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Top Prosecutors Hunting for Jackson Rx

7/3/2009 10:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonCalifornia State Attorney General Jerry Brown has launched an investigation into the prescribing practices of Michael Jackson's doctors.

Brown says his office will help the LAPD track the controlled substances that made their way to Jackson. The State's Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement will be combing files. It's the same method Brown used to track prescriptions in the Anna Nicole Smith case.

As we first reported, Jackson used various aliases to score drugs, including Omar Arnold and Jack London. We've learned at least one high-end pharmacy in the area where Jackson lived did its own search and has turned up the name Omar Arnold in its database.


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ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!! Sick of all this news!

1936 days ago


Good. I only hope it's not going to take TWO YEARS to figure out who to charge!

1936 days ago


Uma vergonha mesmo.

Falta de ética pelos profissionais de Saúde!

1936 days ago


oh goody !!

1936 days ago


Even if MJ used alias; the pharmacies and doctors should not be delivering drugs without prescriptions! That means anybody with money can get this stuff without having a prescription. This is not just MJ case thing but just wrong period.

1936 days ago


Good! Put them in jail....

1936 days ago

missing you mj!    

Ashlee, there's a nice red X button at the top right hand corner of your browser. If any Michael Jackson news is getting on your nerves, use that lovely thing that came with your computer called a mouse, scroll the cursor over the red X button, left click and wallah, you got yourself out of the MJ news that seem to be disgusting you. =) Seriously people, it ain't that hard. You see the news, ignore it, and leave and go do something else! lol

But back on track. I am glad the prosecutors are going to crack down on these individuals who were just using MJ for his money, knowing very well anything they were doing was illegal. They deserve every hell that's heading their way if they ever assisted MJ with his abuse of prescription medication.

1936 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

Excellent. In the recent interviews with Jermaine, when the sibling is asked if he believes the stories about the alleged drug use by his brother, Jermaine acted as if he'd never known his brother had a problem. Now, Jermaine is really slow in the head (which I don't think is the case), he wasn't close with his brother in the end (which may not be the case either) or he just is so into his religion that he refused to see/acknowledge Michael had a problem. Another possible is people just thought he would keep going after all00 his problem appears to be a really long standing one.

My question-- why didn't anyone just keep leaking it into the media if it was so impossible to get him to acknolwedge his problem directly? (That question is posed directly to all of those who knew MJ).

1936 days ago

J. N.I    

for the ppl who are commentin on the up comin news in the michael jackson death and others involving him... if ya dont wanna hear about it then stop wastin time sendin in comments about how much ur sick of readin n hearin about it!!!! there is always gonna b ppl like myself included wanting to no how things are progressing !!! a true legend no matter wot low lifes think!

RIP michael!!! xox

1936 days ago


Good for Jerry jumping in...hey Jerry, where's your ex, Linda Rondstadt and what's she doing these days?

1936 days ago

First whores!    

Who is this Michael person? Is he supposed to be famous?

1936 days ago


Os profissionais a saúde, na certa, se defenderão.
A vida se esvai com qual idade? Até quando envelheceremos? Veremos vivos nossos filhos? Qual foi o último ato de quem já se foi? A morte é bela como as fadas, ou é feia como as bruxas das velhas histórias, Michael?
Feia ou bela, que nos leve mansamente, tranquilamente, mesmo que seja brusca, ou vagarosa: hospitalar.Que ela nos leve no instante certo, se é que há momento certo para morrer. Não se esqueçam de tecer uma imensa colcha de orações para que aqueles que ficam possam sobreviver à tristeza. A correria da vida não permite, às vezes, que escutemos aquelas frases, que estavam presas aos lábios de quem já se foi:
"Hoje não pisarei em espinhos, não precisarei de sandálias. Até breve!".
Professora Modesta Trindade Theodoro - Brasil

1936 days ago


He was just a colored lib. No lost.

1936 days ago


Janey, comment 5, show some respect for the dead. Michael Jackson was a complex person he was found not guilty of all charges against him. Janey, please keep your perverse and twisted views to yourself because quite frankly, no-one else wants to read them.

The prescribing doctors must be traced and should be prosecuted with contributory manslaughter at the very least.

1936 days ago


Should be looking for Miball Sitch and Will U. Scratchum.

1936 days ago
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