will once again allow Joe to abuse another generation of children. I don't know who is best for Michaels kids but I don't think Katherine is young and healthy enough, I don't think she is emotionally strong enough to go against Joe stepping in. Janet or Deborah is the sure winners so far. I think these kids will be the first white kids raised by black parents, nothing wrong with that but we don't see that much if not never. Just keep Joe away from the kids, please child services........please!!!!!

1908 days ago


86. Prince was never a nickname... the eldest is called Prince, and at the time Michael Jackson showed his photos and said on an interview for the magazine he was named PRINCE after Michael's grandfather. This are FALSE CERTIFICATES.

1908 days ago


um birth certificates don't have anything to with paternity, duh you can list whomever you want on a birth certificate, doesn't mean it's true

1908 days ago
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