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Sarah Palin a Quitter? You Betcha!

7/3/2009 3:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Failed vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin sure likes to finish what she starts ... she just announced she's stepping down as Governor of Alaska later this month.

Sarah Palin: Click to watch
Palin also said she won't seek a second term in 2010 -- Lieutenant Governor Sean Parnell is set to take her place.

It's not clear exactly why she's turning her back on the citizens of Alaska, but people suspect she has her sights set on the White House in 2012.


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I hope she runs for President, can't wait for the debates, it will be like watching Minnie Mouse and Einstein. She'll also have alot of time to bone up on subject matters as she gazes through her window at Russia...

1904 days ago


I wish some of you will grow a brain. Fact: she is quitting. She admits that she is quitting. Has nothing to do with her seeking another term as governor. If that was the case she would finish out her current term and at the end say that she would not seek another. That isn't quitting. But what she is doing quitting.

1904 days ago


I think Palin is destined to gravitate back to exactly where she should be .... hosting a Talk Radio show from midnight to 5 am in Wasilla, AK.

1904 days ago

First whores!    

118. So what's wrong with being half black, like it's such a bad thing?
What being white, killing all the Indians, stealing Hawaii and the Indiand and Mexicans lands is something to be proud of?
If you don't like blacks in america blame your ancestors for stealing them and beating them into slavery!
Hah! You make me laugh. You racists and bigots are stupid!

Posted at 4:29PM on Jul 3rd 2009 by Ali

You said it Ali! Unfortunately ignorance is rampant in America.

1904 days ago


now is the the time for high-profile peeps to make any embarassing announcements - the world is very distracted in mourning.

1904 days ago


What a quitter! Take it from this Texas girl, Republicans don't like folks who cut and run! Sarah can't handle it. Too bad for her.

1904 days ago


What a biased report! Why do you hate her so? You would never report with this tone if it were some other candidate stepping down to seek another office.

1904 days ago


Too bad the media is not as concerned about Obama's ties to the crooks in IL and who sponsored him all these years. Ms. Palin is honest and speaks from her heart. She is someone with core values that you can trust her with. TMZ cover Obama and his LIES - Lies about transparency, lies about taxes, lies about posting bills on internet 5 days prior to voting, etc. God Bless America and the few true American politicians that are left!

1904 days ago

Mary Worth    

Alaska has gone downhill ever since southernors, third world peoples, gangs, as well as free-loaders, (free annual checks just for existing there!) moved up there en masse! Gone forever, it seems, are the days when non-racists ruled in Alaska.
The only hope is for the democrats to regain control.

Of course Palin has an agenda. It was too expensive and time consuming to campaign in the lower forty eight and try to do what she was elected for, in than now redneck state!
Now she can campaign to her hearts content in the lower forty eight and not have to worry about Alaska.
So, you see, she is not quitting. She has an agenda!

1904 days ago

who gives a shit    

Screw you TMZ! Nothing worse than typing a response to these stupid idiots and you don't post it!! You dems are so afraid of Sarah, why is that? You constantly pick on her, why?? I guess you are so unhappy with your pick for Prez that you can't admit it to yourselves and you just keep going after her. She would be crazy to run in 2012 and put up with the left handed media and you idiots. If Florida and Michigan had their votes counted you can bet that Hillary would have won the ticket! I can't stand Hillary but I don't think we would be in this much of a mess as we are now and don't go blaming Bush cuz Bill had a lot to do with what's going on here too! Let's see if this goes through...........................................

1904 days ago


President Palin get used to it. I was outraged at the thought of a President Barry Hussien, so it's very possible that Palin could be the next President in 2012. Again it's not about Dems deciding. If the country is F'd up still, then the Republican will win no matter who it is. Exihbit A is that Obama won.
Fact is she has a base of support to get her a certain percentage in the Primary. Just like blacks robotically vote for the black candidate so Obama had a guaranteed level of support, especially in states where blacks were the majority of Dems.
We'll see, and sorry the this quitter BS won't hold. Barry Hussein is not a man of fortitude either. He's friggin Hamlet when it comes to making a decision.

1904 days ago


How sad that just because a woman tries to opt for public office, she is ridiculed by the media and those who think they are the media but don't even qualify.
Someday a woman will sit in the White House if it hasn't been totally trashed by the half black man who lives there now.
I hope it's Sarah. She sure deserves to be treated better.
Who gave TMZ the right to sit in judgment on anyone.
I'm done here.

1904 days ago


TMZ, have you forgotten that you reach a whole variety of people in your audience both conservative and liberal? You might want to try a little harder to "conceal" which side you really are on. Oh, but wait, you're HOLLYWOOD which means you're tolerant of everything EXCEPT those who have a different opinion than you! At least she is stepping down to run instead of staying in office but not performing her duties while out campaigning for 3 years!!! Makes me laugh that "people" are so afraid of her that they have to tear her apart even now that the election is over. I'm sure it will not matter to you at all but I for one will be taking my contribution to your ratings elsewhere........

1904 days ago


NBC reporting Sarah has had it with politics, won't run for President, and is just plain quitting. What a loser. She is an embarassment to professional women everywhere.

1904 days ago


Good riddance to Palin the wolf killer! God created the animals just as he created you!

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." - Ghandi

1904 days ago
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