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Jackson Doc Mum on Administering Anesthesia

7/6/2009 11:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's DoctorThe lawyer for the doctor who was at Michael Jackson's home the day he died tells TMZ he did not give Jackson OxyContin or Demerol that day, but he wouldn't say the same about the powerful anesthesia found at the singer's home.

Dr. Conrad Murray was interviewed by LAPD detectives a week ago Saturday. Law enforcement sources tell us the information Dr. Murray gave police regarding drugs at Jackson's home was enough for cops to secure a search warrant from a judge. A search warrant can only be issued if there is probable cause to believe a crime has been committed.

Law enforcement sources say when police searched the home, they found the powerful anesthesia Propofol. The drug was specifically labeled Propofol and there was no indication it had been prescribed to anyone.

Edward Chernoff reiterated to us his client did not administer Demerol or OxyContin to Jackson the day he died. But Chernoff would not take the same stand on Propofol. Chernoff told us, "I have no statement on whether the Dr. prescribed or administered Propofol."

Chernoff added, "We're confident whatever the doctor prescribed did not kill Michael Jackson."

As we reported last week, cops obtained a search warrant the day after Jackson died. A second warrant was issued two days after Dr. Murray's interview -- that's the one that led cops to the Propofol. The second warrant may have been necessary if the first warrant only covered prescription medications.

The LAPD and the DEA are on the hunt to determine how the Propofol ended up in Jackson's home. The drug should never be administered outside a hospital.

A spokesman for attorney Ed Chernoff just called to say when Chernoff spoke with TMZ last night "He was not conscious. He had just woken up and he can't speak for anything that was in the home."

In fact, it was just after midnight Houston time when we spoke with him. We were on the phone with Chernoff for nearly 20 minutes. He repeated multiple times that he had no comment regarding the Propofol. Aside from the comments we quoted above, Chernoff said, "I have no comment on whether the doctor administered Propofol." He also said, "I can't deny or admit what the doctor might have prescribed." He also said "I can't say if the doctor gave him Propofol."

Chernoff went on to talk about the LAPD investigation, sounding very alert and choosing his words carefully: "When all the results come in, the truth will come out and the correct result will be obtained." He also asked questions about what we knew regarding which drug may have killed Michael Jackson.

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gary in australia    

Please tell me this is a dream for all MJ flaws he was really a gentle soul he did not Deserve this and what of his kids now???

1901 days ago


The 911 caller stated that Jackson was on the bed. Standard CPR requires that the patient be put on the floor, or a hard, flat surface. CPR cannot be administered correctly on a bed.

1901 days ago


MJ was in financial difficulty on 2005 (,2933,149992,00.html ) and people abandon him.
He can't imagine he can earn much more money and glory after he died.

1901 days ago


Both Dr. Murray and his lawyer said he (Dr. Murray) did not administer Demerol or OxyContin to MJ the day he died but would not make that same claim about the Propofol.....why.....IMO it's because the doctor gave Propofol to MJ.

I mean are we suppose to be stupid. If you can give a definite answer about the first two drugs but can't or won't say anything about the third drug I think it 's obivious he had something to do with administering the third drug.

The statement from the lawyer, "I have no statement on whether Dr. Murray prescribed or administered Propofol." tells me the lawyer probably told Dr. Murray "don't make any statement at this time to me or anyone else about the Propofol". He's covering his ass and Dr. Murray's.

They probably are waiting for the toxicology reports to come back which will determine if any Propofol was in MJ's system at the time of death. If there is none then he is in the clear and if they find some then Dr. Murray ass is cooked.

Why would Propofol be in MJ's home in the first place if it is not to be used outside of the hospital and Dr. Murray was the only doctor staying at MJ's house. IMO, Dr Murray brought it from the hospital.

IMO when Dr. Murray gave MJ the Propofol he probably gave him too much by accident, and was trying his best to revive MJ which accounts for the delay in calling 911.

1901 days ago



1901 days ago

gary in australia    

yes that kind of make sense but this doc was a Specialist or that what we are told he should of known better if it is true and he did it they should put him down with the same stuff MJ was on the brink of returning to what he did best sing and dance it just not fair this doc must of given MJ a real whack of this stuff

1901 days ago


Can someone tell why anybody can take 30minutes to call ambulace let alot a doctor, even a 4yr old knows exactly what to do in such cases.

1901 days ago


This situation is getting more strange every day! This man shouldn't be a doctor;its a doctors duty to heal people,not to put them on drugs!! Even if he hadn't prescibed the drug that killed michael,he is quilty anyway for not doing cpr at the right way and for waiting 30 minutes to call 911...So it doésn't really matter what he did,he should have his license taken away,for not doing what is best for the patient!

1901 days ago


So sick of hearing about MJ, if this was a month before his death most of the people posting here would have been slamming him for everything that he was, an alledged child molester, a freak, you name it. But the guy dies and all of a sudden he is a saint??? All of a sudden the world grieves for him and people are claiming that he was a "role model"? A music icon, sure! A role model? WTF???? This is crazy. People are crazy. And MJ is dead, I am looking forward to when we have something else to talk about besides some glorified man who liked to sleep with little boys!!

1901 days ago


Thank you TMZ for correctly labeling Propofol. It is for anesthesia, it can't even be used as a sedative! The other news agencies out there need to do some research before writing!

Once the flow of this drug is stopped the patient wakes up. It's nothing like painkillers, benzos or sleep aids.

1901 days ago

gary in australia    

yes it gets sadder the longer it goes on and to think this need not have had to happen no one can every replace MJ

1901 days ago

Petra Ludwig Germany    

I think the doctor is schuldig.Michael died in the house, no exact house searches by the police. Then, one day later, things from Michael's house geholt.Der doctor is so far verschwunden.Gerüchte make Runde.Dann will finally have a house made. Remains only the question was it really the drugs and the Betäübungsmittel already in the house or they were later placed there to hide a murder. Enough time was available to the physician when the police finally confirmed?
Also addicted look different and behave differently.
There are many mistakes made worden.Es will only lied, who tells us that the truth? None!
For me it was murder and not manslaughter.
In Love for Michael

1901 days ago

Michael R    

Michael Jackson wasn't the victim. Nobody forced him to intake drugs. He did it willingly. If you want to blame someone then blame Michael.

1901 days ago

Petra Ludwig Germany    

# 75 - sorry, wrong translated: For me it was murder.
In Love for Michael

1901 days ago

The Truth    

you can't blame Michael because he was a 50 yr man with the brain of a its the docs fault.

1901 days ago
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