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Random Drawing for MJ Memorial Tickets

7/3/2009 1:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson Memorial Tickets Michael Jackson's memorial service will be held at two separate venues on Tuesday morning -- the main event will be at the Staples Center and a simulcast will play at the Nokia Theatre.

A lottery has been set up for fans to obtain the free tickets -- and they can sign up for the random drawing on the Staples Center website ... good luck logging on.

17,500 tickets are available for the event -- 11,000 for Staples and 6,500 for Nokia -- which will be divvied out 2 per person. If you are one of the 8,750 people selected, you will then be alerted on Sunday with further instructions.

Oh yeah ... only U.S. residents can apply.

Also, the family wouldn't say if Michael's body would be at the memorial.


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Cleveland-West_Side is a "liar". He did NOT get a confirmation number to pick up tickets. The draw will be held after registration closes on Saturday and winners will be notified on Sunday. So there!!

1902 days ago

Catholic Girl    

I'm not expecting to see his coffin at the memorial service, but your never know. It is very likely Michael will be buried in a secretive manner for the family's sake, but anyone who lives around here knows that it will be very hard to pull that off, so good luck with that, although I wish they could. A funeral is a private time for family & friends and the fans and everyone else should respect that. Neverland is possible, but that is private property and permits are involved which takes time, so if that is the final resting place it will take some time, although they may be having a private service there soon. I really don't understand the Neverland option, he never wanted to go back there, so it seems odd to me. I hope it's Forest Lawn, it is a beautiful place, and hundreds of famous people are laid to rest there, the mortuary, for those of you far away, looks sort of like the White House, with a fountain in front, very traditional & elegant. RIP Michael.

1902 days ago


We Californians had better not be footing the bill for any of this - I don't care who it's for! WE ARE BROKE! The state is cutting all kinds of jobs and services, yet we have money the police for this? No way.

1902 days ago


Sorry international viewer here. What's your take on the Staples Center thing? Another groan moment listening to Al Sharpton et al anyone? IMO Michael was the King and his subjects should get to bear witness to his being laid to rest in a funeral befitting his title. The very minimum should be coverage of the funeral service and a calvalcade so we who also loved him can say goodbye. We loved him as a long lost friend. As we grew up we lost contact yet the friendship never diminished. MJ performed for more than 15 million people in his lifetime. If you can have a parade for the Lakers surely you can pull out the stops for MJ. I've a a dollar in my pocket if you need it.

1902 days ago

My two cents    

Considering they have such a snazzy coffin I am going to bet that MJ's body will be there. Afterward a private burial with family.

1902 days ago


Yay! I registered, now all I need is to win the tickets......I want to win them!!

1902 days ago



Even if you get the error page, keep hitting the F5 button and letting it try to load, once it can it will and your info will still be sent to the server no need to go back and re-fill the boxes, that what worked for me.

Good luck MJ Fans! RIP MJ***

1902 days ago


im hopeing it will be on tv in uk i live in uk iv tried emailing difrent sites but no reply as yet . i wish people who dont like him would just go on another site . ( no disrspect but why bother saying anaything ) mj was a kind careing loving legand who did so much good in this world you dont talk about all the good he did all the chatateys he sipoted the people he helped the great music he made leve him alone please ..sorry but we have lost a great man . the people who loved him and folowed him no the good he put in this world and thats all that maters .. . if anay of you lucky people get a ticket i will be so pleased for you only people from us only . wish i lived there today .i live in uk .... GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL . miss u mj love always barb x

1902 days ago


Since Michael's death internet hasnt been the same.

1902 days ago

UK fan    

I don't think it is a good idea to exclude the fans like this - they need to grieve collectively and feel as if they are part of the service. They need to say goodbye.
I live in the UK and can only compare this situation to the outpouring of grief that swept through the world when Princess Diana died......
Somehow I think MJ would be very disappointed by this Lottery idea.

1902 days ago

UK fan    

To # 106. Don't worry, Sky have just confirmed coverage of the event here in the UK.

1902 days ago


If the producers of the Memorial show were smart, they would get a cheap, empty casket, spray paint it gold and take
it to the venue. All the fans would be very happy, and they wouldn't have to worry about anything happening to it.

I hope he gets buried at Forest Lawn with all the celebrities. His fans will always be able to visit the gravesite as often as
they want and for FREE. If he goes to Neverland, they will hold him hostage for big bucks to extract from fans.

Besides Santa Barbara treated him terribly, and made his life hell, he left in 2005 and never went back, said it was no longer
home, but someone stands to make a LOT of money if they get him back there. Even in death people are looking for ways to make money on MJ

1902 days ago


if you look at the rules IT DOES SAY FOR US CITIZENS ONLY ADRIANA...

1902 days ago


thanks joanna

1902 days ago


I agree with Lethimgo, why isn't the Jackson family footing the bill on this memorial? especially with the situation the state of CA is in. They are having to write IOU's to their citizens as it is for God's sake!! If this memorial is so absolutely necessary, it would seem like Janet could help out with this. The rest of the family have sponged off Michael so they might not have money but surely Janet does. It was reported they paid $25,000 for his casket!! If they can buy that, they can foot their own bill or take up donations from all these people who seem to think Michael walked on water. No way should the taxpayers have to foot this bill. Absolutely ridiculous

1902 days ago
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