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Lloyd's of London -- Overdose Clause?

7/3/2009 3:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MIchael JacksonA spokesperson for Lloyd's of London tells us she's never heard of a case where her company has insured someone for a drug overdose.

AEG, the company that was promoting Jackson's London concerts, claimed yesterday the policy it took out from Lloyd's did not cover death from natural causes but did cover overdoses.

Louise Shield -- the head of communications for Lloyd's of London -- tells us such a policy is "odd" and that she's never heard the company insuring for drug overdoses.

What's more -- Shield says the company typically requires a "medical assessment" .... a physical before the policy is written.

As we first reported, Jackson's body had dozens of injection sites in various places. So the question -- how could a policy be issued with clear evidence of a problem?

Shield would not comment on the policy, and found it strange AEG discussed it publicly. She's not saying if overdoses were covered or not.


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doesn't it seem strange that AEG would take out insurance not for natural dath but for an overdose. One has to wonder don't they . seems Michael may have been worth more to AEG dead then alive. I sure hope someone is investigatring this . I had wondered if they had insured him all along

1945 days ago


Ok, I watched it again. The first video that is up on that site is not very good quality. So after it played, at the bottom of the video, the 2nd from the left video is of better quality. Either the body sat up, or there was someone in the helicopter who moved it. Why would they move it while the helicopter was moving. They moved the body onto the morgues gurney after the helicopter landed. So it makes no sense to move the body in flight. Call me crazy, I don't know.
I'm going to watch a movie.. I'm tired and can't think straight anymore. I've been consumed with Michael for a week. He died on my anniversary and his memorial is being held on my birthday... I'm just sad.. : (

1945 days ago


cont..Last post... I pulled up the remainder of the video from
youtube that shows them removing the body from the helicopter and
when they took the body from the helicopter it was no longer strapped
down. which means they moved it after the helicopter landed. So the
possiblity exist that there was someone who did pull on the strap and
make the body appear to sit up. ..
And furthermore-watch the clip of his press conference. that person is NOT Michael Jackson! The voice is much too deep. the facial features are all wrong, and when someone yells to him I love you. He has a certain way he says I love you back. And, don't forget the peace sign he does...

1945 days ago


The only other possible explanation I can come up with is that they were trying to move the stretcher out of the way. The camera shot is horrible as well, It is all going so fast.

Hey MARIE, What was that link again to the story? Not the one about the daily news or whatever. It was the other link that was posted about What's the guy's name. Daniel cook or something? I can't remember. I'd appreciate it if I could see that one again. KNow which one I'm talking about?
Thanks a lot.

1945 days ago

Life flight stretchers are 2 parts, the top litter/scoop stretcher and the bottom flat surface foldable rolling stretcher and both fold about 1/3rd down from where the head is There is simply not any room to really move around in these and this is a small one. I think what you see in the video previously linked is the medic pushing the body on the litter and stretcher to the sitting up position so he can move to the side of the stretcher and remove/unhook all the nylon straps (not just on mj body but holding scoop to stretcher).
In the above video you see the coroners group roll out their stretcher, mj is handed them in the scoop only w/o straps. MJ is put in the ambulance, repositioned again and the scoop returned to the heli attendants. Often patients come in sitting up and come out on the stretcher then transferred to the hospitals on the pad. Critical care the stretcher goes down to icu / er and a medic goes with to retrieve the stretcher. You would not see them do this with a live patient so quickly mid air but it was MJ, he was dead and they needed to move him quickly.
Just my opinion, I could be wrong

1945 days ago


This whole saga sounds extremely bizarre... We have Michael Jackson King Of Pop Music,
who was married briefly to Lisa Marie daughter of Elvis, King of Rock,
who stated Michael knew!.. and the Media tells us Michael was practicaly broke,he was addicted
to drugs and people around him knew this and knew he was using aliases to get the drugs so no- one else would know,
Not to mention and Insurance Policy that covers people who overdose,it just seems a bit far fetched to me that
the man can't rest in peace,Everybody wants a part of him now that he's gone...or atleast what Media attention and or money they can make from his death...if he's really dead?
There's been alot of impersonators profiling as Michael Jackson over the years, maybe this is his escape or maybe
later he will come back,the story gets stranger as we go..
God Bless you Michael where-ever you are.

1945 days ago


Something else strange why would you send a dead body via helecopter, via ambulance to the coroner and not strap the body down on the stretcher??
You don't have mobility if your you cant stop yourself from falling

1945 days ago


NITA, That press conference was weird. Michael's voice is way higher pitched than that.

1945 days ago


Derek Clontz made two bad assumptions on Michael though to prove his theory in the wrong light. Michael never bought or tried to buy any Elephant Man's bones or he never slept in a chamber because he wanted to live forever. That was total trash, He said it himself. That's what has thrown me off to think this guy is whacked out on Michael still being alive.

1945 days ago


The other day I heard somewhere that Micheal was recently worried he would be killed for control of the beatles collection. Things are going to hit the fan! Good work TMZ as always. I think it is great how quick your team is on providing information. It makes the other media stations look like schmucks.

1945 days ago



1945 days ago


I said this from the beginning..murder! If you think all these men thought a man weighing 112# was normal and able to do 50 concerts you are crazy! He backed himself into a corner because he needed money. IF he doesn't perform the insurance company pays. The pressure was so great and everyone knows it. He agreed to 10, not 50. The amount increased due to AEG greed. Michael didn't kill himself for two reasons, the love of his children and his religion. But to this AEG group if he can't perform then they lose money. Look where they are pays, and numerous hours of rehearsals to sell. Conspiracy is there. Means, motive, and opportunity are also staring us in the face. Who call Las Vegas (Joe Jackson) prior to calling 911? The media is focused on the doctors...look at AEG.

1945 days ago


hi mary heres the link again please read this. was this really mj at 02 ?????????????? well i dont think it was, this whole story is very very strange

1945 days ago


You know, I don't know. Yes, Michael looks different in every possible picture. But when I heard the press conference, Having seen many Michael interviews, "Michael" in the London one was very awkward and just too weird. Michael does not act like that! Not to mention, His voice was an octave lower than his normal range which is more high pitched. I went out and bought $20 worth of magazines on him and his death tonight. I have yet to read up. Pretty much the same as what I see on the internet, But it's always good to see different sides of things. Why does my gut instinct point to murder? God, I wish more than life itself that he is still here somewhere. I'm so depressed :( Please Michael, Stay with us on Earth :(

1945 days ago


hi mary im so sad over the whole thing but i dont get that gut feeling that hes passed away all these stories coming out and i mean everyone of them r just not right i feel they have all been planned to make us belive he was murderd/overdose (all a big stage show and its good) and their r going to b a lot more stories to come if he has faked his death they would want us to think he was murderd etc but i really dont think the king is dead no way to many odd stories its been well planed,

1945 days ago
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