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Brad Pitt: With Friends Like You...

7/3/2009 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt's bike broke down yesterday -- so he hopped a ride with some photogs (not us) so he could get to a very important meeting. Now here's the rub -- he didn't want to be filmed even though he was in a car full of pappers.

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Ted Lithgow    

"you dohn hava keey?"

1917 days ago

Anonymous Fan    

Brad, when you got in that car you should have been at least nice about it You chose to get in that car, you really didn't have to....your fans are watching. Appears you don't care about that at all. You were being quite jerky in my opinion. I know you get tired of them following you around but you chose to pursue this career and are successful at least be decent about it. Be a little patient even if you are late to a meeting, I am sure they will understand.

1917 days ago


Dude, you got in the CAR with them! What did you expect?? Insane.

1917 days ago


Brad shoulda called a cab, these two paps aint nuttin but punk-bltch$!

1917 days ago


It's so nice reading a story about someone who doesn't molest little boys.

1917 days ago


He did ask nice, quite a few times AS WELL AS say that he would much prefer to walk quite a few times. They WERE NOT HELPING HIM. There was no other eason to help except to try and get him to answer questions.I BET HE DOES JUST CALL A CAB NEXT TIME, WHO WOULD WANT TO CONVERSE AND DEAL WITH THESE IDIOTS FOR ANY REASON??

1917 days ago


what did he expect?
take a paparazzi's car and NOT to be interviewed??
Its OK to use their car (such an honor!!) but to be nasty?
Why he did not call for a cab?
The old saying: roll with the pigs...
no maners after all, keep me posted if he sends a plate with food to the paparazzo station,
I just wonder....

1917 days ago


It's a little difficult for anyone to argue in Brad's favor here, being that this site exists because of paps, you're here and thus you're fueling their job to chase them down. I can understand with the history he's had with them why he doesn't want to give them an interview or even a favorable glance at the camera, but if he were really ethical about it he wouldn't have accepted a ride from them, he would have called a cab. I think it's a little revealing really, they're using him and he's using them right back. And the excuse about he'd rather walk...but then he's so late? Right. As for me? Well I like to criticize the tactics and chutzpah of the paparazzi, and yet, here I am. I like some of what they come up with, I like the candid view of the world of I'm a hypocrite like everyone else - lol Oh well, it's a trade off. You wanna be famous? That cult of personality is going to come back around and bite you - lol

1917 days ago


What a jerk. He could have been nice without giving them any info . Just be nice... douche bag. He's too overbotoxed anyway. I bet Johnny depp would have been nice cause he'sa genuine nice guy.

1917 days ago


by Cleveland-West_Side, Brad Pitt started his carer dating underage actresses.

1917 days ago


Not very wise. you need to get these celebs on your side - then they'll be nicer to you in the future.

1917 days ago


The papz are leeches... Brad you're nuts for even getting in the car with a pap...

1917 days ago

Donald Ray    

BP should've said, "look BITCH, either SPEAK ENGLISH or show me your green card." That STUPID guy couldn't even say 'please', he said, "pliss, Brad".

1917 days ago


He got in the car knowing it was paparazzi. What did he expect? Thanking them for the lift might have been nice on his part & it wouldn't have killed him to be pleasant. He had to know it'd be on the web. May as well make the best of it.

1917 days ago


seriously - even a random passerby who did not know who he was would have asked him questions - or tried to have a conversation while in the car driving him to his 'important' meeting. Not like they asked anything personal. He was being a jerk.

1917 days ago
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