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Jackson Docs Can Run But Can't Hide

7/5/2009 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonAs law enforcement officials comb through medical records to determine who supplied and administered the anesthesia Propofol and other drugs to Michael Jackson, we've learned there may be a fail-safe way of getting at the truth.

It's no secret -- especially in a celebrity town like L.A. -- some doctors use pseudonyms for celebrity patients and sometimes their medical charts somehow get "lost." But we've learned most doctors leave an indelible footprint when it comes to treating patients.

Many doctors -- especially ones with big practices -- use medical software systems from MD Systems, NexTech and other companies. These companies provide the software that makes it easy to input billing data.

Doctors typically input the patient's name, billing amount, type of treatment, type of drugs prescribed and administered, and date of service. Here's the thing -- that data cannot be deleted from the server.

The system allows doctors to add other data like medical charts, and those things can be deleted. But if someone deletes that info, the software shows the name of the user who did it and the date it was done.

Bottom line -- the basic billing information will not go away.

As we reported days ago, law enforcement found Propofol inside Jackson's house. Propofol is an anesthesia, which should never be administered outside a hospital, and it's looking like that drug killed Jackson. If cops find who supplied it and who administered it, the docs could well be prosecuted for manslaughter.


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This post makes an important point.

People think medical records are inviolate. And they SHOULD be. But they're not.

Doctors DO alter patient medical records, especially in the event of litigation.

When doctors know they are being sued, they will change patient records. When a chart is hand written, it is easier to commit this crime.

The other ploy doctors use is to deliberately write very vague operative reports.

This is why doctors get very defensive when patients ask for their medical records during the course of treatment. Doctors never know when or how they will have to "doctor" the records. Once a copy is out there, they can't alter it later.

Doctors will risk this criminal behavior because the "risk to benefit" is in their favor. They figure the likelihood of being sued and the records being forensically examined are far outweighed by the benefit to them for committing this crime.

Get your medical records, folks. When suing your doctors, put your records under the forensic microscope because the days of ethical doctors long over.

This is true of the "best" doctors, not just back alley hacks. Don't say "but my doctor is so nice", "I trust my doctor", etc. Any doctor will do what they have to to save themself.

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1937 days ago

Paj from NJ    

What time did Michael get home after rehearsal? Who was in the house? Was the doctor already there? Were his children there? When did the doctor see Michael? Was the door double, triple locked? If the doctor was supposed to watch him, why didn't he see him until noon? Was he asleep? Why did the doctor take 20 minutes to call 911? Was he trying to hide the drip? Seems like to me they should take Doctor Murray into custody. Me thinks he goofed big time.

1937 days ago


I hope these doctors are scared. These idiots should be banned and sent to prison.

1937 days ago


What is up with this haha dude...He must be gay and ashamed of it lol

1937 days ago


@LUPUS and HIVAids are related"

Is this a new scientific discovery? Provide your proof.

1937 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

AN`t a cross`s a many many GODs deal DAVid&david religion name sake

1937 days ago


QUESTION: if the doctor knows he is doing shady/illegal stuff for a high profile patient like MJ, would he even be inputting his data in his billing system? I would think he would not because he would be getting paid under the table or something plus the illegal nature of the transaction...unless it's for accounting purposes, but still. Who is to say some of these physicians didn't input the data at all???

1937 days ago

Paj from NJ    

Thought I would join in the fun and give some thoughts. Half the people writing obviously did not pass English in school. Half of you cannot write a complete sentence, let alone make sense. How can there be any credibility with people who can't write a complete sentence. And, by the way, whoever this David L. guy is, get off the are obviously a very disturbed person. Am starting to think that you yourself have some very dark secrets. Could it be that you are a pedophile and are jealous of the attention Michael is getting? You have no proof. Just because NBC says it is true does not necessarily mean it is. Don't forget the accusers received a lot of money. What kind of parent lets their child have a sleepover with a grown man? Me things there is a rat present. Rest in peace, Michael, these morons know not what they say, let alone think.

1937 days ago

PEPSI Generation    

Any medical person as seen it happen endlessly.The system weakens by LUPUS and than HIV is found.As you get weaker EVERY THING FAILS untill you die and that is why he wore a mask gloves sun glasse and stayed away from everyone.He had full blown aids as any doctor could tell you just by looking at him.They have seen HIV-aids millions and millions of times.He was walking dead as they say,Bones on pain killers DOA planned death PAINLESSLY as he was in pain ever since pepsi killed his SKULL neck ears and hair.New SKIN wigs and face rebuilt time after time all payed for by pepsi.All of his medicals were payed for lifetime by PEPSI maybe20-30 million.

1937 days ago


I am puzzeled by all the negative and sometimes hate filled comments about Michael Jackosn on this site. first of all if you HATE him as your post indicates...WHY even bother to read or post comments about him? It seems to me that "these" people have a problem themrselves.It must be a sorry existance for a individual who is filled with so much hate for a person they didn't even KNOW to fill the need to continually "troll' sites about him to make thier feelings known.
NOBODY really knows the truth about the molestation charges except MJ and the boys that accused him. One kid (now a man) says HE LIED,,,and nothing happened. he goes on to say it was his fathers idea to get rich quick....I haven't seen any of the MSM report that story. The other kid (the one with cancer) could NOT prove any of his accusations. One has to wonder What type of greedy UNFIT parents both of these kids had.
To those of you patheic posters that only post to demonstrate all the hate you have inside you,YOU have serious issues...Your post say much more about you OWN sad state of life than it does MJ.
Bottom line is him what you will...HE WAS/IS BETTER than you are....Maybe that's what makes you so angry. Sometimes the "have-nots" can not bear the fact that they will NEVER be one of the "haves". Jealousy is a strong emotion.GET OVER IT! NOTHING you say can diminsh Michaels stardom or his accomplishments...

1937 days ago


Michael's oldest son is 12 years old. The boy has Jewish parents and according to Jewish tradition a boy becomes a man at the age of 13 and becomes bar mitzvah. Michael could not bear the idea that his little boy was about to become a man, I'm sure that this idea weighed on him constantly. He saw his little boy growing up, growing tall and independent and it broke his heart. He could not bear the idea of losing his oldest child to manhood. Michael didn't want to be alone, he wanted a boy's love and he was about to lose his boy to adulthood. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Who cares about Jewish tradition? How it is possible to find out that his son is Jewish? Seems to me like jewish people once again found the way how to milk money from MJ. I am VERY sorry for MJ. I believe now Mr. Uri Galler (immigrant from Izrael and former USSR) who is simply hypnosist was taking care abot MJ mind pretty well.
You, americans, are so naive, I can not believe it!

1937 days ago


What Im questioning is why the moving vans at his house so fast....were they taking items out that showed he molested little boys or taking things out of the house that could be held and sold to pay off his millions and millions in debt. Why did the police department let the family in to take these items out when it is still an active investigation? I still think what was taken would answer alot of questions about Michael that the family didnt want public. Why all the news coverage, Michael wasnt a saint, he was a drug user, child molester, and had lupus. I wouldnt want any of my children model themselves after him...Michael was a sick person mentatly and physically.

1937 days ago


Hey David get a wife. oh yea you dont believe in wives

1937 days ago


112. 9. 72. 63. Here it is for you all again in response to #51's post. The now retired police detective who was involved in the Jordan Chandler child molestation investigation appeared on camera on Dateline NBC several years ago and said that Jordan's description of MJ's genitals was accurate. Explain that away, MJ fans.
Jordon said he lied:
You explain that away...

1937 days ago
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