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Lloyd's of London -- Overdose Clause?

7/3/2009 3:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

MIchael JacksonA spokesperson for Lloyd's of London tells us she's never heard of a case where her company has insured someone for a drug overdose.

AEG, the company that was promoting Jackson's London concerts, claimed yesterday the policy it took out from Lloyd's did not cover death from natural causes but did cover overdoses.

Louise Shield -- the head of communications for Lloyd's of London -- tells us such a policy is "odd" and that she's never heard the company insuring for drug overdoses.

What's more -- Shield says the company typically requires a "medical assessment" .... a physical before the policy is written.

As we first reported, Jackson's body had dozens of injection sites in various places. So the question -- how could a policy be issued with clear evidence of a problem?

Shield would not comment on the policy, and found it strange AEG discussed it publicly. She's not saying if overdoses were covered or not.


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hi mary sorry that should have said GUT FEELING THAT HES NOT PASSED AWAY.

1908 days ago


I think that we will have to wait a few years until the oldest child becomes of age...but then, that's when the truth will then be told. Kids talk. Kids tell. They've seen lots and their story will one day tell ALL!!!

1908 days ago


How's this for conspirasiracy "THIS IS IT" was actually the words spoken from Lee Harvey Oswald as he was shot in the Dallas movie theather..

1908 days ago


Happy 4th of July All! I thought I could stay away, but alas I cannot. I just kept thinking about all we talked about last nite and those nagging feelings won't go away.

1. The woman who says she was his nutritionist. Who is she? Why did she call CNN and Dateline and not the authorities?
2. Why did the 911 caller and the doctor call Joe Jackson first and not 911? What was that all about?
3. Why did it take the doctor 30 minutes to "find" a phone? He could have just gotten someone to help him immediately.
4. HOW did someone get a picture of Michael on a stretcher in an ambulance? I ask this questions because according to reports, Michael was the one who released those photos of himself in the hyperbaric chamber and "planted" those stories. See where I'm going with this?
5. The nutritionist brings up the powerful sedative Diprivan, and then "We found the powerful sedative in his house. Out of all the drugs they supposedly took from his house, why would they leak this information and no other.
6. Why hasn't anyone in his family come to his defense since all these stories keep coming out everyday. I understand that they may have chosen to take the high road with a media blackout, but people are just demonizing him right and left.
7. TMZ came out with a story early on that there would be stories from people who claimed to know Michael and that not to believe everything we read.
8. We talked about the press conference announcing the tours - that still bugs me. The last photos of Michael that really showed his face was the one leaving the rehearsal with the children in the rain, at the trial in 2004 and 2005, and coming off an escalator. He was wearing glasses (not sunglasses) He looked as if he had matured into a man. But this person at the press conference had too chiseled a face to be Michael. The dent in his chin was way too deep, just like the voice.
9. How true this is, I don;t know, but someone recently said that Michael was in New York a few months ago with the children just out for a stroll. He could probably walk around in certain places and not get mobbed. I live here, and sometimes you pass celebrities all the time because they don't look like they do on television without all the makeup and the entourages. So if he was in L.A. rehearsing or in London, how was he here?

1908 days ago

Wendy R    

4. HOW did someone get a picture of Michael on a stretcher in an ambulance? I ask this questions because according to reports, Michael was the one who released those photos of himself in the hyperbaric chamber and "planted" those stories. See where I'm going with this?


there was a pap that walked up to the ambulance window and pointed his camera in at Michael. That company got $500K for the photo. MJ was dead at that point, even the EMS has stated that. Sick

1907 days ago


HI NITA all you need is the right people to come out and say the thinngs that we the public dont want to hear murder/ overdose etc and thats it we all feed on that in anger / sadness( their r those who r please to hear the king is gone) but you only have to feed people what they want to hear look at it this way people say hes a pedophile ,,,,, we know that it was all a set up to get $ from him the child has come out and said its not TRUE HIS dad forced him into it for the $ WHICH WAS clear as day who would want $ IF YOU NEW YOUR CHILD Had been abued. even though we know its not true their r so many ppl who till this day belive this no matter whats said you cant change their minds so as people we BELIVE what suits us, theres all this talk about this policy has anyone seen this policy,,,,,,,,,,,, no hear say but it makes a story he was insured for o/dose etc when we hear these things it causes a reaction goood or bad like i say feed ppl what u want them to hear how many ppl have seen mj body? well i can tell u one thing its not going to b people like me + u who really knows what he even looks like he always looked different look how much he changed over the yrs even if he had an open coffin how would anyone tell if its really him know one looks the same when they die, we will never know the truth behind this what i do know is this poor man has had life hard and no one deserves to b treated the way he was, i for one belive hes alive like i said we all belive what we wish to belive but i dont see no reason y he wouldnt fake his death not one the question is how and that i guess we will never know but somethings so odd its even odder you get me

1907 days ago


Did we not see those big "u-haul looking trucks" @ his rented "death" home ASAP taking things away? Come on...and they just left the "sleeping meds" there for LE to pick-up a day or so later? What was "moved" away in those trucks? Selective moving I say!!!

1907 days ago


I think "Here it goes" has it perfectly right. It is so apparent that AEG is behind MJ's death. Timed it just right so that the drug would not be found in his system. Yep, the doctor worked for AEG. I also think they paid the "nurse" to share that MJ was searching for the drug in the days leading up to his death. And yes, they planted this drug in his house. AEG had no intention of seeing this tour thru. It's such a travesty and I hope somebody gets to the bottom ot it and that they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If it is THIS clear to a lot of us out there, why wouldn't it be as clear to authorities?

1907 days ago

betty betty    

umm tmz, you DID NOT break the story about the injection site. I remember THE SUN breaking that story and many others.
shame on you for trying to claim a scoop when you didn't DO IT!!!!!! just take it like a man harvey.............

1907 days ago


If that is true MARIE, It surely is very well-planned. MOney makes me sick, I hate money. I absolutely despise it. It is the root of all EVIL! That is true words spoken right there. The basic root and principal for evil! It just sickens me that people cannot leave Michael alone. Just because they wanted his money.

NITA, Please explain your theories, Because I am a little confused. It is possible that the press can take a picture of him and process it you know. So I would like a little more basic theory from you.

1907 days ago


MARIE, By the way, That story about Chandler telling that he lied about Michael was made up. I thought it was a real story as well until someone told me it was a fake story. Which sucks, Because it would be nice to know that he finally ot his crap together and told the truth for once!

1907 days ago


My theory about the picture.. which was probably off, was that Michael was the one who gave a polaroid picture to the tabloids of himself in a hyperbaric chamber many years ago and planted that story. I was making a point that was if he was planning to fake his death, and made sure that particular picture was taken to give credence to the story. that was all. but that would be cruel. and it was cruel and sickening for the person who took the picture and put it on the cover of a magazine, which by the way I happen to see in the supermarket today up close and personal today. I hope no one buys that rag!
It was just a theory and hypothesis.
The drugs being found in the house is beyond me. I mean, his family went there before the police. Don't you think they would have removed any incriminating evidence? I would tend to believe that Michael probably had a some of the procedures he had done at home. He was a big time celebrity. He didn't always have to go to the doctor's office. I also would believe that while traveling, why not have a personal physician on hand. After performing for how many hours would your body not need to be replenished and rehydrated? There are doctors who do this to themselves all the time in hospitals during their residency. Although it's not widely known. If I was traveling around the globe doing concerts, I would have everything I needed at hand, not trusting foreign medical staff and have my own personal physician on staff. I think the story took a life of it's own.

1907 days ago


To all of us die hard Michael fans, here is a really great read about Michael. It tells that he ticked off Jackie O, but the articles tells you about what really happened at Neverland, and why... so enjoy...Michael was a true soul and some people who have filthy minds should be ashamed of themselves. It's hard for people who lose that innerchild to fully grasp the meaning of that....

1907 days ago

William Rosenlof    

Having a history of alcohol and drug addiction makes ke feel i can comment here.The truth is - Michael Jackson became a full blown junky.Quit sugar coating it.self-centered,self seeking.he used drugs to kill the pain of being who and how he was.It's going to come out just how abusive he was.Scamming doctors,scamming drugs,completely dependent on drugs to get a sense of well being.Not caring what others said.just wanting oblivian regardless of the consequences.I believe that deep down he knew that what he was doing was wrong but justified because he was "M.J".He always over justified his sense of importance.In the end It was his own self pity that destroyed him.What addicts fail to realize is how much they hurt us that have to go on.I think he took the easy way out..... I will say this,It's not so easy for people like Michael to cope in our society with the way the media puts out the messages of how men and women should be.

1907 days ago


To you William R. - I am a recovering addict. I just celebrated 13 years clean. I ain't sugar coating anything. Addiction is a disease. Our only choices with addiction are jails, institutions, and death. Sometimes philosophical ones. Drugs are only a symptom of the disease of addiction, so get it right. We do hurt the ones we love because we isolate ourselves in our world on addiction. We become paranoid and disollusioned by the world we live in. Sometimes our families have to give us tough love and let us figure it our for ourselves. Sometimes, though, there are people in our lives who are enablers, and co-dependents who don't help the situation. And one thing I do know is that at some point we have to hit our bottom to find the help we need. I don't know if Michael found his or not. Michael was obiously in pain, physically , emotionally, mentally,, and he tried to medicate that pain. He tried geographical change. None of it worked cause when the high was gone he was still there. The world was still there. It doesn't go away until he faces it. Even if he went to rehab, he would have to change the people, places and things in his life for the healing to begin. As addicts, we think that we have to stay clean for the rest of our lives, when all we have to do it for is today. And each day we get up, it's for today, and that it. But the majority of us don't live in the spotlight like Michael did, so that was some added pressure. Some of it may have been self created in his own mind at times. There is a saying for drug addicts, We live to use, and use to live", so at some point in Michael's life, the drugs took over and he needed them to sustain life. He no longer had control. I pray he finds peace.

1907 days ago
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