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Debbie Rowe -- Full House?

7/4/2009 4:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While we wait to see whether or not she mounts a battle for custody of her possibly biological children, Michael Jackson's ex-wife Debbie Rowe was spotted out at her mother's house yesterday after running errands.



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Dr. john Holiday    

Debbie is quite a gal! She dresses like a pig walking aound in mud that is black in color.
She deserves no pity at all. She acepted a large pay check and walked away from those kids a long time ago. Her only motive now is more money.
p.s She is a long time shopper at the Salvation Army with the rank of Private. Thanks everyone

1938 days ago


i trully believ these r not michel j kids i dont care how many times he bleached hes skin at least aresmbling of the true mj black would look like hes kids any racial or mix kid would not look straight one culture

1938 days ago

snow white    

Her only care is money not those children and she was receiving money until his death from him there is a reason Michael made sure that she got nothing from him in his will, why has anyone not questioned the reason why. There is a really serrious problem with this woman for him to make sure it was stated that she did not get anything. She has no bonding with these children and I agree Joe is worthless but quess what he gets nothing else either.

1938 days ago


It's ironic how so many claim to 'love' MJ, and are so concerned for his children; yet they trash the mother of two of those children. Sooner or later they will see all this......I'm sure it will hurt.

Not defending her, just an observation.

1938 days ago


I think she should have her kids, or at least visitation rights. Yes, she was a surrogate mother, like millions of women. The difference- she knew hwe kids were happy with thier father, and clearly stated he was a great dad. I think she knew they had a great life, but the second she thought they were not (child molestation case), she tried to get custody of the kids. Now that Michael is gone- money or not, she must be worried and sad over the situation. Those kids need a mother, since the father is gone. I say give her a chance.

1938 days ago

jane in australia    

it doesnt matter if micheal is or is not the bio"' father he is the only one the children know and all debbie wants is to get a hold of micheals money like she did when she signed the children over. she should go and crawl back under the rock she came from' and leave the children alone with the jackson family.

1938 days ago


its horrible that she is holding these kids in limbo either stay out of there lives or get in dont wishy washy not healthy for kids

1938 days ago


Excuse me for butting in [pardon the pun], but if Doctor Arnold Klein was the sperm-donor that would make him their father - what does he want for his two children? Does he have a wife? Does he have other children? He is probably a Jew so these are jewish children who do not belong to Katherine Jackson no matter what Michael's Will states.

Gawd, this is a heckuva mess already. I just knew it would be lawyers and doctors feeding off MJ's fortun in the end.

1938 days ago

Tongue in Cheek    

Before you give those kids to Katherine Jackson you should be told that some years ago the Grandfather Jackson was placed in a home for old people in Arizona.The staff knew the truth about the Jackson's selfishness. It brought many tears to the staff because they would see the old man bathe and dress up in his Sunday dress suit waiting for a visit from Joe and Katherine Jackson and his grandchildren. They never came to visit the grandfather. At the end of the day he would look so sad and take his good clothes off. Near the end of the following week he would bathe and groom himself again hoping his children would come to visit. He was a religious nice old man. Finally he died wistful and longing for his children. So, why should saint Katherine Jackson have the pleasure of raising these children?

1938 days ago

Catholic Girl    

Umm, I dunno, the dermatologist as donor daddy was my first guess too, but has anybody seen Mark Lester lately?! He is their godfather. He was in the most famous version of the movie 'Oliver' and then and now, he sure looks like Michael's oldest boy!
Apparently 'Oliver' was one of Michael's favorite movies growing up (mine too) so he eventually met and has been lifelong friends with Mark Lester. Dr. Klein is just not that good looking, and the kids have nice features. We'll be guessing for a while...

1938 days ago


The law is if two people are married and they have children during the marriage, then the two are the parents. It does not matter whether one party is not the biological mother or father. So Michael Estate cannot deny that Michael is the father.

I am just curious. Michael married Lisa Presley when Lisa was 26. Was the marriage not consummated? The way I understand it, Lisa left because of Michael's drug abuse.

1938 days ago

Catholic Girl    

Ya know, if he would have called Angelina Jolie at the time, I'm sure she would have been happy to oblige being his 'vessel', 'cause you know, she's so Hollywood 'normal' too and probably would have done it, at least it would have been believable. But this woman Rowe is just not what I imagined Michael wanting his kids to look like, I mean he was soooo vain, did he have vision problems too, could he not see her? She wasn't nice looking when this started either, just simple minded when you heard her speak during interviews. I think Michael should have adopted needy kids from somewhere if he wanted to have kids so bad, what happened to 'We are the World'??!! I loved his work, amazing stuff, but his personal choices are so confusing to me.

1938 days ago

Robert S    

He left 40 million to those kids, of course she wants them now. Geeeeeeez people do you have ANY brains? I wouldn't put her within 20 miles of my children even if she gave birth. The fact that she did this is enough to show what she was after in the first place. Now she has a chance at 40 more million. She's a PIG!

1938 days ago


Is this Vergie Arthur the second?? Looks the same, acts the same and is only in it for the dough!!!! Fat pigs!

1938 days ago


I haven't read all the comments so maybe I've missed one addressing this point. I keep reading that the children aren't MIchael's, they were not his blood, he never adopted them, etc., etc. I can't speak for California law but the law in most states is quite clear. Any child born within the bonds of a legal marriage are legally considered the children of the husband. As unfair as it may seem, there are men in this country who are paying child support for kids that are not biologically theirs. Tough stuff, bucko. You were married to the woman, you pay to support the babies that were born during that time. We had a case locally where the ex-husband had DNA evidence that he was not the father and another man offered his own DNA which proved his paternity....did not matter. The ex-husband had to continue child support! I was shocked because it seemed so wrong to force this upon a man who was betrayed by his wife. Goes under best interests of the child. Our legal system has not caught up with science. Michael made sure he was married to the woman who gave birth to those kids...probably to ensure he would be their father no matter what happened later on.

I will glad when they finally bury this tortured soul. The boy never had a childhood and endured terrible beatings at the hands of his father. Rather than get the psychological therapy he so sorely needed, he isolated himself in a world of his own making. A world where nobody ever said "no." A world where anything he wanted was his, anything he wanted to do was right. He became a man who believed his own lies and his own denials. One of (or the) most talented singers, dancers, entertainers of his generation became a monster in appearance and, as many abused children do, became an abuser himself. His abuse was disguised as "love" but most rational people saw what MJ was doing for what it was...child molestation. The fact that he was a severe drug addict of long standing only makes any deviant behavior more possible.

Our priorities are so screwed up. How many good men and women are killed or maimed every day serving our country? I'd rather honor them, thank you. I could care less that the freak Michael Jackson became is dead. The man who made the music I enjoyed died nearly 20 years ago.

1938 days ago
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