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Brad Pitt: With Friends Like You...

7/3/2009 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt's bike broke down yesterday -- so he hopped a ride with some photogs (not us) so he could get to a very important meeting. Now here's the rub -- he didn't want to be filmed even though he was in a car full of pappers.

Brad Pitt: Click to watch


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Being with veiny Angie sure has got him stuck up. what did he think was going to happen? if he got in my car i'd sure ask some questions. he could prob have got a ride with random stangers. i didnt doubt he had this attitude. he even seems like this with anne curry. remeber brad, the celebs that are most loved are those who dont seem holier than thou. PLus, your looks are going.

1946 days ago


I love Bra Pitt and always believed he was a nice guy. But what a f......g Jerk . They did him a favor. not the other way around.
I think I would have thrown him from the car too

1946 days ago


they were asking him about the bike! he was catching an attitude like they were asking if the rest of Angie's body was covered in veins. They were trying to make small talk and he was "too important" for that. Very rude. Remember, the fans are the ones who go on tmz and see your movies. We're te ones who help you get a job. Being with that ice queen has really gotten to his head.

1946 days ago


I assume since his sh*t smells like strawberries he feels theres no need to speak to the "peasants". get over yourself, you're not even hot anymore.

1946 days ago

Linda Adame    

He IS RICH because of the video camera, OBVIOUSLY NOT BECAUSE OF HIS WARM PERSONALITY. Manners are always appreciated, but Brad has none unless he is getting paid to show them. LOVE U TMZ!

1946 days ago


When someone gives you a ride, you can at least be polite. He should have just left Brad
standing there. Brad didn't have to get in. He chose too.

1946 days ago

Mary Worth    

When nobody pays him any attention, he's miserable!
When somebody does pay him attention, he's miserable! GO FIGURE!

1946 days ago

who dat    

If he bought a better motorcycle, it would not have broken down. Don't get in the car, then bitch. Highly over rated a**hole.

1946 days ago


He could have at least said thank you to the driver. What an ass!

1946 days ago


i have a newfound disrespect for him. he couldnt even say thank you to them! they didnt HAVE to give him a ride. you talk trash about the paparazzi, but will accept a ride from them, then continue to be rude?

if you give someone a ride cause their car broke down, the 1st thing youre going to do is ask whats wrong with the car - celebrity or not. after seeing this, i think he needs to be taken down a peg.

1946 days ago


Him and his old lady will be old news really soon. He should be glad people are still interested in him even after the crappy movies and the skeletor wife. They should continue to age badly in france. its not even like the questions were that personal. someone needs to knock him off his high horse and take that overrated Angie with you.

1946 days ago


I"m disappointed. He chose to take a ride from them. All they did was ask him about his bike--not about Angie or the kids. Guess he thought if he answered, he'd open a door. Least he could have done was thanked them. He needs to take lessons from Hugh Jackman about being gracious with the paps. Ah, the self-important, how annoying they are.

1946 days ago


I don't blame the paps at all. They gave him a ride and he was very rude to them. He should have walked! You can
bet Brad would have talked to them, if he wanted to promote something. He is full of himself.

1946 days ago


What's so terrible about the pap making a couple of bucks from the video. The pap wasn't asking any offensive questions. He didn't ambush Pitt. Pitt willingly got in the car. Pitt doesn't have enough money, he needs to be given a ride and paid for every boring utterance from his mouth?

As another comment said, Pitt is money hungry and expects big bucks for every move he makes. He and Jolie are so venal. Pretty funny for people who claim to be so concerned about world poverty. They are doing an admirable job of stockpiling grotesque amounts of cash and living lives of excess. Just wait until no one will pay two cents for anything Pitt or Jolie. They'll be running after paps.

1946 days ago


Bitch Pitt is a self-centered BITCH!

1946 days ago
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