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Lloyd's of London -- Overdose Clause?

7/3/2009 3:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MIchael JacksonA spokesperson for Lloyd's of London tells us she's never heard of a case where her company has insured someone for a drug overdose.

AEG, the company that was promoting Jackson's London concerts, claimed yesterday the policy it took out from Lloyd's did not cover death from natural causes but did cover overdoses.

Louise Shield -- the head of communications for Lloyd's of London -- tells us such a policy is "odd" and that she's never heard the company insuring for drug overdoses.

What's more -- Shield says the company typically requires a "medical assessment" .... a physical before the policy is written.

As we first reported, Jackson's body had dozens of injection sites in various places. So the question -- how could a policy be issued with clear evidence of a problem?

Shield would not comment on the policy, and found it strange AEG discussed it publicly. She's not saying if overdoses were covered or not.


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Please watch The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien weeknights at 11:35 pm.

1940 days ago

bored with this    

TMZ: The Micheal Zone.......... is there nothing else to report on?? sheesh.......

1940 days ago


Boy..corruption everywhere! I couldn't get insurance because I had depression years ago, yet needle-ridden MJ gets insured????

Stay on it, TMZ, good work!

1940 days ago


the hired doctor probably conducted a fake physical........listed
eveything as normal, even if it wasnt....they are resp for his death!

1940 days ago


Something is NOT right here! TMZ keep up with the digging. I have a feeling alot of peeps are going to go down at the end of all of this!!

1940 days ago


Who killed him and what for?

1940 days ago


TMZ WILL Overdose soon on MJ .BTW Thanks for all the $$$$$$$$$$$$$ you made for me in the 80's the juke-box in my Bar never stopped.RIP to the young MJ

1940 days ago


gosh you all it's only been a week and look at all the damaging evidence already building up....... this will be a forever trial and lots of people will get fined and jail time for all of this---------------------------------------- Michael was guilty of wanting but the people that gave to him knew full well what they were doing and cushioned their pocket all the way...... this is fascinating to watch unfold----------------------------------great job TMZ

1940 days ago


Sounds like TMZ is just printing rumors without verifying "Sources say..."

That is not journalism.

1940 days ago


Debbie Rowe should get the children. First, she wants a restraint against Joe Jackson which is more than Katherine Jackson is willing to demand. Second, she didn't sell the children she was forced into giving him full custody because of his team of attorneys. While Jackson was in Bahrain and Ireland, her children visited her in the U.S. That doesn't sound like a mother that has given up of seeing her children. Many claims that I have read are falsely attributed to her, likely from the MJ camp, to steer the publics perception. Third, Katherine Jackson was just in bankruptcy so please stop pretending she isn't motivated by $$. Joe Jackson controlled her once, enough to allow for alleged abuse. No doubt such will happen again. Joe might not have been named in the will directly, but he might make a grab for it through the Family Trust. Fourth, Debbie deserved money from Jackson as a divorce settlement and did not sell her children. But realistically, she could not compete with MJ's attorney's for custody of the children, but in his death she can and is.

1940 days ago


I am an insurance coverage law attorney.

There is NO coverage.

If the policy covered "overdoses", the insurer would have asked several questions about his use. It is clear he would have had to lie. Making false statements to an insurer VOIDS coverage.

It is that simple.

1940 days ago

lloyds insider    

The insurance policy for AEG that covered the shows was written for $200 million by Lloyds of London - they're now paying off on it to AEG. AEG paid a huge up front premium -upwards of $50 million - due to the fact of Jacksons known health problems.
As a condition of the policy Jackson was required to have a live in doctor.

Remember the policy is to protect AEG and lost revenue in the event the shows didn't happen. It doesn't matter how he died, only the fact the the shows aren't going to happen and revenue is lost.

1940 days ago


Debbie has the means and the desire to raise her kids in a good environment. Plus the law is on her side.

Michael's $$ estate may not be settled for many years to come - and there may not be much left after all is said and done.

It's the Jacksons who need money. They can't even make their housepayments.

1940 days ago


why the hell would you insure for death due to OD but not due to death due to natural causes? for events like these, I would expect that anyone with a brain would have insured for death by any cause as well as any illness of the performer and even death or severe illness of immediate family member that could have precipitated cancellation.

1940 days ago


Katherine is too old and may be too poor, and the rest of the Jacksons are too weird to take on kids they are not related to.

Bet there will not be much money to draw on for the family, at least not until the estate is settled, which could take 10-20 years.

1940 days ago
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