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Nurse: I Warned Jackson of Drug Risks

7/1/2009 8:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cherilyn Lee, a registered nurse who Michael Jackson allegedly begged to supply him with the dangerous drug Diprivan, was on "Good Morning America" -- saying she warned him about the medicine, telling him "you might not wake up the next morning."

Cherilyn Lee: Click to watch
As TMZ first reported, Propofol -- the generic name for Diprivan -- was found in Jackson's house after he died.


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Has anyone resported her yet?

1878 days ago


Whoops reported

1878 days ago


I hope everyone realizes this woman has no credibility at all. Check her out on AC360 from last night she was dodging his questions the whole time. This woman is full of $#*T!!

1878 days ago

HIPAA follower    

Please report this woman for violating medical information privacy laws (HIPAA) to the California State Board of Nursing & Nurse Practitioners, email:

Cherilyn Lee RN License #370484
Cherilyn Lee NP Licene #537

The more people who do it, the more the chance that she will receive disciplinary action.

1878 days ago


Thanks HIPPA Follower! I called them this morning first thing and told them her name and that she was all over the news last night and this morning and what she was saying. I said I knew it was against the law and the lady said they would look into it. That's as far as I reported. I didn't go to the website so thanks for the information. I also told them Michael Jackson wasn't here to defend this and the fact that she disclosed private conversations about a patient was clearly a HIPPA violation. Not only should she lose her ability to be a nurse, she should be sued by The Jackson estate.

She was stupid enough to say she hadn't ever spoken to authorities too! What an idiot she is. If she was so concerned she should have reported it as soon as it happened if it were true. She clearly is lying when she said they called her a few days before he passed away. Michael Jackson was in rehearsals and there is video and photos of that. If he was in the shape she said he was in, he wouldn't have been dancing every day till he passed.

She mentioned Shaquille O'Neal last night on Larry King as well. I hope he sues her.

1878 days ago


Bury him at Graceland....already set up for the mobs that will go to any service.

1878 days ago

Sue Wong    

I think MJ trusted the person who administered this drug to monitor him and they failed to do so. When he was dying they panicked and tried to cover up.

1878 days ago


Death by entourage & Family!

While ultimately Michael is the person who decides what he puts or doesn't put in his is without a doubt infuriating & heartbreaking to hear that those parasite's surrounding our beloved "king of pop" Let him down and ultimately aided in his untimely death by continuing to prop him up, suck off of him, push him, generate fear and anxiety, and feed him for years very dangerous information and drugs that obviously killed him! WHERE WAS THE SUPPORT of so called loved ones!!!??? ALL HIS HANDLERS i.e. Family, AEG, Security (Nation of Islam), any and all Doctors, (skin, cardio etc.), nurse/nutritionist, & lawyers basically anyone who was in his inner camp is responsible for his death!!!!!!!! (he was under their care, in their hands in my mind he was abused and neglected) It is OUTRAGEOUS and I Have been MAD as hell that his family ( if they really cared as the say ) would have done something years ago...perhaps right after the last trial at the first signs of breakdown and stress! I mean who let's their so called beloved son let a foreign stranger take care of him all the way in Dubai! WHERE THE HELL WAS HIS FAMILY !!!!? HE had their grandchildren for god's sake! HE has always taken care of them.... why didn't they take care of him when it mattered!!! Take him in.... help him through all of this.....get him help!
(don't just show up for the cameras like at the trial for example & now in front of the Jackson's home Joe & the Rev's.)
The Jackson's say they have room for the kids NOW at the house...So why didn't they take them all in and take care of then!!!!!!! (50 years old or not if someone was stressed, mental, sick or had cancer you would help's no different )
Now for this so called nurse ....I have many ?'s... why did MJ call her for this prescription?.... she was a nutritionist not a doctor ? Why did he think he could call her.....had she helped him in the past? Obviously he was in distress and asking for help not to mention in addition a deadly medication he had learned about... that is only given at surgery in a hospital ! She has gone on to say that was the last time they spoke... 3 weeks ago?? What the Hell !!! She never followed up with him??? If a friend had cancer or called you in a panic not feeling good & on top of it was looking for a way to sleep and asked for deadly meds & you don't follow up with him?? You just say no I won't get that for need to go the hospital. You don't try to follow up, call back, go over to the house or get something else for him to sleep perhaps something SAFER or inform his doctor or family members that he is in a panic doesn't sound rational and perhaps is not thinking clearly plus, can't sleep and is now looking for a dangerous & deadly medication (some doc told him about-who is this doc?) and that he NEEDS HELP!!!!.....and if you knew and loved him as you said..... didn't you think that if he was asking this of you and you"said no" that he might continue asking for this deadly medication around town through his other contacts!!!! Again -VERY VERY heartbroken and the more I learn the more I become angry, disturbed, not only at the family and his camp but the media for not holding these people that pop up (with insight) accountable with answers to many questions and how they played a roll in his neglect and again ultimate death! SHAME on ALL of YOU !!! (in his camp)

Well MJ, I have been devastated since the news, hopeless really ......However I do pray that you simply just went to sleep and you are no longer tired or have any pain or loneliness you might have felt while you where alive.

P.S. You got your wish.... died like ELVIS and now You....
will be remembered all over the world and your Music will live on FOREVER!!!!!! RIP Michael Jackson

1878 days ago


His managers killed him with 50 shows in ttwo months,he just took more drugs to forget, at 112 pounds he was doomed, he would have died on the scene anyway,he took the dangerous sleeping pills so that his mind would be somewhere else,not thinking about the 50 shows...Why blame some body else ,he would get his drugs ,doctors or not...He was a freak, imagine him without his wig !!! Bald !!

1878 days ago

HIPAA follower    

To Esme: It's funny that you think he wasn't trying to become white because he his Doctor, Nurse & Nanny were black. It was pointed out last night by someone in the industry that black people were of no use to him unless they were "the help" and a Doctor, Nurse and Nanny are "the help".

1878 days ago


what was with all the cement they took in to neverland. I think they are gong to bury him there. Where else would he want to be buried. Glad Joe Jackson doesnt get a penny. What a jerk he is. he should be charged with child abuse.

1878 days ago


That medication can be obtained from a hospital pharmancy, or from a doctor who does surgical procedures( plastic surgeons) who use it to do their surgery in a surgical suite.......LOOK to his plastic surgeon

1878 days ago

Your SM Girlfriend    

Seems like girlfriend had a few hits of something potent too. They're crawling out of the woodwork for this one.

1878 days ago


Did anyone else watch this woman on CNN yesterday? She was interviewed 3 times and each time she told a different story. She even told Anderson Cooper that the MJ camp contacted her 3 days prior to his death in a frantic saying MJ was complaining that his body was cold on one side and hot on the other. Why didn't she mention that HUGE piece of information to Campbell Brown or Larry King in prior interviews? Even Anderson Cooper asked her why would MJ reach out to her if they had not spoken in over 3 months. She's lying...You can tell.

1878 days ago





1878 days ago
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