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The British Are Coming ... For Jackson

7/5/2009 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonThere are reports as many as a million people may come to L.A. for the Michael Jackson memorial on Tuesday. We can tell you for sure -- there's a British invasion.

A rep from British Airways tells us there has been a "huge influx" of reservations in the last few days by people from England trying to make their way to the memorial. The rep says people are "flying as close to L.A. as they can and then taking connecting flights."

In addition to non-stop and direct flights to L.A., flights from Heathrow to San Francisco and from Heathrow to Denver are almost full.

The rep says they expect all flights -- direct and indirect -- to be sold out by the end of the day.


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Oh My Goodness    

I know for sure he would rather slit his own wrist than harm a child. Some people here as such as David L. and others who are saying MJ is guilty have NO idea of what they are talking about and really need to use their brain (if they have one for that matter).

Michael Jackson is INNOCENT, everything you say is totally backwards and incorrect now shut up and go back to bed. You will never be able to change the minds of MJ fans. We deeply and strongly know that our hero was no pedophile. Child molestation is a VERY serious issue! I for one wouldn't even still be such a dedicated and loyal fan today if I felt my hero was guilty in some way.

Get a life or something!
~ Puts all dummy's on ignore! ~

1906 days ago

Please Ignore Parasite Hilton    

#100. imjustsayin,

"sad person"?...Man In the Mirror...I'm just saying!

1906 days ago

who gives a shit    

What a waste of time and money!! Who is paying for the police protection of all these idiots coming to La La Land anyway???? Hey remember the state is giving IOU's to the tax payers. Think they want to pay for this? NOT!!! Thank god I don't live there anymore and would never go to LA!!! These people are crazy-the traffic is going to be insane! Stay home and watch it on tv! The airlines are making out here!!

1906 days ago

I Will Take Being Born White Any Day - Thats Worth Much More To Me, #6    

No problem - Kallifornia can afford all that security and traffic control, etc. to accommodate a service for a pedophile drug addict who was lax in paying his bills. Swell.

1906 days ago


If they do get through the barricades, WHAT WILL THEY SEE ??? The Staples Arena and lots of traffic???

If they want to see the Memorial Service, it is on TV and on the internet live, there are no motorcades, no phototrons of

the service. Oh, yes, a bunch of other fools walking the streets, that will be fun!!!!!!!!

1906 days ago

Oh My Goodness    

"Hate to break it to you but Jordan spoke to the police and described Wacko Jacko's genitals BEFORE a warrant was obtained to photograph Jackson. Those are the facts. - David L. "

And just because the description was accurate, this disapproves Michael Jackson's innocence?????

Give me a break and grow a brain. Goodbye! See you next time when you have found a brain!

1906 days ago

UK fan    

To "required" re Unitied Kingdom versus England. Thanks for making me smile and sorry for the confusion. Let me explain: The United Kingdom is made up of Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland.

And thank to Greg, appreciate your gesture. He was adored over here and the tabloid papers' latest report is that maybe the Jacksons WILL perform in his place with a hologram of MJ on stage....! Please understand that many tabloid papers over here rely on pure sensationalism to sell papers.....

And lastly to Bvdiot, I have NO idea where they are getting the money from but the USA should be somewhat heartfelt that we are coming so far to say goodbye to him and to let you know that are not alone in your grief.

1906 days ago


To Joanna, how refreshing to know that there is a real human being contributing to this blog. Please don't think that
we are all "ugly americans" most aren't.

1906 days ago



119. To "required" re Unitied Kingdom versus England. Thanks for making me smile and sorry for the confusion. Let me explain: The United Kingdom is made up of Scotland, England, Wales and Ireland.

1906 days ago


Yeah, did anyone inform the Brits that they need to have tickets to even get close to the Staples Center/Nokia Theater? Even Neverland is closed until after Tuesday and the funeral is supposed to be a private affair, so I don't know what the dire need to get to LA is all about. I can understand if some of them have tickets, but for airlines to project that ALL flights to LA and area will be sold out.. that is just nuts!

1906 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

In my opinion, I don't believe the Jackson family should have to pay AT ALL for the services of LAPD. It is not the fault of the Jackson family that California is broke. California has profited dearly by Jackson's residence in their state. They will profit again in his death by the fans arriving and staying at local hotels, local eateries, gas tax for the cars they have rented to drive from LA to Neverland while they are visiting to name just a few ways.

LAPD did not raise an eyebrow during the Lakers' celebration. AEG should not have to pay the costs either. Temp Mayor Jan Berry has already stated that LAPD has a fund set aside for this type of event (meaning, they DO have the money), albeit likely not the final cost. But the fact that the city government is trying to keep fans of MJ away from his service is ridiculous.

EVERYONE is profiting from his death, and EVERYONE has their hand out--thinking just the use of his name will line their empty pockets. Airlines are seeing an increase in travel, not just from UK, but US as well. Newspaper sales saw a spike in the days after his death for people wanting a tangible memory of his shocking death. Every magazine is splashing his picture while many of the stories inside are a minor part of their total coverage. The record companies who hold the rights to his music are probably hiring people to start counting the money rolling in hand over fist.

Bottom line, LA could probably use the spike in tourism and would probably run the risk of losing tourism by his fans should they continue to try to keep them away. I saw an article from some time back that Sony made a statement about wanting to own outright the Beatles catalog. They have refrained from doing so because they feared that MJ's fans would boycott all Sony products seeing it as Sony taking advantage of their beloved Michael. I think LA would be smart to remember that. Can they really afford a boycott?

LA wake up. You will never again see the likes of tourism originating from your most beloved and famous resident. Show him (and his friends) respect by welcoming them with open arms. They won't riot, they are there to mourn. Let them!!!! You need money? WELCOME THE FANS... their attendance would probably put LA back in the money just from one day.

To Michael Jackson fans everywhere-- Go! Show the world and naysayers how beloved Michael is. Set records! Remember, be polite and orderly!!

1906 days ago

UK fan    

No probs Jacob;-). This blogging thing is something I just never do so I am finding this all quite intriquing.
The death of MJ has upset me immensely which is why I am on this site.
It's just a shame some people on here are constandly whinging/ winding others up and I am sorry that they have nothing better to do with their time .

1906 days ago


HELLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO? No ticket= NO entry. What do these Brits (and everyone else without a TICKET) expect to see? Here's a clue-- you'll see massive crowds and a ton of traffic. You will not see MJ, you will not see the memorial. GO BACK HOME!

1906 days ago

Oh My Goodness    

The person calling Michael Jackson, "WACKO JACKO," you really need to stop that. Michael is no longer with us and all you can do is call him such a horrible disrespectful name. HOW DARE YOU be so evil to Michael. You are one of the reason's why this beautiful man is gone in the first place. Michael was TRULY a wonderful man who dedicated his whole life to healing and saving the children of the world.

What have you done with your life??????????? Leave the man alone already.

1906 days ago


All UK fans:

Please accept my apologies for the numerous post being rude and inhospitable, they represent very very few of our people here in America. Please do not hate Americans and think we are all like them, they are ATTENTION WHORES. They will take attention any way they can get it, and they are just jealous of MJ, and JEALOUS OF YOU b/c you can afford to fly over for something that is near and dear to your heart. THEY ARE HATERS.

Over the years I have been most proud to say, Look at all those people from the UK that love MJ...I know we are as a country were blessed to be able to call Michael Jackson as one of our own. Your love and dedication and loyalty to him is flattering and is a source of strength for those of us here in the U.S. that are fans but have to fight the haters justifying MJ's worthiness of our love and loyalty.

GO UK! Americans love you and your loyalty to MJ, you stuck by him when during his worst times, we RESPECT YOU and gain strength from you to do the same, BUT YOU GUYS did it first. STAY GOLD.

1906 days ago
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