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OMG! Shoes!

7/5/2009 8:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The 80-year-old resurfaced in a Manila court, looking regal.

Imelda Marcos

In 1986, Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos were ousted during the infamous People Power Revolution.

Ferdinand died in 1989.


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Yeah, she's still young looking despite of her age of 80. And funny to see many Filipino haters here. Filipinos only good for hating other Filipinos. That's a fact. Filipinos are full of anger with Imelda, better take care or you might had a heart attack, but its alright, go to the PHILIPPINE HEART CENTER (which was built through Imelda's vision)... But once you had a heart attack, your kidney might fail as well due to complications, go to the KIDNEY INSTITUTE (which was also built through Imelda's vision) people hate Imelda so much... relieve your hate a bit by smoking cigarette, and when you had that lung cancer, go to the PHILIPPINE LUNG CENTER (that was built... again through Imelda's vision) of course people might jump on me by posting this like WANDA and MARK... Are you guys college graduates? where was your graduation ceremony held? in PHILIPPINE INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION CENTER (PICC) i guess? which again by the way, another structure that Imelda has help build.

Its not Imelda's money who financed those important projects you may say... Yes true! Maybe she earned million dollars of KICKBACKS for building those... TRUE AGAIN.

Bu the fact remains, ALL OF THOSE are projects of Imelda Marcos, and are STILL BEING USED AT THIS VERY MOMENT.

Now ask Cory Aquino where she was good at? Is there any NOTABLE Aquino project that was still being use at this moment? I RECALL NONE. So haters, STFU

1944 days ago


yah.! and she claims that she is "bankrupt" but then goes to singapore regularly for her check ups. and recently celebrated her 80th with a massive dinner party.

1944 days ago

Wanda W.    

Oh yes,to have "Shut Ups " grasp of reality.......................... she and that husband of hers STOLE far more money from her own people than they ever gave BACK. What good is a leader, and his self absorbed wife, if they steal billions,then HAVE a few token buildings built (WITH THEIR NAMES ON THEM ) TO PLACATE THEIR OWN GUILT. That dear "shut up", is no LEADER. The word C-R-I-M-I-N-A-L leaps to mind. I hope they both do time in hell !

1944 days ago

Wanda W.    

And yes "shut up" I am a college graduate. You dont NEED to be one though to recognize two frauds when you see them. Nor you need to be a college graduate to RECOGNIZE A HORSES ASS WHEN YOU READ THE DRIBBLE THEY WRITE!!!!!!

1944 days ago


Hey SHUTUP, I can recall an Aquino project Filipinos still use: democracy.


1944 days ago


Beautiful as always, Imelda, darling. Your class and good breeding are sorely lacking in today's crass society as witnessed by the ugly ramblings of a few miscontents here.

1944 days ago


Perhaps someone at TMZ could learn the proper spelling of "Philippines" when it posts something (or any country's name, for that matter).

1943 days ago


I was stationed in the Philippines quite a few times and have seen many filipino women in their 70's, 80's and beyond. They just don't get many wrinkles on their faces.

1943 days ago


Are you serious? This woman is 80? She looks great for an 80 year old woman!

I don't get the haters here. TMZ is just showing what the person looks like now and you people are suddenly going political. Geez.

1943 days ago

who gives a shit    

Was she in court for stealing shoes?? LOL

1943 days ago

Karen Ann    

She looks better than before!

1943 days ago


Wanda, your ignorance is so amusing. During the time of Marcos, yeah i admit, they steal money and even gold and those infrastructure that they gave back is far far less than what they have took. There's no argument on that. But take AT LEAST they gave something back which is still useful and saving thousands of lives or even millions if you count it since the building of the infrastructure.

Most important of all... During the time of the Marcoses, he does plunder... and so he's cronies. Maybe couple of hundreds of them. But im pretty sure those cronies does not exceed 1000 people.

And what is the Philippines now? EVERYONE in the government are stealing! Starting to the lowest ranking traffic aide to the security guard of Philippine ports, cops, the 200+ congressmen who have a pork barrel budget of 6 million US dollars a year EACH! And what was built?

I dont see any significant infrastructure (except for the new 2 new railway lines) that was built in the Philippines since Marcos was ousted.

Philippine politicians still plunders money up to now. and THEY DOESN'T GIVE ANYTHING BACK.

And here's why you're an ignorant WANDA... The infrastructure that i mentioned earlier are PHILIPPINE HEART CENTER, LUNG CENTER OF THE PHIL, and the PHIL. KIDNEY CENTER. Plus the PHIL. INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION CENTER (PICC) I don't see any MARCOS on those infrastructures.

TAKE NOTE: Early 1990's the MANILA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT's (MIA) name was changed to NINOY AQUINO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (NAIA) in which Marcos' predecessor Cory Aquino named the airport after her late husband Ninoy Aquino.

@Mel - youre the idiot. Aquino has nothing to do with Philippine Democracy. Its the FILIPINO PEOPLE who has united to oust Marcos. Ninoy Aquino has NOTHING to do with that revolution. Marcos was ousted 1986. Ninoy Aquino was assassinated 1983.

So when the Philippine Revolution happened, Ninoy was already rotting in hell for three years! so GFY. Youre the idiot and you are OWNED. Thanks.

1943 days ago


SHUT UP, PWEDE, MAGLABA KA NALANG? pagkatapos, maligo ka, kasi baka init lang nang katawan iyang mga sinusulat mo. o eto, tagalog na ito, kasi nakakahiya ka!!! hindi mo ba alam, kung bakit marami tayong utang? naku, mag research ka naman, para malaman mo ang dapat. ok? ako? wala akong gustong naging leader natin, lahat sila MAGNANAKAW!!!

1943 days ago


@GLAD... LoL What? You're typing gibberish. Hahahahaha.

1943 days ago

Wanda W.    

Ignorant ? Get back to me "Shut Up " when your stylized idolatry of two despots is ever funny.It would also be "amusing" if two fascists in democratic clothing ever did anything for their own people without it being self serving for them down the line. You demonstrate the very same anti information/anti free speech attitude the Marcos were famous for.You are in short "Shut Up" a "BONEHEAD!!!!!!!!!!

1943 days ago
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