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Jackson Ticket Odds Are Bad -- Very Bad

7/4/2009 8:48 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonDon't book your plane tickets yet -- you're probably going to be watching the Michael Jackson memorial from home.

A spokesman for the Jackson family revealed that after only seven hours, over 500,000 people had entered the lottery for memorial tickets. Okay, time for some quick math: that means that roughly 71,500 people per hour have signed up. And if you extend that rate for the remaining 25 hours (especially since the lottery has been opened up to the entire world), you get a total number of around 2.3 million.

Only 8,750 of those people will get tickets to the memorial (two tickets per person), and some of those people will get only get passes to the "satellite event" in the Nokia Theatre across the street-- like watching it on TV but in a pressure cooker with thousands of other people.

The bottom line: a 0.4% chance of getting a ticket. The good news? You're still more likely to get a ticket than get struck by lightning.


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Michael Jackson    

I put in my name for a chance at the memorial tickets and, if I get them, I'll take them home and use them to wipe my @ss. Burn in hell, MJ.

1937 days ago


Already being hailed as a lottery, but entered to win one.

1937 days ago


gotta b VERY lucky 2 get tix's...

1937 days ago


what network is televising? any in its entirety?

1937 days ago


number 1 ur an ass i hope 1 day someone u love dies and people says that about the one u love. jerk. your prolly just a lonly man in his dark computer room.

1937 days ago

Michael Jackson    

Actually, #4, I am in my brightly lit living room.

1937 days ago


word,thank u # 4, "DAVID L" kick rocks!! who da f*** r u 2 talk down on him??? u burn in hell mofo

1937 days ago



I dont think that the STAPLE CENTER realizes how HUGE Michael Jackson is. This is going to be BIGGER than Princess Dianna, JFK, ELVIS, & James Brown...

Michael Jackson has fans of all different RACES (black, hispanic, white, asian...), from different COUNTRIES (CHINA, EUROPE, INDIA, AFRICA...)

If they think that the millions of fans that wont get a ticket will LISTEN to them and actually stay HOME Tuesday, they are in for a RUDE AWAKENING!!

They are asking for injuries, people passing out & fainting, fights...too many mixed emotions in one setting. Its going to be a MAD HOUSE out there! This is going to be BIGGER than any of those people could imagine. I HOPE it is televised. This one is going down in HISTORY! The people also need to keep in mind that this is NOT the FUNERAL SERVOCE & THAT THEY WONT GET TO SEE MICHAEL in a casket or at all. This is just a MEMORIAL SERVICE.

But the fans dont care they will show up in astronomical numbers.

There is not enough SECURITY in this world that will be able to TAME the crowd that'll show up that day.

1937 days ago


My guess is ppl r signing up multiple times, which would also explain the high numbers for ticket requests too. It's gonna be a ZOO for sure, no matter how they try to control things

1937 days ago


There will be nothing for those fans to see except traffic, police and barricades. There are no jumbotrons, screens or
anything else. Roads are closed far from Staples.

This is a memorial, not a funeral, no body, no casket

It will be covered live on various TV stations around the world. It will also be live on the internet

Probably many re-broadcasts also

There will be more MJ memorials around the country and world according to Jermaine

I will be sitting in my recliner, dog on my lap, cup of coffee in my hand, toilet nearby, laughing at the fools in parked
cars stuck in traffic gridlock

1937 days ago


Check out this video of Joe Jackson pimping his new record company three dys after Michael's death.

1937 days ago


There is NOWAY...NOWAY....LA can be prepared for what may happen when millions of fans show up. I wouldn't be surprised if it turns into a full blown riot. Fans are upset and get them all in one place and all them emotions flowing..your bound for trouble. If LA was smart they would call in the military for back up.
As for everyone bad mouthing Michael. I am so sick of hearing it as s many others are. Before you go flapping your mouths like dogs in heat, look in your own back yard and clean up all your filthy garbage.

1937 days ago


I don't understand why they are opening it up to the world. Not that they shouldn't be able to come to the memorial, but lets be realistic. When people find out from all over the world if they got a ticket or not. How the hell are they going to be able to get here by monday night or early tuesday morning. They would have to book that second. I think this lottery system is stupid and I bet there will be un-used tickets that will go to waste when there are millions of people here (USA) that are trying to go.This is just going to be a circus and I think they are doing this all wrong. R.I.P Michael Jackson

1937 days ago


I think they did this to get people's personal information to spam/solicit.

1937 days ago

Sanford B.    

This would have gone a whole lot better had the memorial been at the coliseum.

1937 days ago
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